Shape Collage is an automatic photo collage app for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and iPad.Checkout Loupe, our newest collage web app for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Drive, Tumblr, and more. How many times have you gone through the same routine in early February and reviewed your Valentine’s Day options only to come up with the same old ideas:  flowers, jewelry, chocolates, romantic dinner, etc. These are still popular and depending on how expensive the jewelry or flowers are you can still get full credit, but they just aren’t that original.
One way to win someone’s heart is to give a personal gift that conjures up happy times and creates lasting memories. I love this idea, but what do I do if I want to have the borders of the pictures blend one into the other? What Exactly Is a Photo Collage?Before we learn how to make a photo collage, let's make sure we understand what it is. Here’s a quick, easy and original idea that, unlike roses, will last forever and always bring a smile to your significant other’s face.
All you need is a few minutes, as many digital pictures as you would like to include and a printer (a nice frame is a good idea as well to present your touching gift). The photos won’t quite blend into one another, but it will get you closer to the effect that you want. Since it is easier to show a holiday photo collage than it is to explain it, here is a sample. Our goal is to provide a fun and easy tool that helps people be creative and express themselves. Je kan je fantasie de vrije loop laten en een eigengemaakt kunststuk maken voor jou interieur. Take the best photos of each of your family members and arrange them into a lovely heart-shaped collage.
Imagine these couples featured in the collage at the top of this post are pictures of you and your special someone sharing happy moments together. If you are good with Photoshop, you can open up the PSD collage file in Photoshop and do the blending yourself.

After adding your photos you can add effects and filters, border and frames, and colorful stickers.
Zo heb je een blijvende herinnering aan de muur hangen en een echte eyecatcher voor je huis.
U kunt de foto?s in een raster plaatsen waarbij allerlei mooie foto?s in kolommen worden weergegeven. You can also combine the best photos of your love story in one touching collage in the shape of a heart.
In such a way you can combine the most precious photos into one image and create a unique greeting card.February 14 is the holiday for everybody who are in love. Canvas collage maken is eenvoudig, fun en zorgt voor een vastgelegde herinnering van onschatbare waarde. Je kan de foto?s draaien, bewerken met randen en allerlei kleuren of je kan de foto?s in zwart-wit af laten drukken. Men kan ook kiezen uit een Multi weergave, warbij u geselecteerde afbeeldingen over elkaar heen worden geplaatst.
Use this heart photo collage to create a cute card from your photos and gather the best moments together.
Follow the simple steps in this short how-to video and impress your significant other with a romantic collage from Shape Collage this Valentine’s Day. To many, a photo collage is something magical, because it is surprisingly easy to create and so very impressive to view. After using both of these collage software applications, I became an affiliate for each of them; which basically means I get a percentage of any sales generated from this website. De collage wordt altijd afgedrukt op top kwaliteit canvasdoek en professioneel gespannen op een houten raam. If you like to look at the photos from your love story again and again, why not to give them a new look and a new shape of a heart?It’s a good idea to make a heart shaped collage with travel and vacation photos and share them with those who went to a trip with you. Thanks to photo collage software, ordinary photographers can create masterpieces in minutes instead of hours.

Don’t be limited by one photo collage, be sure to look through our selection of Travel and Vacation photo effects.You can also check out the other collage effects for multiple photos such as the ‘Smile Mosaic’ or the ‘Post Stamps’. Know, and this is why.The surprising thing is that often inferior software applications provide a higher percentage of any sales generated in an attempt to have people promote the product. And if you are looking for a love photo frame or romantic photo effect, see the ‘Love & Romance’ tag page. By applying just a handful of the available effects, it is fairly easy to produce dazzling keepsakes that will always stand apart from your more traditional photographs.It Seems That Learning How to Make a Photo Collage Is Complicated. Is It?The quick answer is an emphatic NO, it is not difficult to learn how to make a photo collage. And it is because of this simplicity that learning how to make a photo collage has experienced such a tremendous rise in popularity during the last five years.
On the other hand, if you want to know how to make a photo collage by hand, be prepared to consume several weekends for the project.
Most likely you'll be able to find tutorials and scripts on how to make a photo collage, often for free. Prom Night Children's Sporting Events (ex: Little League games) Halloween New Year's Eve Recital Dinner Parties Key Points to Consider When Making a Photo CollageOnce you decide which option you are going to use for making a photo collage, there are several things to consider.
When you first start making photo collages, you will probably find yourself selecting either too few or too many images.
And after making two or three collages, you will start to develop a sense for how many pictures are needed for any collage.Once you have all the images placed on your background (or, template), the next step is to position them so they create just the impression you are looking for. One of the unique things you discover about how to make a photo collage is that it is totally acceptable for your images to overlap. In time, you will get a feel for how much overlap there should be to create an artistic or 3-dimensional effect.

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