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Becoming a Fashion Designer is so valuable because it chronicles how we as designers made our big mistakes and where we seized our most vital opportunities. As a high school student, I narrowed down my career paths to two possibilities, and interned in both fashion and child psychology to determine which field was the best fit. Having had a clearly defined idea of what I wanted to major in during high school allowed me to focus on my fashion program selection. Shortly after I graduated from college, I decided to move to New York to pursue my fashion career.
Becoming a Fashion Designer is a dynamic and comprehensive book imparting unprecedented insider tips from top fashion designers, industry insiders and prominent executives, and expert advice on establishing a fashion design career.
The Appendix includes an extensive list of resources tailored to a fashion design professional.
Place a checkmark in the YES or NO columns after each of the following questions to get a sense if fashion design is the right career path for you. Do you pay close attention to every single detail in every design or mock sketch that you create? Do you love reading fashion magazines and have one or more subscriptions that you look forward to receiving each month? Do you get excited thinking about designing a fashion collection for an apparel manufacturer or design house? Do design concepts come to you out of the blue, and do you find yourself excited to make them come to life on your sketchpad? Do you have the ability to articulate your design vision, and to engage and influence others to help you carry it out?
Would it be unusual for you to be standing amongst hundreds of people on line for an Open See at Henri Bendel in New York? Are you ready, willing, and able to work long hours, including weekends, especially before fashion or market weeks? Do you truly believe that Anna Wintour should, at the very least, be ruler of the Kingdom of Fashion?
If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, you just may have found your ideal career fit! I would like to offer sincere thanks to the fashion designers, costume designers, stylists, and executives, many of whom I know personally, who provided interviews for the book, and in doing so, devoted countless hours of their precious time and showed such care for this project. I wish to express tremendous appreciation to the renowned photographers, artists, and illustrators whose visual contributions made this book come to life, including Deborah Anderson, Nigel Barker, Claire Benoist, Fidel Berisha, Ivan Clemente, Joseph Dolderer, Mariah Do Vale, Mark Drew, Jodie Edom, Nicky Emmerson, Yoshikazu Enomoto, Steve Exum, Richard Gleason, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Rick Guidotti, Eka Halim, Bernard Hunt, Joseph Hunwick, Greg Kadel, Anna Kiper, Lennart Knab, Dan and Corina Lecca, Elizabeth Lippman, Adrian Lourie, Giovanni Martins, Anders Overgaard, Michael Roberts, Udo Spreitzenbarth, Hannah Thomson, Maria Valentina, Adam Weiss, and painter Nelson Shanks, for your stunning interpretation.
I also want to give thanks to all the fashion designers, fashion executives, attorneys, educators, students, freelancers and interns who provided interviews and contributions, and shared their inspirational knowledge, talent, and expertise. Gracious thanks to my editor, Paul Drougas, for his expertise in leading me through the process, with his calm demeanor and sense of humor always intact.
The unconditional support and love of my parents, Warren and Bess, and of my sister, Amy, has been just as priceless to me growing up as it is today. I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Anne Bradstreet (1612–1672) who, in 1650, became the first female published writer in America, opening the doors and creating a voice for female writers everywhere.
There is nothing quite as rewarding as being a fashion designer: a creative visionary who, from a mere brainstorming concept, creates a fully saleable collection seen on runways, in stores and catalogs, and on people around the world. As a fashion designer who dreams of launching your very own collection, you will have the opportunity to express not only your own unique design aesthetic to the world, but also your personal viewpoints on societal issues and life-changing moments in history, ranging from politics and world peace to charitable and philanthropic causes, gay rights, and environmental sustainability. Fashion is not just a product; it is an extension of who people are, how they embody, perceive, portray, and conduct themselves, and how they live. Fashion designers have the opportunity to dress their customers for both their careers and their social lives–from their most exciting moments to their very worst days. The distinguished Tunisian fashion designer Elie Saab lived this dream, dressing actress Halle Berry for the 74th Annual Academy Awards presentation, when, in 2001, Berry became the first black woman to receive an Academy Award for Best Actress.
It is here, in this fascinating world, that ingenuity comes to life and creative interpretations have limitless bounds.
The fashion industry is divided into five main markets according to price point: haute couture, designer, bridge, moderate, and mass. Celebrities who are presenters at an awards show, or who have received industry award nominations, will often be seen wearing a custom dress designed especially for the occasion. Angelina Jolie wearing Randolph Duke Couture at the 56th Annual Golden Globe Awards, held at the Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, California. Hilary Swank wearing Randolph Duke Couture to accept her Best Actress Oscar for Boys Don't Cry, at the 72nd Annual Academy Awards, held at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall, Los Angeles, California.
