Interactive fairy gardens are a magical space for children to play and a lovely addition to any garden. Start with a box for your garden – we used this gorgeous old wood reclaimed from a demolished home. Start laying out your plants (we used a mix of mosses, grass, alyssum and succulents) and getting a general feel of how you want your garden to look. My 5 and 6-year-olds put this garden together completely on their own (with help from their little friends, of course!). The boys’ rock desert has its own silver gazing ball, glass gem stepping stones, a roadrunner, and a wheelbarrow full of garden tools. A mama quail (Sawyer’s favorite bird these days) sits on a nest in the flower field next to a brightly painted wooden toadstool. We added a few additional touches to our fairy garden area – this planted teacup is one of several that sit upon a built-out shelf on the fence near our fairy gardens. All that’s missing is our garden prayer flags over the fairy gardens…more to come on those later!
Hubby built this bench at a perfect height to allow our big boys to play in the gardens while still being tall enough to keep the curious toddler from destroying them. My sister and I are starting a small business to take advantage of the creative talent we were gifted with.
Bought a bunch of Valentine's Day plates and cups for a Valentine's Day party?  Use the leftovers to create a tiered dessert stand! Valentine's Day is almost here and this week's edition has lots of Valentine's Day goodies for you and your kids!

Every year, taxpayers forfeit more than one billion dollars of their money due to unclaimed tax deductions or credits. 2012 Pittsburgh International Auto Show from February 17-20!The show's event times are Friday, February 17 and Saturday, February 18 from 10 a.m.
Lots of parents ask me what preschools and daycares are in the area, so I'm going to compile a directory.
Isn’t the detail and character in this wood amazing?! Get creative with your box – old drawers, shelving units, and many other items are perfect to repurpose into your fairy garden! This step is especially fun if you have a house full of dirt and digging obsessed boys like I do! Playing in the dirt and arranging and rearraging the layout a hundred times is a big part of the fun! At Sawyer’s insistance, our wishing well is filled with blue glass gems to resemble water.
It really creates an inviting place for the boys (and the fairies, naturally!) to come and play. I love repurposing old things that have been sitting around the house unused into something fun and pretty! We still let the little guy play in there with supervision, but it doesn’t last long before he wants to start throwing rocks and stealing glass gems from the wishing well. I find them out there all the time moving butterflies around, hiding treasures and setting up places for the fairies to sleep and play. John the Baptist's Winter Carnival in Monaca is just the thing to melt away your winter blues!

Here is the Kindergarten registration information for public school districts in Beaver County. The real imagination and magic comes alive when choosing the small details to place in your garden…with so many fantastic possibilities your garden will always be changing and evolving! You can make a pond with a small saucer, a pathway with gravel (colored aquarium gravel would be really fun!), fairy houses and castles, a dining area, a dancing space…anything you can imagine!
The boys love placing them in and out of the cave in hopes that the fairies might delight in their found treasure. If you look closely you can see the fairy’s gazing ball peeking out in the background. That holey rock in the back corner is from our last trip to the beach, and the boys love that the holes are still filled with teeny tiny seashells. I love that it has really sparked their imagination, and we have big plans for lots more special fairy garden additions to come! Take the second cup, turn upside down, center it over the medium plate and again draw a circle around as a guide.

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