There aren’t many horror films these days that divide audiences to the point of walking out of a screening and deeming that it “ought to be confiscated [and] burned.
Lucky McKee’s The Woman, which is based off a bestselling novel by Jack Ketchum, is about a country lawyer, Chris Cleek, who finds a wild woman in the forest. What makes this movie so bizarre and disturbing is that the dad thinks he is doing a service for this woman, a good deed if you will.
Sean Bridgers, who played Chris Cleek, was very over the top with his acting but it surprisingly worked for a majority of the film. Some of the acting was actually pretty funny on occasion as well, particularly anything that had to do with the daughter Peggy, played by Lauren Ashley Carter. In the end, the real credit goes to Pollyanna McIntosh who played ‘The Woman.’ She was disgusting, brutal, and just a completely ferocious savage, letting the role conquer anything even remotely human about her.
Lucky McKee’s The Woman is a sick and twisted foray into the American countryman psyche and what happens when old school philosophies about women are contorted in the mind of a sadistic male pig. Pennsylvania's Liquor Control BoardThis ad was pulled after various complaints to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. It might be the 21st century, but there's still a tendency toA blame the victim,A be it for drinking or wearing a short skirt. We have collected eight recent ads that imply if a woman drinks or fails to cover up, then she is somehow asking for it. The most headline-inducing recent example was when the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board released a series of posters showing a woman's legs sprawled on a bathroom floor, underwear at her ankles, with the text, "See what happens when your friends drink too much?" They were later pulled.

We've also found a few anti-rape PSAs that get the message right, so there's hope for progress. Deciding that it is only right to capture and domesticate her, Chris ties her up in his shed in an attempt to civilize the “creature.” What he doesn’t realize is that she once belonged to a very violent clan and that by keeping her in his shed, he puts his entire family at risk if she ever gets loose. By chaining her up and treating her like a wild animal he hopes that he can domesticate her into his world, a world run by men. You hated this guy from the minute you’re introduced to him and your level of hate just kept rising as the movie progressed. There was something wrong with her from the first minute of the film and we don’t exactly know what it is, but when you know or realize it you go “OOOOOhhhhhh, now it all makes sense.” She had this constant worrisome look on her face, as if she were a toddler who got caught by their parents doing something wrong. Horror aficionados will probably dub her with cult status for her beastly portrayal of the titular character. It is a film that will anger everyone in the audience but it is the ending where you have to decide whether it is worth still being angry or if justice has been appropriately served.
When two high school football players were convicted of raping an intoxicated girl in Steubenville, Ohio, a€” after sending pictures of the act to friends and posting about it on social media a€” a significant portion of the backlash was aimed at the victimA rather than her attackers. The meme of targeting the violated as opposed to the violator has even made it into modern PSAs that are supposed to be anti-domestic violence. While I don’t agree at all with the quote, I can understand how the movie might offend some people due to the subject matter and the way it humiliates and degrades women.
This should be your first indication that this chauvinistic, old school patriarchal philosophy that the father lives by means that we are going to experience some f’d up shitake mushrooms, if you know what I mean.

McKee makes it very clear early on who you should loathe and who you should probably cheer on, despite the potential consequences of doing so.
The controversial points of the film really revolve around the father’s philosophy and how his son takes after him directly. The first interaction between the two, and you see coming from a mile away, is that Chris stupidly gets his finger bitten off by The Woman, her quick attempt to show him that he is not in control as much as he thinks he is…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
I wanted to see her bleak expression change a little just for the sake of knowing that she wasn’t a prop. There is rape, there is wife beating, there is dehumanizing people and there are some sick and viciously gory attack scenes. The comforting part about the film is that there are even a few surprise twists that will catch you completely off guard. I was shocked by how messed up this family was but when I got to the end my impressions of them were actually too generous.

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