Not to be rude, but all you really showed us how to do is paste an image on a backgroundand make a simple pose.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. After rearranging the furniture in here, I realized that hanging a mirror above my mint green desk was the BEST decision ever.
To make my desk extra shabby-chic, I swapped out the square glass vase I had for a galvanized metal one and added a pine tray and an antler. The modern gold and white desk lamp I had got replaced with this glass thrift store find that I painted with chalk paint and sanded down to expose the details. I love the way you described it… bringing the modern world to something old and beautiful! We've just combined forces with The Mary Sue to bring you more and better content, all in one place.

The Belfie Stick is ostensibly a real product—despite being curiously out of stock at the moment—that will allow you to take pictures of your butt without having to find another human being willing to aim and hit the shutter while you contort into your own ridiculous butt pose. I mean, aside from the fact that you could probably do just fine taking butt pics with a regular selfie stick, why “Belfie”? A selfie is taking a picture of yourself, so taking a picture of your butt should be a buttie. Seth Grahame-Smith and Possibly James Wan Bailing on Directing The Flash and Aquaman for Warner Bros. It helps me catch the little bits of spinach in my teeth from my post-workout smoothie, but MORE importantly, it gives me the perfect place to take a great selfie.
This new piece of art in my office added the perfect amount of rustic, shabby chic charm that I was looking for, plus a whole lot of sass.
Simple, little projects like this are a nice break from the bigger home projects we have going on right now.

I bet you’re rethinking that eye roll at the giant, ten-person table taking up all the room next to you in the Shake Shack as they use a selfie stick to document their hilarious antics now, aren’t you?
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It makes me smile every time I sit down at my desk and reminds me to laugh and not take life too seriously.

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