Fold all corners of your Minecraft mob characters cut-out template, tabs should always be folded inwards. So I’ve picked up a trick from cooks on the other side of the pond, where lashings of buttermilk go into cakes, pancakes and waffles.
Just in the past few weeks my wife stumbled across a pancake recipe that calls for using vinegar, and it works great, and they’re better than pancakes that you can get at a restaurant.
This probably seems silly, but if you are using say 3 cups of milk, is it a tablespoon of lemon juice per cup? The Cosmo Cupcake of Win: Miss Thrifty won Cosmpolitan's Lifestyle Blog of the Year Award in 2011. Become an expert haggler in four easy stepsEight simple ways to reduce food wasteEye on a slow cooker?

When I cook for Thrifty Baby, I sometimes make him chicken marinated in buttermilk, a little honey and a dash of soy sauce. A lot of the Hummingbird Bakery recipes call for buttermilk and it isn’t an easy find. I love buttermilk chicken coated in breadcrumbs but for some reason I can never find it in the shops when I need it most.
To get buttermilk along with butter just whisk double cream in the food processor and wait till the cream form tiny granules. It’s a Nigella recipe from How To Eat – only the best for Thrifty Baby, darling!
And I don’t use it in any recipes other than this one, so much of it would go to waste anyway.

Whisk a little more carefully and you have a lump of home made butter(additive free) and buttermilk.
After a lot of mixing, the butter fats in the cream clump together forming butter and the buttermilk liquid separates from them. Spend less, live within your means and get out of debt - without resorting to recycling teabags. Drain the buttermilk and use in your recipe whilst wash the butter in cold water couple of times and store in a bowl of cold water in the fridge and use as soon as possible before it gets spoilt.

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