Just a little information:I wanted to get the trial version but couldn't activate it because it kept telling me that it has expired. This is a tutorial on how to make a character for rpg maker XP using the original characters.
We are once again very proud to present the followup to the highly-successful High Fantasy Resource Bundle: The High Fantasy Resource Bundle II!
With these resources, you can build countless worlds, create huge casts of characters, and populate your dungeons with horrendous and terrifying beasts.

We have learned a lot from the first Bundle, and have developed new techniques to create even higher-quality sprites and resources for your Fantasy RPG needs! Expanded default resources, including a built in Character Generator to form your own custom sprites and faces.Simple, Powerful ToolsRPG Make VX Ace enhances RPG making with several powerful new tools.
We have never offered a product before now that allowed such flexibility to the user without the need for any coding knowledge. These new tools are not only flexible, but also incredibly simple to learn and use, being accessed through a simple point and click interface.Enhanced Default GraphicsRPG Maker VX Ace features a largely expanded collection of graphics resources, with 4 included tilesets and downed sprites included, on top of many new sprites.

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