After several years' faithful service in supporting roles, Jack Carson was awarded his first Warner Bros.
With the zombie apocalypse due any time now, Paladone has launched a collection to help you protect yourself against the undead. Build your own zombie to help you identify them, get some target practice in with the Zombie Shootout and if all else fails, disguise yourself as one with the terrifyingly realistic Zombie Mask. Carson's costar is the pert Jane Wyman, with whom he'd previously been felicitously teamed in Princess O'Rourke. The nonsensical story is set in motion by wealthy industrialist Walter Whirtle (Alan Hale), who believes himself to be the target of a Nazi spy ring.

To keep Jerry working, Walter sends the threatening letters to himself and hires actors to play the spies.
Whirtle hires private detective Jerry Curtis (Carson) to protect him-intending to get full "value for money" by having Curtis double as the family butler.
It soon becomes apparent that Susan cannot cook and Jerry could not find a spy if he tripped over him. Coming along for the ride is Jerry's girlfriend Susan Courtney (Jane Wyman), who agrees to pose as Whirtle's maid. The problem is that Jerry and Susan are assumed to be a married couple, leading to all sorts of risque complications.

Meanwhile, Whirtle's scatterbrained wife Vivian (Irene Manning) allows herself to be swept off her feet by obnoxious house guest Boris Murphy (George Tobias). After several slaptick setpieces, the plot rushes to a conclusion when the Whirtle household is invaded by those pesky Nazi spies (remember?) The film's level of humor can be ascertained by the fact that the comedy highlight occurs when practically everybody in the cast is bound and gagged.
Relentlessly silly, Make Your Own Bed nonetheless served its purpose in establishing Jack Carson as a bankable leading man.

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