Have you considered what your work life would be like if you were able to partner with your boss rather than thinking of your boss as an adversary or someone more powerful than you? My client Michelle is a pediatrician at one of the most well known teaching hospitals in the country. My next questions to her were, “Do you think that training and mentoring up and coming pediatricians could be considered a revenue generating activity? Building a partnership with your boss requires that you see yourself as their equal, not as an underling. If you think it’s for money, get a job that covers your expenses and spend your spare time finding your passion. For example, if you are happy spending time on your home that could be because it is warm and makes you feel secure. If you look at where you spend your money over a 3-12 month period, and find that you are pleased with your choices, you will find the breadcrumbs to your values. Your objectives are different from your values in that your values are strategic, and your objectives are tactical.
While you might not think these are laudable goals, they are your key to managing your boss. For example, you could have a conversation about the project that’s happening in parallel with yours that might need some help.
When you begin to show an interest in his objectives, he will begin to consider you an ally on the road to achieving his desired outcomes.
Michelle showed her boss that by spending the time to educate other doctors about effective care and ensuring that they had a constant resource, all productivity went up. I would have liked to start with this tip, but I thought you might like the practical stuff first.
You might think that you are constrained by the economy, your skill, or some other arbitrary measure, but you’re not. In business, she helped me to see how much my work was worth and establish my new rates in 3 easy steps. Together with Nneka, I designed my dream job, clarified the message to my employer, and finally made the plan to move closer to family. As someone who has always hated traditional goal-setting techniques and “five year plans,” the Clarity Kickstart was a refreshing change. After the first session, I had a much greater feel for some of the shifts I’ve made in my thinking and awareness in just the five years that just passed. Nneka helped me identify the mindsets that were blocking me from achieving success in my business and showed me how to turn those around so that I could easily attract more money and abundance into my life. As a result, I’m much clearer about my numbers, my priorities, and my money flow and that has opened up new worlds in my business! Before I started coaching with Nneka I was in a place of not knowing what was holding me back.
I was in a cycle of chasing every new idea, then getting exhausted and doing nothing at all.
Now, with Nneka’s help and accountability, I am taking clear, specific, doable actions every week. Manage Your Risk in a dangerous world, company, workplace or enterprise by reducing costs and liability, illustrated by these words on three red dice. If you have verified that the problem does not exist on other devices on the same account, then proceed with the reset of the Kindle with the problem. The first thing I suggest doing is resetting the Kindle – to do this, hold the power switch for approximately 20 seconds. You may have to remove all payment methods and then add one valid one back and set it as your default payment method.  After you add back one payment method as your default, restart the Kindle and see if the error message is gone.
Remove your Kindle or Kindles from the authorized Kindle devices on the account by selecting “deregister device”, then reset the Kindle and then go through the setup again. This will take several minutes to complete, but unless there is an issue with the Kindle itself, this will resolve the problem when nothing else does. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Placing shelving on your walls to grow your plants could provide the additional space you need.
For those who have cats, you know how difficult it is to keep plants living within the home.
If you feel a bit crafty, you can buy a cheap roll of screen material to encase your kitchen garden area.
You could also try using citrus scents and oils or other organic materials and sprays to repel your cat from the garden. A simpler solution is to check grocery or home improvement stores that carry UV plant lights. If you are feeling inventive, you could use a thin tube poked with small holes to run across your kitchen garden to act as a saturation house.
If you look around, you can buy solar powered heat lamps that can help keep your energy costs down while keeping the room temperature up. An indoor kitchen garden is a great way to help you develop better eating habits for yourself and your family. Rosy Saadeh is a Social Media Manager and Marketer and spends her time scouring the net trying to make new friends, help clients and post interesting stories about real estate and the like in Canada. See MoreFact of the DayBefore buying a home that needs to be renovated, evaluate the cost of renovations in order to prevent unwelcome surprises. Monthly NewsletterSign up for our free monthly newsletter, which offers information about real estate in your area, newly-listed homes for sale, open houses, and tips and advice on real estate in Canada. Self-discipline strategist Rory Vaden joins Mitch Matthews to discuss how you can multiply your time in this episode of the DREAM.
