The inventors of WordPress, Automattic, have just released an open source grammar and spell checker called After The Deadline. On larger monitors or web pages with a small amount of content you often find that the footer is floating halfway up the page. When you click and drag your mouse to select text on a website it highlights the text by giving it a default blue background colour. Stock photos are a great resource for web designers, they save us time and money while also providing photographers and and models with much needed work. If you were to throw a Web Designer onto a deserted island with nothing but a laptop with no software and a wireless internet connection, could they survive? Now that you have a great business idea, how do you make it into reality in a highly competitive world?
Contrary to popular misconception, intelligent and successful web design is not about having really witty content and some stunning graphics. In today’s reality, computers and mobiles are not simply advanced gadgets any longer.
Today we are going to work on Delicious Pie Design in Photoshop, in this Photoshop Tutorial we are going to use some of the basic tools and commands. A web design blog bringing you tips and tricks, tutorials, news, inspiration, web tools, innovations and all sorts of other design goodies.

Cool fantasy character fashion game in which you'll be able to create your own avatar, getting inspiration from the Hogwarts model.
Claim your previously created avatars by registering with the original email you received when you created it. This new spell check and grammar correction technology is free to use and it even plugs into WordPress and TinyMCE. It gives you a chance to express yourself creatively, it allows you to brand your twitter page in line with the rest of your business branding, it gives you the ability to add extra information such as your contact details, but most importantly it makes your twitter page look unique so that you are not just another face in the crowd of blue cloudy backgrounds. This blue text selection colour is set by your browser, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to change it?
It sounds like a simple thing to do, but there is a huge mess of blog posts out there with all sorts of crazy solutions. Well there are quite a few websites that allow you to do this but my favourite is the original Southpark Studio.
The answer lies in the internet revolution, which will enable you tap into a 2.4 billion customer-market. The function of bootstrap progress bars is to show that how much the process has been done and how in progress. They have turned into a part and bundle of our lifestyles and have their impact in all that we do.

Create innovative hair cuts and a new collection of magical fashion that'll look great in the Harry Potter movies.
I was surfing the net last night and came across a great idea that allows designers to sell their unused logo designs and make pretty good money from doing so.
There is a very simple way to keep your footer at the bottom of the page and it’s called CSS Sticky Footer.
In this post I will try to simplify that mess by providing 3 simple ways to exclude a certain category from your WordPress blog’s homepage. At Southpark Studio you can create your Southpark character piece by piece by selecting from the large range of hair styles, body shapes, skin colours, hats, clothes and crazy accessories.
The idea I’m talking about is called Brandstack and it is basically a brand marketplace.

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