We recently discussed how to go about scanning QR codes on the iPhone with the help of a free third party app called Scan. At this point you can either save the QR code as an image like a PNG and print it our, send it to your friends, or do whatever you want with it. If you create a bookmark with that script as the content, then you can use a bookmark to open the QR code.
Maybe I’m being paranoid but what do they do with your personal data which yo have so kindly typed into their webpage?

But if you’ve ever wondered where QR Codes come from or how to make one yourself, then you might be pleased to find out that not only can Scan read QR codes, but the service can actually make them as well. The QR code actions can cover a variety of things, ranging from accessing a business or personal page, website, social media interaction like sending a tweet or Liking a page, displaying a message, or even joining a password protected wi-fi network.
If it’s scanned by the Scan app or any other QR code reader, it will redirect to the website you specified when setting it up. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

We’ll focus on creating a QR code for redirecting to a website, but each of the other options at ScanMe is as simple to configure.

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