Are you tired of all those books that tell you how to manage your time?  Do you feel like they never really work for you?  Yeah, me too.  So now, instead of managing your time, it’s time to multiply it!! Rory Vaden joins me on this episode to tell you how to do just that!  Rory is a self-discipline strategist and New York Times bestselling author of the book, Procrastinate on Purpose. Plus, if you’re like most people and have difficulty saying the word “no”, Rory gives you great tips on how to Navigate the No so you can say “yes” to what’s truly important.
Rory’s fresh ideas have far more potential than any time management advice that has come before. Mitch’s SpeakingFrom corporations, associations and non-profits, to colleges and universities - Mitch Matthews combines powerful stories and implementable strategies with a stand-up comedy style delivery to give your audience a once-in-a-life-time experience!
Every web designer should have an arsenal of fonts in different families, weights, and styles. It is extremely overwhelming to scroll down your web design program and find that there are multitudes of fonts that are just impossible for you to locate. To manage your fonts, all you have to do is to find a the perfect font management programme for you.
Windows Font Manager — Most Windows users have a built-in font manager that is perfect for those that do not need a lot of capabilities. Suitcase — For the more serious web or graphic designer, Suitcase is a premiere font manager created by Extensis. Font Agent Pro — Font Agent Pro has both free and paid editions and is primarily designed to be compatible with Mac users. MasterJuggler — MasterJuggler is a really great font management programme that can fix up all of your fonts. All in all, font management programmes are widely available for anyone who loves their typography.
Once you do get customers used to the idea of waiting for a shipment, you still need to assure them that you have what they want in stock, so the shipment can go out immediately. The secret to success becomes maintaining the minimum stocking level necessary to meet your sales. Some small business accounting packages, like QuickBooks, can help you track your inventory levels, but for ordering, they often expect you to supply a reorder point and reorder quantity. The approach I’m going to show you assumes that you set aside time to place orders on a regular schedule (weekly, monthly, or whenever).
As the title suggests, this article shows you how to use an Excel worksheet to figure out how many items you need to order.

Calculating how many items to order is a simple matter of comparing how many items you’ll have at the end of the current ordering period (Qty Available) versus how many items you need to have to make it through the next period (Min Stock Level).
In the rest of the article, I’ll show you how to set up each section of the worksheet.
Keep in mind that you need to create a separate worksheet for each product you want to manage. In the Order Lead Time data cell (C7), enter the number of periods you have to wait for an order to arrive. It may take a while for your order to arrive, so you have to have enough items to handle the sales while you are waiting for it. Also, your sales could be much higher than you anticipated (you can hope so, anyway), so the order you just placed may not be sufficient to carry you through the next ordering period. In order to figure out your lead time sales and a safety quantity, you first have to estimate your maximum and average sales.
Enter the Sales Forecast section title in A9, and the Max Sales label in B10, the Average Sales label in B11, and the Sales Variation label in B12.
In the Max Sales data cell (C10), enter the maximum number of items you expect to sell in the coming period. As you can see, the Sales Variance is the difference between your average expected sales and your maximum expected sales.
I colored the sales forecast figures in blue because they are values you might need to change once in a while, but not necessarily every ordering period.
The Stocking Rules section of the worksheet uses your estimated sales figures to calculate a safety quantity, and ultimately, your minimum stocking level. The formula says to take the Sales Variance and multiply it by the Order Lead Time plus one extra period. It says that your Min Stock Level is the product of your Lead Time Sales and your Safety Qty. Note that, consistent with the coloring scheme I’ve used so far, all of the figures in this section are black because they are all formulas.
For the purpose of inventory planning, quantity available is the number of items you will have at the end of the current period if you do not place an order now. In the Qty on Order data cell (C20), enter the number of items you currently have on order from prior ordering periods. The formula just copies your average estimated sales into the cell so it is clearer how your quantity available was calculated in the Inventory Status section. The formula says to add your quantity on order to your quantity on hand, and subtract your average expected sales for the current period.
Even though the quantity available cell is a calculated value, I did color it green instead of black to make it stand out. Once you create your first worksheet, it is easy to create another one for a different product. You can then right-click over the new worksheet’s tab and choose Rename from the popup menu to give the tab an appropriate name.
Do you like the idea of managing your inventory in Excel, but you don’t have the confidence or time to set up the worksheet yourself?
