Contributor: Enjoying a lattice trellis garden at home is easy with these tips from Chris Long at Home Depot. If you decide that a lattice trellis will add the perfect touch to your outdoor garden, consider what style you would like before making a purchase. If you are looking for a garden that stands strong on its own, consider purchasing and installing a lattice trellis panel that you can attach to posts anchored in the ground. Once you have your lattice trellis panel and posts, take the following steps to install them. Dig your post holes the exact width of the lattice trellis panel, and make sure they are at least 24-inches deep. Plant your climbing plants at the base of the trellis and weave the vines into the lattice. If a single trellis panel isn’t enough, consider purchasing multiple panels and posts and follow the aforementioned steps to create a broader growing space and add greater privacy. If space is limited in your yard or on your patio, consider decorating a nondescript fence, wall, or railing, with a wall lattice trellis.
Pre-drill holes in the spacers using self-drilling outdoor screws and install them into the side of the house where the trellis frame can be attached to them. Place a planter just under the trellis, weave the vines in the lattice, and watch your climbing plants grow. Be aware of the amount of sunlight that is available where you plant to install your lattice trellis, and seek out plants that will thrive in the location you have chosen.
A vertical garden grown on a lattice trellis will bring plenty of inexpensive beauty to your yard, even during the dog days of summer. Author’s Note: Chris Long, a long-time store associate at a Home Depot in Illinois, writes for the Home Depot website.

Attic Trusses give you a second floor without having the added labor and expense of building one.
Attic Trusses cost more than regular Trusses but they will save you the expense of constructing and siding a second story. Another advantage of using attic Trusses is the reduction in property taxes since you home will only be one story.
If you do go with attic Trusses, you must specify what you will be using the second story for. Make sure that your house is built wide enough to ensure adequate space for your second floor.
Therefore the total rise of the roof would be 8' and it would sit 8' above the exterior wall height at its peak. Now that you have decided on the type and pitch of your Roof Trusses, its time to contact you manufacturer and order the Roof Trusses.
You should contact the truss manufacturer early on in the building process and inquire as to the turn around time from the time the order is placed to the time of delivery. Plan on receiving them while you're still in the process of building your walls, so they will be ready to install as soon as you are. The truss manufacturer will need to know the span of your house, the amount of overhang on either side of the house, the distance between Trusses, and the type of gable end you will need.
If you are using Attic Trusses as a second floor, you may want a window at on the end wall of the second floor.
Be sure to mention to them that you would like the Gable ends or the Trusses you will use as Gable ends, to be stacked at the top of the stack, in order for you to have access to them prior to installation. Be sure that the 18 wheeler delivering the Trusses will be able to access the spot to drop them.

Drop the Trusses close enough to the house for the boom truck to have access to both the Trusses and the house, and to have ample space to maneuver them. This would also be a good time to shop around for a boom truck and operator, to set the Trusses.
With Skymbu CV Creator you will be able to create your own Resume and save it as a Word file(DOC).
But before you take up a project to revitalize your struggling outdoor garden, consider taking steps to bring additional focus to your plants by installing a lattice trellis garden. Will a free-standing lattice trellis suit your outdoor oasis, or is a wall trellis your best option? This not only provides the perfect place for a vertical garden, but it can also provide privacy from peering neighbors.
Don’t use cement unless you are installing the trellis in an area that is frequently plagued by standing water.
If that is the case then, you will need to two additional Attic Trusses in place of Gable Ends. From ivy to roses, there are a number of plant varieties that can climb the crisscrossing wooden structures, and this inexpensive project can bring new life and beauty to your yard.
You may need to adjust the vines at times, but they will become trained and add their own personality to your outdoor garden.
Our living room and dining room are open concept but the dining room has a regular ceiling.

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