Your online repository for free printable templates, stationery, tickets, recipe cards, and more DIY printable goodies to download for free and print at home.
Whether you’re having an exclusive party or an event where ticket sales are required (maybe your birthday is a chargeable affair?), this blank event ticket template works for almost any occasion.
The only permanently placed text which cannot be customized on these blank event ticket templates is that which reads "admit one" along the right side. One method that has worked well for my clients can be implemented with just a few lines of VBA code.
An ActiveRange is an area on a worksheet that you define by simply entering the range address in a configuration sheet. But it gets a little more complicated when you get down to specifying which attributes you want to retrieve [information here].
All of the VBA code for this project will reside inside of the worksheet module for the sheet where we want our ActiveRange to be.
Every worksheet module has the built-in capability of firing off a bit of code in response to a change in any of the sheet’s cell values. All this does is check to see if the Target (the cell that was changed on the worksheet) is part of our ActiveRange.
The next line checks to see if the cell that was changed is in the first column or first row of the ActiveRange. If the cell that changed was in the first column or the first row, the program runs another sub-procedure, called ActiveRangeResponse, which is also defined below. Notice that here we have variables defined at the top of this procedure and consequently their scope is limited to this procedure only.
Here we are interested in getting the list of all of the stock symbols in the first column of the ActiveRange.
It’s very simple to retrieve range data (regardless of the size) into a variant array.
In this example it provides a nice way to easily track whatever stocks you may have interest in and up to 84 different attributes of those stocks. Excel Hero is dedicated to expanding your notion of what is possible in MS Excel and to inspiring you to become an Excel Hero at your workplace. Must say, I do process ranges out of a SQL query, and from plain vanilla sheets as well, and every time I use a cycle (while, for) to calculate other related cells once I retrieved the query result, with a ActiveCell.Offset at the end, to go to the next line. Are you adding the c8 attribute via entering "After Hours Change (Real-time)" in the first row of the ActiveRange?
Doing stock symbol lookups for a given company was outside the scope of this teaching workbook. Just start typing the name of a company in the Get Quotes box near the top of the page and it will quickly zero in on that company AND give you its stock symbol. Besides that though, the point of the exercise is to learn something about VBA programming.
BUT, if you look at B4 on the configuration sheet you will notice that the ActiveRange is defined to end at column F.
It turns out that when you specify the Name attribute to be the first column returned, Yahoo Finance makes a mistake and fails to enclose within quotation marks the text that represents the name of the company. 2.) Download the new version of the program that I have updated to handle this eventuality. However, Yahoo also messes up with some numeric attributes (Last Trade Size) for values greater than 1,000. Great tutorial, I only have one question: has anybody had any luck getting the after hours (real-time) attribute to work. Also when I changed the value so I have more area to place attributes the drop down menu does not show, any thoughts on what I am doing wrong? The workbook is very nice and useful, but how can I get stock quotes for the companies having numarical symbol like 14050615.002067 ? The workbook is very nice and use ful, but how can I get stock quotes for the companies having numerical symbols like 14050615.002067.
Does this macro workbook get around Yahoo's limit on how many (about 200) different symbols you can retrieve data on at once. I am attempting to build a workbook that will require retrieving quotes for over 200 securities.
If there is any way you could update this macro to deal with the quote limit issue (if it already doesn't, I'll test it later today), as I'm sure it's fairly straightforward for someone with a background in VBA, it would be extremely helpful to me and I'm sure many others as well.
Just tested your macro workbook and was only able to extend the ActiveRange through row 174. If you need some profit incentive, I'm not opposed to compensating you (or anyone else who's ambitious enough to tackle the problem) for your work.
In name column, some of the company names are truncated such as Verizon (VZ), Microsoft (MSFT), Exon Mobil Corporation (XOM), and others. Unfortunately the Yahoo Finance interface used in this application has several shortcomings and bugs.

