For starters, designing a kids’ site can be easy and fun if you have the right tools at your disposal. You have to make a choice between Weebly, a drag-and-drop website builder which allows you to create a website in minutes; and WordPress, a CMS that is more powerful and also easy to use.
Weebly is included as a free site builder in the control panel of many web hosting companies like Bluehost.
However, the free version of Weebly included with your host has a limit to the number of pages and features you can add – but you may find it sufficient for a kids’ website. If you don’t like the limited capability of Weebly (despite its ease of use) you should go with WordPress as it is also easy to use, very customizable and with a lot more capabilities.
Once WordPress is installed, you may log in to the admin dashboard using the username and password you chose during registration.
If you’ve reached this point, you’ve managed to make your own website for kids using WordPress. In this chapter we'll look inside the profitable online coupon business and how there's a lot of opportunity for you to create your own in smaller, niche, markets where they have yet to take off. Outside of the obvious markets and big retailers there's very few worthwhile coupon sites meaning you can really dominate these markets. I have to admit I wasn't really that familiar with online coupon businesses and their business model until I read the “How To Build A Billion Dollar SEO Empire” post over at ViperChill recently. Funny thing was after reading it I was about to buy web hosting with WP-Engine and I checked RetailMeNot and managed to get a huge discount using one of their codes.
Instantly I started thinking about how to make your own online coupon business and the potential it has.
In case you aren't aware either coupon sites offer discount codes you can use when buying products and services online, everything from household goods to technology to flights to web hosting and beyond. They make their money by showing you the discount code then getting you to click on their affiliate link to go over to the retailer and use it. Or in some cases when you 'unlock' the code a new window automatically pops up with the retailer setting the cookie in your browser.
90% of coupon traffic is BUYING traffic as people tend to only search for coupons just before the make a purchase or when on the checkout and they see the 'discount' or 'coupon' code box.
HOT TIP: Find less obvious markets where the $485BN discount business model hasn't penetrated and make your mark.
If someone is Googling “Amazon coupon” it's obvious they are about to buy something from Amazon pretty soon so Amazon was going to get the sale anyway.
Now they still get the sale but the customer is paying less AND they have to give the coupon site a commission so there's less money to be made by Amazon. Though from the customers point of view if they are finding a discount they would consider themselves to have gotten real value from the coupon site. So as your focus with affiliate marketing should always be to offer your audience value you definitely are doing that by giving them a discount. The thing is, much like price comparison sites, whilst the big players have a monopoly on the market there's still lots of niche opportunities outside the obvious markets.
Most sites mainly offer coupons on technology, fashion, travel and beauty leaving a ton of untapped markets ripe for the picking so you can use for your online coupon business. Think along the lines of hobbies, parenting, business, web hosting, wordpress themes, cooking, sports etc.
The only thing better than getting some free money saving coupons, is to actually have and run one of these big coupon sites. Not heavy on content so if you don't like writing blog posts or copy then this is a good model. Outside of the main retailers and industries (fashion, travel, technology etc) there's lots of room for niche coupon sites. A multi-billion dollar industry so there's a lot of room and money in the space that you can tap into. If you can come up with creative ways to get links from popular websites you'll rank well as most coupon sites have junk links.
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Getting traffic from other sources could prove tricky as people tend to only seek out coupon codes just before purchase so building a community and being inventive with traffic generation is a must. HOT TIP: Think of creative ways to get traffic and links and build your own community so that you're not reliant on search traffic. That's why it's essential to always include the best deal for them even if the best deal for your customer isn't the one that pays you the most commission.
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You're going to have to come up with a creative traffic strategy as the bulk of coupon code traffic comes from SEO in RetailMeNot's case (63%) and you're not going to rank instantly. Creating a blog and engaging in a content marketing strategy of posting high quality posts relevant to your niche, interviewing and featuring major players , linking out and sharing other bloggers content.
Having a social media presence will be key and being active on related forums will work too. Like RetailMeNot you'll want to build a community and get people interacting with the site – rating deals, leaving feedback and comments and even getting your own forum up and running. Send out daily deals, blog content, email exclusives, news about the niche to keep people opening your mails. You'll have to have your affiliate agreements in place and coupon codes from the beginning – it would help if you already have agreements with a lot of the companies you plan to work with.
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A promotional plan to get traffic through Facebook, classified sites, content marketing and SEO. HOT TIP: Even if the discount code doesn't net you a commission but is the best saving for your visitor display it - this creates huge value! Online coupon business sites are a VERY lucrative industry, worth over $480 billion in fact, yet aside from a few mainstream sites haven't really trickled down into the niche markets yet.
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Be creative with your traffic generation as SEO traffic may not come instantly for your online coupon business. Go about gaining traffic, links and social shares through blogs, forums, social media in your niche. Always offer the best discount codes first even if they make you less commission or no commission at all as this will build up trust with your audience and provide real value to them. Be aggressive about building your email list from the beginning to help with repeat traffic.
If you pick the right niche and efficiently drive traffic to your site this will be very lucrative as people searching for coupon codes are in buying mode meaning a high conversion rate into sales. TweetShareNowadays everybody wants to have their own site in order to interact with other people, share their thoughts, ideas, pics,videos etc. House blueprints are usually needed so the inspector can get the same idea as the builder about a house design structure.
Small house plans are naturally cheaper to create with blueprint software than luxury home plans. If your inspector doesn't demand professionally made house blueprints, then you can save a lot by doing them yourself.Blueprints used to be blue and they was printed on a special paper that let the light show through so all the lines and symbols had better clarity. In preparing for blueprints, you should also consider the expected cost of the house you are to build.
