These ideas I'm saving for the card making enthusiast so you won't find most of them on my website.
What do you do with your wedding dress after the big day?  Dry clean it and leave it in a box in the loft or in a wardrobe?  Or do you frame it? Jenny Kaye is a  photographer based in Beaconsfield, working either from her home studio or out on location. There is no limit to the beauty and creativity a bride can achieve with this special day in her life, however she envisions it to be.
I will tell you now, I may be a craftaholic, but I don’t own a Cricuit or Silhouette machine! If you decide to go handmade, you can definitely make beautiful invitations that cost about $1 each. I prefer heavy weight card stock and also orange-peel textured card stocks when I print invitations. I know hand-making invites might take a little time and be a little stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.
Clearly inform your guests about your wedding and the rest of the invitation’s style can be as unique as you are.

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I’m just starting to design my wedding invites, and I’m glad I get your emails so I could see this! I have a few more detailed pictures if you’d like me to email you some more details about them. The most cost effective way to get the most out of a 12×12 piece of card stock is by cutting it in this fashion.
The wording is meant to clearly inform your guests where and when your event is taking place. With a small purchase and permission, you can print as many items as you want for your personal use. Depending on if your wedding is a destination wedding, or if you know many of your guests are out of state, you might decide to send them earlier or use a save-the-date.
This will confirm that you put sufficient postage and will help reduce damage since they won’t have to be mechanically cancelled through a machine.
The one thing that always worries me when printing on card stock is that my ink will smudge or come off on the envelope when it is mailed.

I have not had any issue with ink smudging…but I guess you could try letting them air dry for a day before putting in envelopes? I love sharing my card ideas so don't miss out on the beautiful and fun greeting cards you can make and peruse my site. If you or someone you know is planning a wedding, here are 10 must-read tips on how to DIY Wedding Invitations.
I hand painted my entire wedding invitation suite (about 1,000 pieces in all) with my then fiance. Black ink is cheaper than color, so consider adding color with the card stock you choose instead. This kit was primarily black and white so for your cardmaking ideas, you can add a third color like red, pink or whatever color you like.
I tend to make the bride and groom names stand out in some way, so experiment with what style you like.

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