When you sit down to write (or start to think seriously about it), all those great ideas vanish. A structured programme guides you from tiny writing tasks through to completing short stories and doing 3-500 words a day easily. Bite-sized daily tasks (5-20 minutes) to get into a daily routine that’s manageable and feels good. Worksheets with exercises help you build confidence, mine for inspiration, develop ideas and more.
You’ll build a set of techniques and tools to help you get unstuck in the future, plus a notebook stuffed full of story ideas. Every few days you’ll get a little extra cheerleading or an inspirational link in your daily email to help you over the humps.
We’ll start gently and get you excited about writing again before building up slowly to bigger tasks.

It has been so enlightening doing Charlie’s prompts… that blissful feeling when you sit down uninspired and the words suddenly come from nowhere. I feel like I’m developing as a writer… it’s by far the most pleasurable writing I’ve done. Exercises to help you build confidence, make time to write, mine for inspiration, develop ideas and more. Bootcamp runs Monday 4th – Sunday 31st January 2016, and takes place entirely online. Everything is delivered to you on email, and it’s a self-study programme so that you can write at times that work for you.
Previous bootcampers have gone over time from not believing they could ever write to submitting finished novels to agents, and being accepted onto prestigious mentoring programmes. I do run into my own walls and I like that the simple tools provided show me a way around them.

Thanks Charlie for your long email, It’s so nice not to have to beat myself up about writing (there are so many things we torture ourselves about). You never have to think of something to write about, and can do the work when it suits you. Just click the button below, and enter the recipient’s details in the gift field in PayPal. No scary sharing of work or marking – this is purely about getting you writing again and enjoying it without pressure.

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