Now, I will give you the symbols that are mostly used in modern home blueprints so you can put them into your plans.
With the information you have, you can now create your own house-blueprints using the symbols above.
Foundation Plan -This plan shows how the foundation should be built according to the information from the soil sample.
Elevations-This part of the plans help the inspectors understand the height of the outside of the house. Details -this is a plan for some of the smaller things that have special instructions to build.
Sections -This part of the house-blueprints just show how the parts of a building fit together.
Interior elevations-This is a plan of the important interior items that need special consideration.
Whew, that seems like a lot of stuff!Most of it is redundant, but it's always good to be over prepared.
The process is the same as making any other website, except that the visual design and content must be tailored towards kids of a certain age. Web hosting account – A hosting account is where the files of your site will be hosted and made accessible on the internet to the rest of the world. Website building software – Once you purchase hosting, you will gain access to a website builder which will allow you to create and publish your website right there and then. Here, you can narrow your search to templates for kids and select the design that comes closest to what you envisioned. Add a new page of content by going to ‘Pages > Add New’, select a title for your page, add some content and hit ‘Publish’.
To add a navigation menu bar, go to ‘Appearance > Menus’ and select the pages that you want to be included in your main navigation.
There are a lot of other things you can do with this CMS; find an instructional video on WordPress and you’ll see how easy it is to use.
RetailMeNot gets 63% of it's traffic from search engines through “discount code for X” type searches and as a niche player in the business you can't rely on Google's unpredictable algorithms.
Sharing codes on classified ad sites like Gumtree and Yelp as well as offline classified ads.

With a huge amount of useful resources you can create your own website without proper knowledge and skills. Flashbuilder help you to create your own flash site for free that will be SEO friendly, with free hosting.
Freeflashsite if you like programming and customizing when yoy should visit Freeflashsite, download template that you`d love more and make it in your own way.
AuroraFlash Free Site Builder – Now you can create cool flash website absolutely free and without special skills.
A4desk– In download section you can download free trial version that included 185 templates.
Freeflashintros is one of the easiest and professional ways you can create your own flash website in minutes.
Flashmo provides free flash templates, flash photo gallery etc… You can edit and use any free flash template for your commercial or personal websites.
If that's the case, it could cost easily over two thousand dollars to have them made.The way I see it, you'll have to pay that fee whether you build your house or a contractor does it for you unless you can make your own plans. They just really need to see the diagrams and understand all the house construction details. That will give them a professional touch and it's really quite important that the right symbols are used or it gets confusing.
It shows how deep into the ground the footings will go and it gives the dimensions of the footings. It also shows the shape and size of windows, doors, trim, roof material and slope, and anything else that can help describe the outside building designs of the house. This is more for the carpenters so they can get a good idea of what the architect has designed, but inspectors also like to know what's going on.
Most of it is common sense, but sometimes walls, stairs, and things like fireplaces need a little extra explaining to get the clear picture.
They wona€™t be able to contact you or comment on your strips and you wona€™t see their comics anymore.
Amongst the different ways of building sites, there are two easy approaches you can use to make your own website for kids in minutes. There are several website builders listed in the control panel, most notably Weebly and WordPress.
With this in mind, you can draft out a simple plan for the kind of pages you want, how you must communicate to them at a language level that’s easy to understand, and collect some images to spice up the content so as to keep their attention. You can then proceed to easily add pages and page elements using the drag-and-drop feature.
You will be directed to the WordPress theme repository where you can select and instantly install a theme from a variety of options. This is a free flash banner generator, onli in 1 minute you create flash banner using one of available templates. Provides you with an easy and affordable way to create, edit, and maintain your own Multimedia Web Site. That means that every one-quarter of an inch on the plans represents one whole foot of the real house. It also shows the dimensions of the foundation wall and any columns or blocks used in the foundation.
Some of the details might include how a fireplace should look, stairs and handrails, molding and trim or just anything that is different from normal houses.
Like detail plans, the sections plans are more for the builder than the inspector, but they like to be kept in the loop.
Some good news though: many hosting providers give you one free domain with your hosting plan to help you get started. If you get stuck along the way, you can always reference some help videos made by the hosting company.
Since there are a great deal of site builders, you can choose any of them and make your web masterpiece. One particular way is through refinancing which means the replacement of an existing debt obligation with a debt obligation under different terms. A home blue print is what an inspector relies on for consistency.Don't get discouraged, this looks harder than it really is. The floor plan house blueprints also needs to include the dimensions for walls, rooms, wall thickness, windows and doors, kitchen and bath layouts, electrical and plumbing layouts, stairs, ceilings, and flooring.See below. This is how we are all able to get our brains wrapped around something that hasn't happened yet. You'll find that it's the excitement of starting your plans that motivates you.So go ahead, get some paper, tape it down to the kitchen table and start to draw your plans with a yardstick. It's our house design plan.If it helps, you can draw in your own grid so you can keep everything to scale. We present you set of 30 resources that help you to create your own flash website for free. You might just want to start out with an 8.5 X 11-inch sheet of science paper and then take it to a print shop and have them kick out several 18 X 24-inch copies of your floor plans.
From that point, you can write in the Architectural, Electrical, and Plumbing Symbols.One thing to remember is to write down the scale size right below the diagrams so everybody understands the perspective.

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