Decorate the top, and sides with stripe patterns then add numbers, varying the shapes and sizes of the boxes. These webpages were created by the Hoyle Project Associate to support 'Build Your Own Astrolabe' hands-on events held as part of Cambridge Science Festival on 13 March 2010 and 19 March 2011.
Copyright in the images used in the exhibition belongs to the Master and Fellows of St John's College, Cambridge, except where otherwise indicated.

Give your pre-schooler the perfect countdown to Christmas with this exciting and educational Advent Calendar from WOW Toys.
Each day in the lead up to Christmas reveals a cute figure which can be matched with the numbers on the fold down play scene to make your very own Christmas world. Duplicate the shape for the bottom of the box and add rectangles around as deep as you want the box.

Both boys and girls will love collecting new toys as Christmas approaches with a limited edition push-along Santa car included as well as exclusive figures and a build your own tree and snow man.

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