Yes we know, our current website is very outdated which is why we are working very hard on a new one. Shipping boots and a shipping halter are standard equipment to keep your horse safe on long rides. Whenever you’re transporting your horse, enrolling in a horse trailer roadside assistance program can give you additional peace of mind. Trailering is stressful on your horse’s body, so it’s important to make sure that he has plenty of time to rest during his trip.
Horse trailers can heat up quickly when in motion, so even if you’re traveling during the winter, stop frequently to check on your horse. If you plan ahead of time, you can help make your long trip with your horse safe and comfortable. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Most of the work on here is very outdated so if you’d like to see our most current work please connect with us through our social media pages. You want to ensure that the trip is minimally stressful for your horse, and you’ll also want to be sure that he stays safe and healthy. Be sure to consider how comfortable the rig will be for your horse – for long-distance rides, air ride trailers are far more forgiving than traditional trailers are. Passenger vehicle roadside assistance programs typically don’t have the resources to service horse trailers, so if you run into a problem with your rig, you could be stuck.
Schedule your trip so that your horse has regular time out of the trailer, and try to limit the time he spends in the trailer to no more than 10 hours per day. Make sure that your horse is comfortable underneath any blanket that you have put on him, and offer him water on a regular basis. Each tap will bring up a different animation The presentation can be exported to PowerPoint, or shared on SlideShare directly.

If you’re planning a long trip with your horse, consider looking into programs designed for horse trailers, like USRider.
We’re aware WiFi was a little hard to come by around prehistoric times, but indulge us for a moment. The chance to lie down in a well-bedded stall will help to keep your horse rested and ready for the next day of travel.

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