The Delorean Car show in Gettysburg, PA last weekend featured an electric DeLorean built by Dave Delman in Jericho, NY. Aided by Tom Neiland, an electrical engineer who helped with welding, metal fabrication, and connecting the electric motor to the original manual transmission, this reborn DeLorean uses 13 low-cost and easily available lead-acid batteries to push even more power to the wheels than the conventional powerplant. No word on if he plans to install a Flux Capacitor in the back, though there is a pretty cool video of his clutchless manual transmission linked. Nintendo has announced Mario Maker for Wii U -- an innovative title blending old with new, allowing you to create and share your own 2D Super Mario stages. The demo shown during Nintendo's E3 event depicted 8bit NES-style Mario stages being made and played, before transitioning to the modern New Super Mario style at the click of a button. The same company also sells a lot of different natural product stickers and handmade soap stickers as well as soap stamps.
For more fun soapmaking ideas and shopping tips like this one, be sure to follow my Tumblr companion blog here.
Blog posts may contain affiliate links for which I receive a small commission when you make a purchase. Discover more of my soap related blog posts, tutorials and recipes by following me on Pinterest, Tumblr and Blog Lovin’. The most common way to include shaped embeds in your soap is to use a tube mold in the shape you desire.

To create this handmade heart embedded soap, simply make your first batch of cold process soap that will serve as your heart embed and pour into the heart shaped tube mold of your choice. Alternately, if embedding hearts into your soap is an afterthought or you don’t have a mold handy, you can use cookie cutters. For more soapmaking tips, techniques and recipes, be sure to follow my Bath & Body Board on Pinterest! Delman reports that the electric car beat out his gas-powered DeLorean by one full second in a quarter mile run.. These would be so adorable as soap embeds within a circle, square or even a rectangular soap bar, don’t you think? Simply use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out heart shapes from bars of soap you are re-using or from a square of handmade soap.
Delman, a medical doctor who also has degrees in both electrical and biomedical engineering, rebuilt the car with conventional, easily available technologies in less than a year. To use a non-silicone mold, you will have to line your molds so you are able to easily remove your soap. Once you have your heart shaped soap you can create your second batch of soap that you will be placing the heart into. Then you would simply line your hearts up in your lined mold one against the other then pour your fresh batch of soap on top.

Also be sure to check out my tutorial on making decorative soap bars with random circles as well as how to make soap with an exfoliating strip. It's not the fastest car on the starting block, but it certainly is one of more unique and exciting ones. The red heart embed was scented with a red currant fragrance oil while the surrounding soap was scented with a red velvet cake fragrance oil. Sometimes getting soaps out of these types of mold can be difficult.  While the size is perfect, you may want to opt for a silicone mold for easier removal. Next, place the length of the heart soap down the mold on top of the freshly poured soap, then pour the remaining soap around the heart. Be sure to tap the mold onto the counter several times to make sure the soap is evenly distributed around the heart embed so there will be no gaps from air bubbles around the heart.

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