Today i am showing you how to make your own 3D pictures of your skin, to upload to sites or create cool images. This is what we will have in the end, a png that you can use for any blog, skin post or other website. With it, you can also create pictures like this, to make a skin preview or something look cool.
The programs you need to create png's like the one above, and to view you own skins in 3D, is Skin Viewer Extended.
Another program that is very useful for creating pictures like the example in the minecraft village, is photoshop.
Excellent tutorial, diamond and subbed.I have a question though, how did you create the font you used for the headings? Upload it to imgur, right click on the image and pressy copy image url, then go to PMC and click insert image, then paste the url in the box that come up. You can also use NovaSkinEditor to make skin models, and you don't have to download anything. For those big fans of Super Mario, just one Super Mario papercraft apparently is not enough.

Although it's been several years since Angry Birds first came out, it's still going strong in the App Store, currently third place on the Top Free Apps chart.
With huge market hits that garner a significant amount of recognition, it's not unusual for them to be integrated into the papercraft world. To make your own Angry Birds Slingshot, you'll need paper, glue, X-Acto knife (or scissors), and a printer. I have now created the large Minecraft Enderman for you guys n girls to printout and create. The papercraft model comes complete with mount for support and grass block for your Enderman character to carry. Off course you don't have to build him carrying anything but if you do he will be front heavy and you'll need the grass and dirt block mount.
Using this program you can easily import your own skins and view them in 3D, and i will show you how to do that below.
After you selected your skin, you will see it instead of steve, and you can move his limbs etc. Next time i will show you how to create one of those pictures with a minecraft village and your skin png's, and i will also show you how to create 3D models from an existing player!

This will DEFINETLY help me with my image-making hobby :) But, how do you do that stuff with photoshop?
Once you finish, you can test out your slingshot and see how far you can fire a bird (anywhere from 3 to 6 meters). The maker utilized 3D software to create the whole virtual 3D model, then convert it into printable parts using papercraft software.
Camps are project-based, and you'll get to learn about the software and basic techniques used in the industry. The Super Mario measures 30cm tall, and features complete detail from the original model in Super Mario series video game. Each week-long camp concludes with a pizza party, and every student will receive a certificate of achievement and a copy of their project to take home.

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