Compose Musical Notations Online and Print Music Sheets with Noteflight Tech Guides About Us Work 19 Aug 2009 Write Your Own Music Online with Noteflight Create your own musical notations online for free with Noteflight – a web tool that lets you create a score using standard music notation.
ErrorSorry!This page is currently unavailable while we undergo routine maintenance.We apologize for any inconvenience. Also, the additional depth of your performance can be supported by the rhythmic matters of your rap that intentionally made full of complexity. Meanwhile, the cadence of your beats that put the less words per bar will make the cadence slower. In writing rap lyric, you should also have thought about the breathe control you are going to do in performing the lyric, because bad breathe control caused by rap writing aspects will really ruin your performance.
In order to make different rhythm in your rap music, there are always many possibilities of word sequences that you can mix and blend.
You need to already decide which part of the word is going to be stressed syllable and which part is unstressed. Therefore, the way you arrange and structure the rap lyric are determined by the cadence of your rhymes.

That gives the obvious understanding that the cadence is directly affected by the way you write and structure the rap lyrics. The common mistake for those who disobey this rule to provide space for breathing while writing lyric will make you have no space to breathe in performing the next line in your lyric. In the end of every bar, you will make the space to breath that can be easily controlled every time you have finished each bar in four bar phrase in your lyric. This way to say word lookin’ makes the rhythm in the rap song become clearer both for the rapper and the audience. Whether you are an aspiring composer, performer, songwriter, teacher or a student who is learning music, you’ll find Noteflight useful.
You can use the service to author compositions, print music sheets before the performance or for listening to your own compositions from any computer.
Beautiful Music Notation in the Browser Noteflight has set out to make music notation simple, and it has indeed met this goal. Its sparse interface is beautiful in its simplicity, but its power shows through with context based menus that are reminiscent of the right-click menus in Word 2007.

Notes can be entered from the keyboard or by the mouse, and if you insert the wrong note, you can simply drag it up and hear the tune change as you move it.
You can open them, listen to them, print them out, or even change something in it if you so wish. You can also embed a song from Noteflight into your own website, and others can play it back or even edit it at the click of a button.
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