Competition to win scholarships is very tough and you should be better prepared to present your case in such a manner that it makes you stand out among the hordes of other resumes for the same scholarship.
CV or Curriculum Vitae and resume both are marketing documents and have similar purposes, in that they represent the applicant professionally and provide key and precised information about their education, experience and personal qualities. Resumes are typically limited one sheet of paper (front and back) on the other hand CV will require several pages of information to completely draft one’s accomplishments and experiences.
Though, writing a CV helps you win a scholarship is an art, yet you can master it with research, good writing and a bit of patience. Gather All The Relevant Information: Don’t just start writing scholarship resume, it would be wise to gather all the necessary relevant and important information before starting. Organizing Scholarship CV in Right Order: After finalizing your list, it’s time to organize it in a manner that will seem objective, professional and leaves good impression of you. Information on Resume: Mention all the required information such as your name, phone number, address, email, date of birth, nationality, education qualifications, marks or percentage scored, school activities, languages known, computer skills, extracurricular activities, hobbies (only those that matters) or job experience or internship etc. Be Truthful, Honest and Specific: Temptation to write a CV, embellished with achievements that will instantly stand out is usually great. Checking for Mistakes: Before sending your scholarship CV to its destination, make sure you have included all the relevant information and have edited it to make it error free. Most importantly, refrain from asking someone else to write it for you, even if you think you are not good at it.
Also, remember, CV isn’t a place to show your drawing skills, make it appear professional by sticking to point and using appropriate font size.
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Most senior students waste tons of time trying to fix the formatting and spacing of resumes in Microsoft Word. JobSpice is an intuitive online tool that makes creating and publishing a well-designed, custom resume easy and fun. Apart from Twitter and Facebook, one important social networking site you need to be a member of is LinkedIn.
Apart from the overall grade of A to D, they also give your resume a score from 0-100 in three categories, namely brevity, impact, and depth. After finishing up your own ResumUp, you can download it as a PDF or text format, which you may use to send out to employers. Become a Facebook Fan or Twitter Follower for easy access to more news and updates on travel, entertainment, technology, events, promos, fashion, food, and many more. This resume template for Photographer position will help potential candidates obtaining an interview.
CV is a two or more pages resume typically used for an academic, research or fellowship search. A CV for scholarship should demonstrate the suitability of a student for the scholarship by including relevant information. A CV for scholarship is a vital piece of information that highlights your academic qualifications and achievements, your future career goal and any other relevant information that could help you to get a scholarship. Well-constructed scholarship CV will often minimally include: a cover statement or statement of research interest, academic background, publications information, research experiences, teaching experience, services done, awards and honors.
Make a list of all your educational qualifications, honors and awards (if any), achievements, extracurricular activities and information that you think might help. You should list your achievements in descending order, which means you should feature your current achievements foremost and then others.
You could also mention the objective and how attainment of scholarship will help you achieve your goal.
However, just to make your CV stand out you should never add information that you can’t back with facts or actions.

Yes you want scholarship committee to consider you but over embellishing facts, going on and on about your minor irrelevant achievements and not presenting an objective view of your achievements will not help you win that scholarship. Do research on scholarship CV’s online, get some examples, re-write your copy until you get it right and finally have someone check it for mistakes. You now get to save it online for viewing of fellow LinkedIn contacts, as well as generate a document copy for printing. In addition, Rezcore lists down what you need to remove and change in order to give it more impact. It will come out as a one-pager CV with several colors and indicators, giving interviewers a faster way to see your information, education background, achievements, skills, and wanted salary, among others. Afterwards critically analyze your list and categorize the information which is worth featuring on your scholarship CV and which can be left behind. If you are thinking about simply stating you are applying for so and so scholarship then better not mention it.
Be honest and truthful while mentioning your skills; don’t write down those skills which you don’t process. I’m sure you would need some help in making sure it comes out as best as it can be, right? Simply pick a resume template, customize the content, and print and share the results to your friends and connections. Even if there is not tons of experience, student can still put together a solid resume by keeping it truthful, accurate, relevant and organised.
Don’t provide personal information such as marital status, religious affiliation, political views, gender or sexual orientation etc.

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