Several years ago, I attended a function in New York at which legendary fashion designer Oleg Cassini discussed the custom-made wardrobe he created for First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy during the John F. In addition to running his own company, legendary fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi was the costume designer for three Broadway revivals, one operetta, one opera, and a film. Was there a pivotal moment in your childhood, upbringing, or at some point in your life that led you to pursue a career in fashion design?
I was inspired to design out of necessity, since I was living in a small town at the time and fashionable items were not available to me. Please describe any fashion design positions you may have held prior to launching your own collection, Tailor Tinker.
I started working on Seventh Avenue in New York City and worked for a loungewear manufacturer and learned many important things there. What advice would you give an aspiring fashion designer trying to launch his or her own collection? Start out with a very concise plan and have an idea of how you want to evolve so you can sustain yourself on many levels, both financially and creatively. Geoffrey Beene, who was kind of an iconoclast in that he did his own magnificent thing superbly and was an architect of style and beauty and genius and creativity, and did it in a way that was his own.
You are the genius fashion and costume designer behind the gorgeous creations for the world-famous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. One of those days when things don't go wrong, or if they do, something good comes out of it. The Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture is an association whose members include those companies that have been designated to operate as an haute couture atelier or house. The couture house is headed by a fashion couturier who oversees a workroom of skilled workers who practice their hand-made craft as experts in either dressmaking or tailoring.
When haute couture collections were first produced, they were presented to the press, buyers, and high-end clientele in a trunk show format in a designated salon.
Some well-known couture labels are Armani Privé, Atelier Versace, Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Valentino.
Bridge garments are in between ready-to-wear and better, and carry a price point generally ranging in price from $300 to $600 per garment. Contemporary collections offer trendy apparel at a relatively affordable price point aimed at women in their twenties and thirties.
Secondary lines are used by designers who want to offer a lower-priced line aside from their designer collection.
Moderate fashions are promoted to the average, everyday customer and usually retail for less than $100 apiece.
Merchandise that is manufactured by a store, or in partnership with an apparel manufacturer, is considered private label.
Mass market or budget caters to the lower end of the apparel continuum, with retail pricing generally under the $50 price point.
Discount merchandise, also referred to as off-price, is excess merchandise that did not sell at its full retail price through its original and intended retailer. Our latest research report has been released - The 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard (a joint research effort with Galexia) ranks the cloud computing readiness of 24 countries that account for 80 percent of the world s IT markets. Our latest research report has been released - The 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard (a joint research effort with Galexia) ranks the cloud computing readiness of 24 countries that account for 80 percent of the world’s IT markets.
The 2016 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard ranks the cloud computing readiness of 24 countries that account for 80 percent of the world’s IT markets. In terms of overall ranking, the biggest improvers were South Africa (moving up six places) and Canada (moving up five places). The BSA Global Cloud Scorecard analyzes the legal and regulatory framework and broadband infrastructure of 24 countries that together make up 80 percent of the global ICT market.
The study includes a detailed country-by-country analysis of legislation, regulations, case law, government policy and standards. The study includes detailed country-by-country analysis of legislation, regulations, case law, government policy and standards. Galexia director Chris Connolly will be assisting in the presentation of a two day expert meeting on Data Protection and Privacy: Implications for Trade and Development on 19-20 April in Geneva.
A highlight of the E-Commerce Week is the Ad Hoc Expert Meeting on Data Protection and Privacy: Implications for Trade and Development (19-20 April).
This ad hoc expert meeting will contribute to ensure global communication on the subject to understand emerging topics in data protection and privacy, new challenges and opportunities, as it relates to unlocking the potential for cross-border trade. The Ad Hoc expert meeting will commence with the presentation of the UNCTAD Study on Data Protection and International Data Flows.
Galexia has published an article on the proposed EU-US Privacy Shield, which is set to replace the former Safe Harbor as the key mechanism for the transfer of personal data from the European Union to the United States. The draft Privacy Shield adequacy decision by the European Commission is yet to be formalised - the commission must first seek the opinion of the influential Article 29 Working party. The former Safe Harbor framework was the subject of extensive research and analysis by Galexia, including a major report in 2008 followed by ongoing monitoring and the submission of evidence and reports to the EU and US authorities. The European Union Network and Information Security Directive (the NIS Directive) has moved a step closer to implementation after the EU's Internal Market Committee voted to support the Directive on 16 January 2016. The European Union Network and Information Security Directive (the NIS Directive) has moved a step closer to implementation after the EU's Internal Market Committee voted to support the Directive on 16 January 2016.