When I went to implement the indexes to use within my financial file as the MSN Stock Quotes quit working within the file, it didn't want to handle 1 or 2 of them properly and pushed the data out additional columns via the TextToColumn feature. Again, this isn't a perfect resolution and it may not work in all cases such as if there are commas within either the numbers for those languages that use the comma in place of the period for the decimal portion of the number OR for those items that has a comma within the string of a particular field. As for the original macro that's in the "Change" event of the worksheet, I moved all of those commands into another newly created private procedure called "UpdateData", so as to be able to call onto that procedure from multiple locations.
For your issue of needed to update more stock data, maybe you can create another range variable that is for a current range, which then have it broken down into groups of 150 rows at a time until you have done all of the rows you needed.
Just to the above, I just realized I needed to make a modification for the Target range variable, which I made the following adjustments.
Use the space provided to add details of your event, like ticket numbers, price, address, event name, and other pertinent details.
There are four other spaces in which to type your own text (or hand write, whichever you prefer), so that's plenty of room to get all of your event details in. In this post we will learn about how to get stock quotes for specified symbols using macros. Once enabled, that range becomes live in the sense that if you add or change a stock symbol in the first column of the range, the range will automatically (and almost instantly) update. A number of years ago, Yahoo created a useful interface to their stock data that allows anyone at anytime to enter a URL into a web browser and receive a CSV file containing current data on the stocks specified in the URL. Excel includes the QueryTable as one of its core objects, and it is fully addressable from VBA.
It forces you to define your variable types, and will save you untold grief at debugging time. Since these are defined at the top of a worksheet module, they will be available to each procedure that we define in this module. This means that we could have the same variable names defined in other procedures but those variables would not be related to these and would have completely different values.
This is good practice, as it forces us to specify what the constant value is by naming the constant. Let me back up by saying that whenever we write or read multiple cells from a worksheet we should always try to do it in one go, rather than one cell at a time. We can use the Application.Transpose method on the 2-D array and presto we get a 1-D array.
It just deletes any existing AR related QueryTables and adds the new one according to the options in the configuration sheet.
It can be implemented with other data sources such as SQL, or even lookups to other Excel files, or websites.
For example, changing the AutoRefresh setting will have no effect until a new QueryTable is built. In an effort to simplify this tutorial I have left these easy enhancements as an exercise for you to implement. It has many articles and sample workbooks on advanced Excel development and advanced Excel charting. From what you describe it sounds like your loop is interacting with the worksheet too much, and this is the reason for the slow performance on you SQL result set processing. Then just enter that stock symbol into the first column of the ActiveRange on my sample workbook.
Go ahead and change this to include whatever columns you plan on displaying on the DEMO sheet. I have a couple more good EXCEL links you might like regarding this type of process i will go find for you. Interestingly, if any numeric attribute comes before the Name attribute, YF gets it right and DOES enclose the name within quotation marks. Some securities have a comma in their name (Best Buy, Inc.) and when Excel's TextToColums function is invoked it correctly parses the Comma Separated File on the commas - which causes a problem in this case. I was able to choose it from the drop down menu on the Demo, I was also able to add it to the gummystuff work book but to no avail. The design is in simple black and white which makes these printable event tickets suitable for any occasion needing a ticket for entry.
It is also going to be a crash course in VBA for the express purpose of learning how the ActiveRange method works so that you can use it yourself.
We will utilize it to retrieve the data we want and to write those data to the ActiveRange. In VBA each variable can be one of a number of variable types, such as a Long or a String or a Double or a Range, etc. If we select Worksheet from the combo box at the top and Change in the other combo box, the VBE will kindly define for us a new procedure in this module.
If the change is any other part of the ActiveRange, another sub-procedure (defined below) is run to do some post processing of the retrieved data, and then exits this procedure. I could have just used the value where I later use the constant, but then the question arises as to what is this value and where did it come from.

The procedure will still give us a two-dimensional array, with the column dimension being only 1 element wide. You can set the AR to AutoRefresh the data at periods that you set or to not refresh at all. That won’t happen until you also add or change a stock symbol or add or change an attribute. Every week you will receive an Excel tip, tutorial, template or example delivered to your inbox.
Remember, as discussed in this article, try to limit the number of times you write or read to the worksheet cells. I'd like to see a webquery where you can on the fly change precisely which companies you want to track and which attributes.
Or, you can just pick the attribute from the dropdowns that already exist in columns B through E of the Demo sheet. I noticed in your comment that you listed the stock symbol as bkr-a, but the symbol is actually brk-a.
All we need to do is to concatenate the string codes for each attribute we want and add the resulting string to the URL. In VBA, variables can have scope restricted to a procedure, to a module (as we have done above), or they can be global in scope and hence available to the entire program, regardless of module. This is a shame because VBA has a wonderful function called Join that allows you in one step (no loop) to concatenate every element of an array into a string. However, two or more attributes is going to result in unwanted commas and multiple attribute values squished into the first column of the QueryTable output. What more, as a joining bonus, I am giving away a 25 page eBook containing 95 Excel tips & tricks. The fact that you mentioned this attribute by Tag Code makes me think that you tried to add it some other way.
I'll look more at it, but am really hopeful that you'll be able to come up with a fix for this limitation.
Whenever you add or change one of these attributes in the first row of the ActiveRange, the range will automatically update as well.
This allows me to look at the variable anywhere it’s used and immediately know its type. Again we are putting all of the code for this project in the code module of the DEMO worksheet. This line just directs the program to run that sub, which provides values to the three variables we defined at the top. A variant array is a special kind of variable that holds a list of values and it DOES NOT CARE what variable types those values are. You can even specify a custom string to delimit (go in-between) each element in the output string.
Unfortunately this is poor design by Microsoft, especially when you consider that the QueryTable does not behave like this when it is retrieving SQL data or opening a Text file from disk. For the vast majority of uses, the YF returns what is expected, but there is room for improvement. It is too bad tha MS chose to impliment it this way, which does not allow finer control of the QueryTable update interval. Again, since those variables were defined at the top of the module, their values will be available to all procedures in the module. This is important when retrieving data from a sheet because the data could be numbers, text, Boolean (True or False), etc. The first dimension is the index of the rows, the second dimension is the index of the columns. You can actually specify this operation to be a text file and it will properly spread the output over all of the columns. Variants are powerful, but they are much slower than other variable types, such as a Long for numeric data for example.
To do so, you specify the disk location as being the URL of the YF CSV file, but as Murphy would have it, it’s unbelievably slow and pops up a status dialog as it slowly retrieving the CSV.
Using the URL instruction instead of the TEXT instruction at the beginning of the connection string is incredibly fast in comparison, but dumps all of the data into the first column. QueryTables are powerful and useful, but readers should take the time to learn how to use them correctly. However, it is good practice to always limit the scope of your variables to the level where you need them.

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