A business card offers a simple and effective way of reaching out to people and directing possible clients to your company.
Design your own business card with different elements and templates according to your liking.
Save more supplies and money by printing only the desired number of cards that you need, just when you need them. Plain and darker shades project professional and commanding tone; while lively and brighter colors gives a more creative and artsy feel. If you do not have a photo to put on your business cards yet, scan your logo or picture first using your printer or photo scanner.
Hi ?? I just googled how to design your own business cards and one of the pages I looked at had the dimensions on it. Thanks so much ?? It was really easy to download and adjust my images to their make your own template.
Kristin, you have done a great job and now creating a blog business card was quite difficult for me, but you have made it very easy for me.
Picmonkey is a very impressive photo editor and your tutorial of business card design made it easy for me.

So thrilled for this tutorial- I am going to my first blog conference this summer and need to make some!! Adding an image makes your business card unique and atypical, which can be easily created through the use of blank business card template. For beginners who are very familiar with the Microsoft Word program, here are easy ways on how you can print your own business cards free of charge.
Type your business name and address on the designated field, as well as your e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers. Print your own business cards using Ctrl + P as a keyboard shortcut or simply use the Print menu on your Microsoft Word.
I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on them and I wanted them to reflect the look of my blog so this option worked out just fine. If someone wants to create his business card the tutorial, you have shared will be the right choice for him.
With this quick guide below, you are able to print your own business cards in no time at all.
After seeing other bloggers talk about what to bring to a blog conference, I thought I’d better get some business cards made up.

I use vistaprint all the time, so next time, I’ll try making my own instead of using their stock templates.
Oh, and be patient with me… This is my first time doing a tutorial of this kind and my first time making business cards for that matter! I really liked Chelsea’s post (aka Two Twenty One) on what to put on your blogger business cards so I used that as my guideline. I’m actually trying to make a postcard and need to know what dimensions to resize to.
I loved her tip about putting a profile pic on the card so people will remember and recognize you.

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