One of the best ways to drive targeted online traffic, engage your customers and capture leads is to make your own quiz online. The first step in selecting an online quiz creator is determining the type of quiz you want to create. In my case, I wanted to create a personality quiz so the scored quiz type was off the list.
The quiz worked great on the first six runs, because I selected all the answers for a specific personality type each time. The easiest solution seemed to be the new quiz type I’d discovered, the outcome quiz. What I really like about outcome quizzes is how you can redirect the quiz taker based on their result.
Now that I knew the type of quiz I wanted to create, it was time to select the quiz creator that fit my needs the best. I love online software-as-a-service (SAAS), so searching for and trying out quiz creators was really fun. I evaluated many online quiz creator solutions, using many criteria including price, required and desired functionality, and company viability (I try hard to avoid the inevitable upset caused when one of my solution providers goes out of business). My foremost marketing goal for this project was, and still remains, filling my sales funnel with qualified leads and that meant I needed to capture the email addresses of my quiz takers.
You see, as I explained above, I want to require quiz takers to submit an email address before taking my quiz. As it turns out, the ability to remove all social media buttons from your quiz is in the works at both quiz creators.
Next, I modified the outcome results pages so that the social sharing buttons are hidden when the quiz results page is first shown. Not the perfect solution, of course, but this should tide me over until a more permanent solution is in place. As you can see in the images below, Interact provides more options to tweak the look and feel of your quiz. Another nice design feature offered by both solutions is the ability to use an image as a question’s answer. Both quiz creator solutions enable you to embed your quiz anywhere media can be embedded including your site and, in my case, a LeadPages page.

Both Qzzr and Interact provide ways for me to get in touch with their support staff and said staff responded quickly and usefully to my queries to both companies. The next level for both quiz creator solutions is $49 per month, an affordable price for most small businesses.
The bottom line here is that both Interact and Qzzr are solid quiz creator solutions to use when it comes time to make your own quiz online. For example, one difference I did not mention is the fact that Qzzr enables you to set more than one outcome for each question.
Matt Mansfield is the Tech Editor at Small Business Trends where he is responsible for directing and writing many of the site’s product reviews, technology how-to’s and lists of small business resources. Things seem to have changed a lot in one year because right now Interact’s cheaper plan is at 450 per month. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. Thanks to the arrival of a new class of online quiz creator, creating and publishing your own quiz is easier than ever. Scored Quiz – This is the classic type of quiz where each question has one right and one or more wrong answers. I believed I had found my answer with a tally-type quiz, but in the end, the math beat me. You see, folks who take my quiz are assigned to one of six personality types upon completion. On run number seven, I split my answers between the first personality type (the one with the lowest assigned scores) and the sixth personality type (the one with the highest assigned scores).
If you don’t find that fun, then rejoice, because I’ve done a lot of the work for you. However at this time, neither enabled me to require the submission of an email address as the gateway to take the quiz. In my case, the placement of social buttons was tricky as neither solution enabled me to hide the social sharing buttons on my quiz page.
However, for the time being, I needed to put a work-around in place and Interact provided the best option.
Both enable you to tweak the embed code and both are fairly effective (a fact I tested extensively) at presenting a quiz on mobile devices (i.e.
On the first day, Qzzr had one pricing model and on the second day I awoke to find it had changed overnight.

At this level however, Qzzr offers unlimited email lead captures and quiz completions while Interact limits you to 200 email lead captures and 10,000 quiz completions per month making Qzzr the winner in the features-for-price comparison.
I selected Interact based on my own needs; however, I would have been fine selecting Qzzr if my needs had been different. Could you explain a bit more on how you used Leadpages to generate a quiz that requires an opt-in? I loved to bake, I’ve baked since I was a child, and as I was already spending a bit of time personalising other parts of my wedding day. So I asked some experts for their opinions and they filled me with the confidence that I could do it. The final quiz score is compared with a set of pre-defined ranges and, based on the result, a quiz taker falls into a range and gets slotted into a category. Using a tally quiz, I went ahead and assigned scores to each answer so that quiz takers would fall into one range or another.
However, I felt that Qzzr’s help articles were not detailed enough to be useful to me (I had to contact support to get specific answers to my questions) so I would have a hard time choosing one solution over another here. Happily the changes were for the better so I penned a nice note to their customer support folks thanking them for the update. However, I couldn’t set my quiz to be unlisted nor could I remove their branding without upgrading so the free option was out for me. If I had needed that feature, my quiz creator selection story may have had a very different ending.
Based on their selections, the quiz taker is assigned the outcome that’s selected the most. After the form is submitted, the quiz taker is forwarded to a thank-you page where the quiz is embedded.

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