We offer a whole range of marketing services all of which are crucial for the long term success of a business.
At top level, a marketing plan is a tool that pulls together the marketing strategy for your business, your products and your services – it’s a plan that will ultimately help you stand out from the crowd, tell people you exist and increase sales, revenue and growth. It’s a document that will keep you on track with your marketing strategies, goals and objectives but also within your budget.
Once you have built your marketing plan and created a strategy, it will lay out the foundations of where you need to go to build a successful business. We hope that this guide helps you to understand the marketing opportunities within your own business to help it thrive and would be happy to offer you any advice on how to build and implement a successful marketing plan to make your business a success. But how many of us have a marketing plan that we can easily update, adapt and change as our circumstances or the market does? Marketing plans have traditionally been expensive to acquire, with costs sometimes running into the thousands depending on the consultant you use. Not very fluid or accessible for something that is so very vital to the success of your business!
That’s why here at SP Communications we have put together a completely downloadable and comprehensive DIY marketing plan that you can complete and update as you want and need. As you develop new products or services Or move into new markets Or need a plan of action when market conditions change?? This DIY marketing plan usually costs $249 but we’re offering SourceBottle respondents all this for ONLY $49.00 – saving you $200 and potentially hundreds more in marketing plan costs!
PLUS, the first 20 respondents will receive our 50 FREE & low cost ways to get YOUR BUSINESS noticed! Don’t wait any longer to take control of your marketing - start growing your business today! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.

If you are interested in learning more about our Services for developing Marketing Plans or if you would like some additional information, please feel free to contact with me.
BufferWhat a better way to start off the weekend with a nice article regarding the marketing planning process for blogging. Things will influence you in life and will help you come up with unique and original ideas when blogging. Execution – It always amazes me how much work we put into launching a successful blog yet an unsuccessful execution halts everything.
Your right many people think blogging is easy when in fact it’s a part time and sometimes a full time job! It’s very obvious who these bloggers are as their blogs haven’t been touched in months haha!
Very well consructed post and I totally agree that if you do not have a plan of action for your blog you will just be spinning your wheels. We know this because we have vast experience in building and implementing marketing plans and measuring the success of them.
It covers everything about your business and how you will market it; from information about your target market (who your audience is and what they want) to the tools and channels that you are going to use to reach your target market. It helps you plan for the year ahead… or 2 years, or 5 years or even 10 years ahead and ensures you keep your focus on your end ‘marketing goal’ whilst progressing forward. Expect some trial and error before you reach the right people in the right way but by constantly reviewing and analysing the impact that your marketing activities are having, it won’t be long before you see positive results.
This can be very good seeing blogging wears thin after a few months and unique ideas become harder to find.
This way you can specialize in what you do offering better products or services to your readers or end consumers. If you’re going to be serious about your blog and trying to make some money from it (or whatever your blogging goal is) you really have to plan it out before just diving into it. They try out blogging with blogger and eventually become self hosted and running live with wordpress.

I think I should read all of your posts, I have a few questions for you, I hope I can find time soon! You can send these slides to your personal contacts who might be interested in Business Diagrams.
I have gathered some really nice examples and compiled a chart to help you, my readers to better understand how to market your own blog.
Understanding your audience (readers) and delivering and fulfilling a need is of most importance. I can tell you put a lot of thought into your posts and I (and I’m sure all your other readers) appreciate that. The marketing plan is very straightforward and I like how you explained the internal and external blogging influences. As always businesses do this everyday for new products I’m simply applying it to blogging. I like to think my readers are here reading my blog waiting for my next intelligent article to share.
Perhaps you didn’t care but I made a management decision to post something off beat and fun.
We have to create objectives and plans appropriately to meet and achieve the needs of our readers.
The point here is to post in your niche, consistently and control your blog as needed to meet your objective. This is a great time to look at your growth and see if it’s the right direction stated within your marketing plan and marketing plan process.

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