The paper iPad can be printed on standard paper, all you will need is a printer that is capable of borderless printing. To make you own paper iPad you will need to download two PNG files (links below), which can be printed on standard a4 paper. Have a look at the Geeky Gadgets, Apple iPad Review to see what we thought of the Apple Tablet. Like many of you out there, Jo and I love the portable function and all-around awesomeness of our iPads.
You’ll also need about a half a yard of fabric, cut in three pieces using the following measurements. Then use your sewing machine to run a quick row of stitches on each end of the elastic, as close as possible to the edge of the fabric. This will add extra security to the elastic straps and also keep them in place during the rest of the construction. Use your scissors to trim off the excess corners of the elastic, taking care not to trim too closely.
Lay the smallest piece of fabric on top of the middle piece of fabric, right sides together, and line the edges up all the way on the right side.
Place the largest piece of fabric face down on top of what you’ve got so far, and line it up on the right side again.
Slip the long piece of elastic in between the pieces of fabric, so that it sticks out the top and bottom. Flip the bag inside out and you should have a set of corner braces on the front side and and an elastic band on the back side.
Take piece #1 of your chipboard and slip it inside the fabric, all the way down to the end. Finally, put chipboard piece #5 in place, and you should have a couple inches of fabric left on the end. To close the case up, just pull the cover over top of the iPad, wrap it around, flip it over, and stick the flap under the elastic band on the back. And if you want to hold the iPad in your hands, the flaps fold up to create a slim and sleek case that is easy to hold. Jeanne, I don’t think you would be able to do this with just Stitch Witchery, because you need to sew rows of stitches up close to each piece of cardboard as you fit them in place. Alicia, I told you I’d have an iPad formula for ya soon :) Sorry I was a day too late!
Sheri, I use a metal ruler and an craft knife to cut my chipboard, making sure to work on a surface that can handle scratches and cuts. C4G, please check out our original Kindle cover tutorial for instructions on how to make a case like this for a Nook. I purchased the corrugated plastic sign material at a home improvement store for use in my covers. Crystal, if you want to make the case big enough to go over the plastic cover, you will probably need to adjust the measurements a little, depending on how big your case is.
Sarah, we have not tried this, but several of our readers have mentioned adding padding to this and to our Kindle cover. If you want the chip board to be more water resistant, you could coat it with spray sealer or polyurethane before you insert it into the fabric. Hi there, I just found this tutorial and whipped up a new cover for my iPad in under 2 hours!
I will be using the basic iPad instructions to make a case for my Kindle Fire because I prefer the case to open like a book if I am holding the device.

I’ve got a question though: have you ever heard of any of these types of pads overheating in a holder such as this? I am planning to make a cover for my iphone, but was wanted to have a magnet rather than elastic. Jackie, if you replace the outside elastic with fabric or something else non-stretchy, then you won’t be able to stretch it over the flap to secure the case shut. This seems like a pretty basic question, but what size needle did you use for sewing this, given all the layers, elastic, etc.? Rochelle, I’m so glad we were able to give you the guidance you needed to create your own cover. Hiya I live in the uk and was wondering what u used to cut your chipboard and does chipboard have another name? I have a Samsung Tablet and am wondering if you have a similar – or same – pattern I could use to fit mine please? Has anyone tried to use the mesh type plastic that normally is used to weave yarn or embroidery thru. We introduced a simple homemade iPad case with notebook cover several months ago, but that’s too simple. Apparently The making process of the homemade iPad case is more complex than the former’s.
The creator scoochmaroo has listed the steps for making the notebook iPad case on instructables.
I really want an iPad, and being able to create my own, unique cover for it just adds to the fun. I don’t have an ipad yet, but if I make a case for it maybe the man will get the hint. How much do I add for seam allowance for each piece of fabric so that I can customize any size tablet?
I’d love to make this style of case for my kindle, i prefer this style to the other kindle ones.
I am going to do this with some super special woven wrap scrap material I just purchased and can’t wait! I was wondering how this would work with a new tech I have noticed on line by using plastic bags melted ontop of each other. And some Scotchguard(tm) could be used to protect the fabric before you install your device.
I was looking for ages for a tutorial like yours that not only protects the iPad but has a stand and opens up aswell. I have a mini ipad and these measurements are massive for my ipad and now I’m totally lost … please can anyone help me? I am planning to use some old floor linoleum that I have around the house as the stiffener, and as Thea mentioned, I want the device in the middle instead of on the end. May sound dumb, but maybe they’re making items like these better these days so that will not be a problem. Do you have any suggestion on how to place the elastic so that this will not be covered up. My IPAD cover had seen better days so I found your tutorial and made one for myself but the chip board I got from the craft store was thin so I ordered some from Amazon and made a cover for my daughter and grandson and they both love them. In fact, if you have a notebook or else hardbacks, it’s completely possible to make your own iPad case. It utilizes a hard cover spiral bound notebook as the shell of the case, two foam cores as the frame, soft fabric for the lining, and some necessary tools.

Today Molly’s gonna show us how to make an insanely cool and easy Modern Colour Block iPad Stand.
I cannot wait to try it out myself mostly because I really need an iPad stand for when I cook and this is the coolest DIY stand I have ever seen. I printed the Kindle cover pattern last week, used your handy little formula to do the math and figured out all the measurements for the iPad. It is lightweight and it also has the benefit of making the covers washable (spot clean or wash by hand in a sink) without falling apart like chipboard inserts! I have a Samsung tablet that’s smaller than an ipad and a little smaller than a kindle and it turned out GREAT!
I have the ipad 1-I think I have heard the 2 is a bit thinner and possibly a tiny bit smaller, so wondered if the measurements would fit mine! Quick question… Have you ever tried adding a thin batting to the chipboard to make it a little more padded for the device?
I had to make custom measurements for mine so I had to recalculate and make my own templates.
Instead of chipboard, an old warped self-healing cutting mat was cut up for the stiff interior. I used my zipper foot to sew as close to the edge as possible and I think that helped a lot. As you can see, the iPad case doubles as a nice iPad stand supporting landscape mode when you flip over the front cover fully. Then I thought I was a genius by switching the width and lenth of everything to make it stand up the other way.
It works but I wish I could have found something a bit stiffer but no one around here knew what chipboard was. You will want to cut your fabric pieces slightly larger to allow for the small thickness increase.
I’ve seen quite a few of these on Etsy and was looking out for a free tutorial, and this one has really clear pictures and instructions. Do you think I need to make the cover a little bigger or is there enough room because of the elastic. My daughter has also asked me to make a case for her Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) so I will be using the same materials for her case. I made templates out of a cereal boxes and then used them to cut the Chip board, fabric, and the heat bond. Another good idea is to spray the finished cover with scotchguard stain protector before using. I bet you’ve never seen the very much cool iPad case, which integrates with many advantages such as extremely simple, ultra-cheap even free and eco-friendly as well keeping iPad from some scratches.
I did add a pocket (use a stiffer interfacing) on the inside and used biased tape across the top of the pocket.
Then I used Heat Bond fusible fleece interfacing on the backs of all the fabric that was not called for on the original tutorial. The magenta colored elastic that is holding my iPad on the inside and the one inch elastic headband on the front is made from two different size headbands found in hair accessories since it was hard to find colored elastic.

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