The Inventory Worksheet Package includes a more robust worksheet than the simplified one demonstrated in this article. She’s decided to transition from her position as a pediatrician into having her own business. It turns out that the hospital considers patient care a revenue generating activity while teaching is considered a cost to the hospital.
What if you explained that you were multiplying your efforts by getting other doctors up to speed faster?
One of your objectives for this position might be that it allows you the freedom and flexibility to attend your children’s events. Your objective for this position is to have the freedom and flexibility to attend your children’s events.
You could even suggest to him how he could help and how that would help him to form some alliances. When you own your power, you will realize that you are in partnership with your boss and everyone else on the planet. I was worried that the things that I found to be most important could not be reconciled with the daily realities of a corporate career.
So clear, that we were able to set in motion a series of actions that helped me to achieve the balance I desired! In fact, I hate it, but with the Life Map, Nneka freed me up step by step to state clearly what I want for my life. It’s one thing to see an exercise like this [the Life Map] in a book or magazine and try and do it, and quite another to have someone as skilled and talented as you are walk me through it.
I’d have big highs and big lows and I wasn’t sure what to do when the lows hit and how to turn things around. With simple exercises and clear instructions we discovered where my money was going in my business, how to evaluate whether it fit my values and my priorities, and cut out those expenses that weren’t necessary.
Through a series of questions and some gentle butt kicking, Nneka coached me through my limiting beliefs, to clarity. I am well on my way to achieving my goal of having a successful business with steady, significant income. This will take several minutes to complete and it will register your Kindle device to the account again.
If it doesn’t, then the Kindle may be in need of service, but that is rarely the case with this issue.
Developing your own indoor kitchen garden can improve your eating habits and supply you with continuous organic food products to promote a healthier living.
You don’t want the plants too low that children and animals would be tempted by them, but too high could wilt the plants as heat from your home rises.
You could even turn a section of your walls to house internal planters using the frame work that is there.
Cats are either eating or sleeping on them – which doesn’t bode well for your indoor garden! Armed with a staple gun and screen sheets, you can protect your edibles from being eaten before they’re ready. If you’re really dedicated, you could build a sunroof over your garden, which also increases the natural light of the room. Some people have even been able to have success in growing the kitchen garden using nothing more than fluorescent bulbs.
Some people use reservoirs placed higher than the plants in order to distribute water along strings or lines that lead to each planter.
Using a non-toxic glue, you could attach this hose to a 2-litre bottle at the base and create a watering method that would cost you less than $20 in materials.
Keep your kitchen area free from cold-air drafts by adding weather stripping to doors and windows. Seasonings, vegetables, and even most fruits can be grown in your kitchen provided you have enough space for your needs. Those two techniques remind me of struggling to make more money from a bank savings account: change banks, buy bigger denomination CDs. In fact, most graphic designers say that you would need 2000 fonts at the very least if you want to have a full collection that would suit any design that you have in mind.
These fonts are too recognizable and should not be used in any design because they look unprofessional and unpolished. First off, you need a powerful computer with a lot of memory to keep everything running smoothly.
It can arrange them according to your chosen categories, and you can activate and deactivate fonts as needed.
It has a preview option which is perfect if you need to make something that resembles the logo that you want to create. Typography is the back bone of web design after all, so you definitely need powerful tools that will allow you to manage all of your fonts efficiently. However, if you resell items that you must acquire from a supplier, then maintaining higher stocking levels to ensure availability ties up your cash.

This simple sounding goal has resulted in some of the most complex (and expensive) business software in existence.
Figuring out how many items you have available is fairly easy if your accounting software tracks current inventory quantity. However, once you set up the first product, you can just copy its worksheet and tweak the values for the next product.
Enter the Ordering Rules section label, the Ordering Period label, and Order Lead Time label as shown in the example.
This is just for your reference, but it can be helpful if you manage some products on one schedule and others on a different schedule. It is the number of items you need to keep on hand in order to avoid running out before you can get more items. These figures will let you calculate a sales variation, which is one component of your safety quantity formula. If you want to include the minus and equal signs on the labels as shown in the example, be sure to start the label with an apostrophe (‘) so Excel knows you are entering text, not a formula. In the Average Sales data cell (C11), enter the average number of items you expect to sell in the coming period. The Sales Variance is black because it is not something you will ever change: it is calculated from other cells for you. Conceptually, it means your safety quantity is the number of items you would need to cover your maximum sales through the current ordering period and through the order lead time for the next ordering period. It is the number of items you need to get through the current period’s order lead time. Now you’ll see how the Inventory Status section calculates Qty Available, which is the second variable we need to calculate an order quantity. As you’ll see, your decision to order now really hinges on where you will be at the beginning of the next period. This figure should always be 0 if your Order Lead Time is 1 because all orders should arrive before the next ordering period. I colored this cell and the Qty on Order cell red because you will almost always have to update these figures for every ordering period.
