For your convenience, we are happy to ship our products to every place in the world with Internationally.
You'll receive an e-mail that confirms your order has been shipped, issues your shipment tracking number, and provides a direct link to the carrier's package-tracking site. We're taking giant leaps in revolutionizing the jewelry industry by using custom design preview technology, 3D printers, laser engravings, mixed with traditional hand-made manufacturing. Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus is giving consumers access to exclusive personalization at its Burberry Bee Bag Event.

Create your own one of a kind piece by selecting the metal, stones and engravings - and receive it in just a few days! Consumers who purchase Burberry’s Bee handbag from the retailer can have it hand painted by artisans in Italy.
Each of our products has a specific availability and production time for personalized items. This is the first time this type of customization has been offered for the Bee, and granting consumers access to unique items will likely make an impression.

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