Isn’t it awesome how many free internet tools we have nowadays ? One free tool that has become quite popular is PicMonkey.
You can use your recipe cards to document recipes that your family loves, they can be used to fill a recipe card box to be given as a gift, or you can make your own recipe album by placing the cards in a photo album.
TIP: If you have your own blog, you can also use this to create a recipe card for a recipe on your blog so you can give your readers a free download. For this tutorial, I will be working with the single recipe card, but the steps are the same for both cards. Now, you certainly don’t want that recipe title in the middle of your recipe card, right? To make it so your text won’t be on two lines, you just need to hover over the right side of the boundary box, click on the right border and drag it out to the right so the text will be on one line only. To change the color of the text, click once on the title, which will put the boundary box around your title again. Type your recipe ingredients the same way you did the title, except you’ll probably want a smaller font size (I used a size 40).

Love the idea and the tutorial… I am a huge fan of PicMonkey, so this makes me love that site even more!
Free design tools, clipart, backgrounds, frames and templates to help you create your own design from scratch. Simply sign in to create a book with your favourite recipes, photos and kitchen stories with our user friendly tools. Use your own recipes and photos or choose between hundreds of free backgrounds, clipart and images to customize your very own recipe book today.
Keep your recipes private or share them online with friends and family to get feedback and comments. It’s allows you to edit your photos, create eye-catching graphics, and to create collages. I intentionally made the recipe card basic with a white background so you could add your own creative touches to it in PicMonkey. Some of the paid options are really nicely designed, but you could also use the free options.

Click on the little wheel at the top of your PicMonkey window and you can change your image settings. After working on this tutorial I’m seriously considering the premium too, it looks like there is lots of cool features. This has been so helpful, not just to make the recipe card, but also in editing my photos of my recipes. Click on the text and while holding, drag your title to the top of the card where you want it. You can also make the box wider, by clicking on one of the sides and dragging it out a bit.
My usual everyday program is Photoshop CS5, but I know it’s expensive and has a steep learning curve, so PicMonkey is a great free alternative for simple photo edits and things like a recipe card.

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