I write the categories on Post-Its, because that way I can switch them out each time I use the review game.
If I were a better-prepared person, I’d write up the questions ahead of time, but I usually just make them up off the top of my head as we go along, making the difficulty of the question correspond to the point value.
Last – it has occurred to me today that using this game would be an easy way to involve your classroom aide in teaching. Catechist Chat will be an ongoing series of posts for teachers in religious education programs.
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But if you need a low-tech version, this one takes about 20 minutes to create and can be reused throughout the year.
It is based on my personal experience and not on any statistical evidence of the effectiveness of my advice. You can also sign up for my email list, and I’ll send you resources, including non-PDF versions of the activities I post (which means you can edit them in Microsoft Word to customize them for your own students). I’ve found that interactive games are an effective way to engage teenagers in reviewing educational material.
The key is to set it up such that the whole class is involved and not just a few overeager competitors. I hate it that I usually have my aide doing stuff like taking attendance and passing out papers and don’t find more ways to have her actually leading the class.

Dorian is also the web editor of Dappled Things, a quarterly journal of ideas, arts, and faith. Her columns are originally posted on her personal blog as part of the Catechist Chat series.

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