Apple Keynote is a presentation program that is usually bundled with Apple hardware products. Modern presentation apps like Keynote and PowerPoint still encourage you to think in terms of a€?slidesa€?: discrete, isolated objects to be presented one after the other, as though we were still using those old slide projectors to show film-in-square-frames slides. I use Keynote most of the time, and here are some of the techniques I use to make my presentations less slide-like and more like a single, continuous story.
Sometimes the best way to show a sequence of ideas is not to use separate slides but rather to reveal successive builds on a single slide.
By layering images in the same location and using a combination of Build Out and Build In effects, you can replace one with another, without changing anything else on the slide. For example, suppose you have a slide with text on the left and a photo on the right, and you want to illustrate what happens to the photo when you apply a filter. Magic Move transitions by moving, resizing, rotating, and otherwise morphing elements that appear on both before and after slides.
To try this effect, create a slide with whatever elements you want (such as text, images, shapes) and then duplicate it. Sometimes it isna€™t feasible to maintain any elements from one slide to the next, but you may still be able to create continuity in other ways. If you use a solid-color background or a smooth vertical gradient (such as in the Gradient theme), transitions such as Dissolve, Push, Iris, and Wipe may appear to affect only the slidea€™s contents.
For sequences of ideas that can be arranged like a timeline, the Object Push transition can maintain continuity between slides. As a simple example, imagine a horizontal timeline, with each slide showing just a small segment.
With just a bit of work, ita€™s easy to create more seamless, less fragmented presentations, to make them more like modern, almost cinematic events, instead of old-fashioned click-and-progress slideshows.
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When we produce a text color similar to that of the background then we will think that this will not be noticeable along with the background color. First step is to present a text uniquely with that of background color and the next step is to insert an object into your slide.
Then make it to appear in black color and click the back button to switch it on the background. Instead of having a sentence on your slide you can have an entire paragraph that is very important and long. It's not as popular as Powerpoint, Microsoft's presentation program, but is every bit as effective for producing clear and lively presentation slideshows. Our audiences may even expect to receive printed or PDF copies of our slides, one tidy image per page.
Technology has moved on, and you can create far more interesting and appealing presentations if you move beyond the idea of a€?slidesa€? and adopt a more fluid, seamless approach. Ita€™s a neat effect, but I prefer to downplay animations and transitions, not to call extra attention to them.
Instead of duplicating the text onto a second slide, put the a€?beforea€? and a€?aftera€? images in exactly the same location, one on top of the other (use the commands on the Arrange menu to adjust layering). On the second slide, make whatever changes you wisha€”rearrange, resize, rotate, add, or remove items, or change their colors. The key is to choose a combination of background and transition such that, when you move to the next slide, only the elements on the slides (and not the background itself) appear to change.
However, if your background is textured or includes a photo or other artwork, youa€™ll need to either choose a transition in the Object Effects category that inherently changes only the contents of the slide and not the background or evena€”dare I suggest it?a€”use no transition at all.
You can use the Object Push transition to a€?pusha€? the elements from one slide to the left while replacing them with new elements from the right; this creates the illusion that the view is panning to the right to see the next portion of the timeline. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
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Thayer says, "After my own drawn out and painful struggle with infertility, I was able to conceive naturally. Sometimes we tend to underestimate the text of our slide shows when we need to perform a couple of small changes to make it stand out as unique.
The best thing to do in this type of scenario is to make some parts of the text to stand out with style instead of resorting to simple methods like highlighting or just underlining the text in question. With the right use of video segments, images, text, audio files, animations and timed transitions, a Keynote presentation can become a great video recording as well, which can be exported as a movie and published on sites like Udemy and Youtube, streamed from your own web site, or burned to a DVD.This course by veteran Keynote user, Philip St.
Apply the Disappear effect as Build Out animation for the first image and, in the Build Order palette, set it to happen along with an Appear effect as a Build In animation for the second.

The idea is that you have two consecutive slides that share certain elements, but in different positions, orientations, sizes, or even colors. Then you can save the big, splashy transitions for those rare times when you need to signal the audience that youa€™re moving to an entirely different topic.
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On the left side of the following slide, put a copy of whatever was on the right on the first slide. This will also help you to ensure outstanding presentations at the time of meetings and conferences. The above tips will also help you to align your document in an outstanding way by simply highlighting various segments. When you advance slides with Magic Move, the effect will be that the left block fades away, the right block moves over to the left, and a new block fades in beside it.
Bringing in celebrity types is not what Apple usually does, they have in the past but they’ve done it sparingly.
It seems this Keynote is going to be very different than Keynotes of old so this should be interesting to says the least.
That’s right, you may have noticed but the Apple event stream was marred by time skips that would make any European DJ proud. You’ll see Jony Ive doing his thing onstage before the stream goes to shots of the people packing the theater and finding their seats. With any luck you’ll get to see what you came to see, more Apple products that may or may not work. Here are some helpful hints to help you get through waves of toads, chameleons and fireflies.
Let us know how you managed to watch the Apple stream despite the shitty stream, time skips, access denied messages and the annoying Chinese translator in the comments section below.
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