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My daughter came home from her first friend birthday party with a puppy she'd adopted (thankfully not real) and a decorated dog house carrier to keep him in. Make two house shaped pieces for the front and back by cutting a triangle from the top corners of each. The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams: A stuffed toy rabbit learns about the power of love in this classic tale.

That is why Night Zookeeper have created character creation sheets for your students to use in the classroom. I don't have a trick for making this easy but I punched the holes in one piece and marked it on the second piece before punching it so the holes lined up. Assemble one for each guest to decorate and they also make a great DIY party favor and craft activity for a puppy or kitty themed party. It could be a Time Travelling Elephant or a Bearguin - half bear, half penguin - and anything in between!

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