That tells you how many items you will have at the end of the current ordering period if you don’t place an order. You now have a worksheet that will tell you exactly how many items to order, and all you have to do each period is provide your quantity on order and your quantity on hand. In the meantime, she finds herself at odds with her boss as she would like to do more teaching while he insists that she do more patient care.
What if you could show that the doctors that go through your program are more productive than the other pediatricians that train with someone else? Rather than thinking that you are at the mercy of your boss’ whims, you see yourself as working with him to help him reach his goals while you reach yours. Is it on your home, your kids, your car, indulgences like coffee, shoe shopping, books, workshops, your coach, food? From that list, you can determine that comfort, security, and beauty are some of your values.
You might be more concerned about the hours of operation and the requirements for your physical presence than you are about your paycheck at the end of the month. It also helped when her boss saw that to hire someone to replace Michelle in that role would significantly lower the overall revenue, even if the new person were willing to juggle patient care and teaching. Looking deeply into your life from 5 years ago until now and then 5 years into the future is so powerful in its clarity.
Working with her is like holding a mirror up and reflecting back your true goals and intentions for your life.
Unless there is an issue with the Kindle itself, this will resolve the problem when nothing else does.
While this may sound appetizing for many, how does one go about maintaining a garden such as this especially if you have children and pets that like to dig or eat sprouting plants? A heat lamp could help keep the plants from being too cold if your kitchen is unable to sustain heat. After a few weeks of eating your organic foods, you’ll be impressed with how well you feel! Next, you would have to find a way to keep all of your fonts properly organized and ready for you to use. All you can do is sort your fonts according to similar items, which would allow you to quickly eliminate any duplicate fonts that you may have. Another great feature is that it synchronizes and includes plug ins for popular web design and graphic design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Fireworks, and Illustrator. Most customers want instant gratification, which is a mindset that e-commerce has had to battle from day one. Higher inventory levels also increase the risk that a product line enhancement will render your stock obsolete. Also, using reorder point assumes that your inventory data is updated daily and that you are ready to place an order on any given day.
Everything you’ll learn helps you answer one critical question: How many items do I need to order? You’ll want to make sure those figures are up-to-date before you sit down to place orders.
For example, if you order once per week and it takes 10 days for an order to arrive, your lead time is 2 weeks.
Even if you max-out your sales indefinitely, you would still have enough items to be covered. You must start every period with at least your minimum stocking level, or you may not have enough items to get through a complete order cycle. If the result of the calculation is greater than 0, it uses the calculated value; otherwise it displays 0. You can optionally adjust your expected sales figures as well, and the worksheet will adjust your minimum stocking level and order quantity accordingly. Here are 5 ways to manage your indoor kitchen garden, and they’re not as complicated as you might think!
Also, “search engine optimisation”, because each of these tabs is indexable by search engines. I promptly ordered his book on amazon (Kindle so I can start reading now, and hardcopy) and then I went to his site and ordered his bonus package with books and online courses! There’s just no way to give customers instant gratification if their orders have to be shipped to them.
Most inventory management software is complex because it tries to do everything for you, from accurately tracking quantity-on-hand, to forecasting your inventory needs using statistical analysis of your historic sales patterns. My guess is that most small business owners don’t have time to deal with updating QuickBooks and managing inventory every day. Determining how many items you need to have is a little trickier, but once you figure it out, it usually doesn’t change very often. Through the Logical Expressions Store, you can purchase the worksheet along with a companion white paper. Sorting through my finances helped me to see all the money that I did have, and where it was going. If you use a similar coloring scheme, you can quickly identify what fields to change when you create a new product worksheet. The white paper provides basic instructions on how to use the worksheet as well as an explanation of the inventory management theory behind the calculations. These two items come packaged in an installation file that you can download and use immediately.

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