Every single speaker should try to engage its audience in different ways but if you have an amazing presentation, we are pretty sure you’ll rock it!
Enter Cacoo, a straightforward online tool that allows you to create snazzy charts just by dragging and dropping. You simply choose what you want from their massive database of icons, drag and drop, and voila! Cacoo's program allows for real-time collaboration, so multiple people can make edits to a chart simultaneously. Globalization has changed the way business is doing worldwide, so every new day presentations are held with participants around the world. When Fast Company asked 36 social media experts for their bite-sized philosophies on social media theory, answers ran the gamut, from the snarky and facetious to the downright serious.
We are only now starting to see the possibilities of using storytelling in UX and CX design.

Storify: Storify is a social network that allows users to create a story using social media and basically anything you can find on the internet that will help you create your story. They also make it really easy to include your diagrams in web-based applications, such as blogs or wikis: after you embed it, any changes that you make to the original will be updated in the copied version. This can be an unfortunate source of stress for them, but it’s also an important opportunity for you. They are the first storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas with the aim of making them more dynamic and original. It also provides users the ability to rate, comment on, and share the uploaded content. The website gets an estimated 58 million unique visitors a month, and has about 16 million registered users. SlideRocket’s authoring and tracking tools will help you to create a vibrant and dynamic presentation.
Their Prezi Desktop allows Prezi Pro or Edu Pro subscribers to work off-line and create and save their presentations on their own computers.

If you will just read out the slides, email them the ppt and scrap the presentation.Similarly, keep the fonts and color scheme readable and consistent. Red text on black background gives a headache and if font scheme keeps changing every slide, it just indicates that you are an inconsistent and careless performer.Also, keep the slide transitions simple. Text dancing five times before settling down in its place looks kiddish and unprofessional.Focus on one idea in a slide and only include those points which buttress that point. A presentation is a thought journey, don’t make it move like a car in Delhi traffic, left and then right and then left and then again right!Do anything but please avoid pasting the entire Ramayan on the slides.

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