Galexia has been at the forefront of studying the potential impact of the NIS Directive, both in Europe and beyond. The subsequent Asia Pacific CyberSecurity Maturity Dashboard (including 10 country reports and case studies considers the maturity of APAC countries through the lens of the NIS directive. Galexia Director Chris Connolly will deliver a special presentation at the Privacy Laws and Business Conference at Cambridge University on July 7. The presentation will mark the fifteenth anniversary of the launch of the EU-US Safe Harbor, and is titled: 'The Safe Harbor at Fifteen' - A brief history of enforcement and reform. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion including Commissioner Julie Brill (US Federal Trade Commission) and Bruno Gencarelli (Head of Data Protection at the European Commission Directorate General for Justice). The report assesses each country against criteria deemed essential for effective cybersecurity protection.
The full country reports are available for download and give an overview of the cybersecurity landscape, highlighting key cybersecurity legislation and policy, as well as the main entities currently operating within each jurisdiction.
It is with great sadness that we report the loss of Galexia Associate and close friend Claro Parlade, who has died in the Philippines after a period of illness.
Claro was a well known IT lawyer in the Philippines who played a key role in the development of cyberlaws in the Asia Pacific region. In June 2015 Galexia completed a Privacy Review of the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) for Diabetes Australia.
The Report evaluates national laws, rules and policies in all 28 EU Member States against 25 criteria deemed essential for effective cybersecurity protections. The full Member State reports give an overview of the cybersecurity landscape, based on the set of criteria outlined below, highlighting key cybersecurity legislation and policy, as well as the main entities currently operating within each jurisdiction. This work complements Galexia’s other research reports for BSA, including the soon to be Global Cloud Readiness Scorecard published in 2012, 2013 and in April 2015. Galexia Director Chris Connolly will present a paper on Global Issues in Cybersecurity and Privacy in Geneva on 25 March 2015. The Expert Meeting on Cyberlaws and Regulations for Enhancing E-Commerce has been organised by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The session will explore recent developments related to e-commerce in respect of data breaches and fraud. Galexia has a long history of working with UNCTAD (and ASEAN and other regional groupings) on international cyberlaw issues.
In August 2014 Galexia began work on an important research project for BSA - The Software Alliance. The study will include a detailed country-by-country analysis of legislation, regulations, case law, government policy and standards. Galexia conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for the Victorian Department of State Development, Business Innovation (DSDBI) on the proposed migration of the Resource Rights Allocation and Management (RRAM) Project to a commercial cloud provider. Galexia conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for the Victorian Department of State Development, Business & Innovation (DSDBI) on the proposed migration of the Resource Rights Allocation and Management (RRAM) Project to a commercial cloud provider. Galexia has particular experience in advising Government agencies in their successful migration to cloud and externally hosted services.
In July 2014 Galexia began work on an important research project for BSA - The Software Alliance. The countries included in the study are Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. This work complements our earlier research reports for BSA, including the Global Cloud Readiness Scorecard published in 2012 and 2013.
The new report will include a detailed country-by-country analysis of legislation, regulations, government policy, standards and infrastructure related to Cybersecurity. Galexia has been appointed to the Department of Communications Technology Advice Panel to provide specialised services to the Department. In June 2014 Galexia began work on an important research project for BSA - The Software Alliance. Galexia Director Chris Connolly presented a paper on The Future of the EU-US Safe Harbor at a major privacy research conference in Brussels on 1 June 2014.
The presentation focused on enforcement issues, and follows previous Galexia research on compliance issues in the EU-US Safe Harbor. Galexia completed a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for the Victorian Department of State Development, Business Innovation (DSDBI) on the migration of Business Victoria Online (BVO) services to a commercial cloud services provider. Galexia completed a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for the Victorian Department of State Development, Business & Innovation (DSDBI) on the migration of Business Victoria Online (BVO) services to a commercial cloud services provider. Galexia provided a range of cloud and privacy advice and developed a re-usable template and checklist driven approach for future PIAs.
In early 2014 Galexia completed a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for proposed changes to the customer due diligence requirements of Australia s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Framework (the CDD project). In early 2014 Galexia completed a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for proposed changes to the customer due diligence requirements of Australia’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Framework (the CDD project).
The PIA was one of the first PIAs conducted in accordance with the new Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) that came into force in March 2014. Galexia was able to advise AUSTRAC on how to incorporate important changes to customer due diligence requirements that form part of international commitments to tackle money laundering, while complying with Australia's revised privacy legislation. Galexia Director Chris Connolly appeared at the House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on Home Affairs, Health and Education in London on 12 March 2014. The Committee was investigating the potential reform of the EU US Safe Harbor Framework which allows some EU personal data to be transferred to the United States. On 7 May 2014 the Committee issued a final report, calling for improvements to the Safe Harbor. Galexia Director Chris Connolly appeared at the Commonwealth Cybersecurity Forum in London on 5 March 2014. Galexia has played a key role in assessing national, regional and global approaches to cloud computing privacy and security policies. In October 2013 Galexia and Doll Martin Associates strengthened their existing partnership and announced a closer strategic alliance.
In October 2013 Galexia and Doll Martin Associates strengthened their existing partnership and announced a closer strategic alliance. The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (the LIBE Committee) is holding an inquiry on electronic mass surveillance of EU citizens, and Chris will appear before the Committee in Strasbourg on Monday October 7.
Galexia and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) have released a major report, entitled Review of E-commerce Legislation Harmonization in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (2013). Galexia and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) have released a major report, entitled Review of E-commerce Legislation Harmonization in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (2013).
This 2013 review documents the significant advances made by ASEAN countries in the area of e-commerce laws. Galexia’s extensive and detailed work with ASEAN has assisted ASEAN be the first region in the developing world to adopt a harmonized legal framework for e-commerce and it is the most advanced developing region in terms of implementing harmonized e-commerce laws. The review includes detailed regional and national analysis of e-commerce laws, privacy, cybercrime and cloud computing. Galexia provided the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) with options for implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) to external Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. Galexia was engaged to undertake an independent review on the operations and effectiveness of the Queensland Personal Identification Information in Property Data (PIIPD) Code. Galexia has played an ongoing role in the development, implementation and review of a code-of-conduct for QVAS (Queensland Valuation and Sales System). This code-of-conduct is an excellent example of successful privacy self-regulation in the information broking sector. The 2013 Global Cloud Computing Scorecard the first-ever report to track year-over-year change in the international policy landscape for cloud computing shows that cloud readiness is improving, if unevenly. These findings come against the backdrop of the massive and well-documented movement to cloud services by consumers, businesses, and governments. Countries around the world are improving the legal environment for cloud computing — though at an uneven pace that risks undermining the full economic potential of cloud technologies.
The new 2013 BSA Cloud Scorecard builds on an inaugural edition of the report released last year. The study finds that policy improvements in many of the world’s biggest IT markets have stalled.
The study evaluates countries in seven policy areas critical to the market for cloud computing services — data privacy, cybersecurity, cybercrime, intellectual property, technology interoperability and legal harmonization, free trade, and ICT infrastructure. Malaysia crossed the divide between mature and developing economies by bolstering cybercrime and IP laws and opening itself for increased digital trade.
Canada, Russia, and India all moved up the rankings by implementing international IP agreements.
Indonesia and Vietnam are among the countries tying up foreign cloud providers in red tape, imposing data-location requirements, or restricting the flow of data across borders. The 2nd Cloud Readiness Index (CRI) developed by the Asia Cloud Computing Association evaluates key attributes in order to identify the state of readiness for cloud computing in 14 markets across the Asia region. The Index is designed to look at the state of readiness for cloud computing in markets across the Asia Pacific region - especially how we see regulation and policy work by governments - to help advance cloud computing in Asia.
The Index incorporates information from several sources, including the Global Cloud Computing Scorecard (2012) completed by Galexia for the Business Software Alliance (BSA) in February 2012. On 22 February 2012, the Business Software Alliance (BSA) launched the BSA Global Cloud Computing Readiness Scorecard (2012) developed by Galexia. The first-of-its-kind Scorecard analyses and ranks the legal and regulatory framework and broadband infrastructure of 24 countries based on seven policy categories that measure the countries’ preparedness to support the growth of cloud computing.
The Scorecard also includes a detailed country-by-country analysis of legislation, regulations, case law, government policy and standards. On 14 February 2012 Galexia presented the new Global Cloud Readiness Scorecard at the Cloud Connect conference in Santa Clara USA. In September 2011 the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) issued a completely revised and updated Code of Conduct for Electronic Transactions.
In September 2011 the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) issued a completely revised and updated Code of Conduct for Electronic Transactions.
Galexia Director Chris Connolly was a member of the expert working group revising the Code - a process that took two years to complete and involved three rounds of public consultation.
Galexia assisted CHOICE with its submission regarding the 2007 review of the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Code of Conduct, as conducted by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). The paper recommends the introduction of private sector privacy legislation based on a mix of EU and APEC best practice.
Singapore joins a growing list of countries with proposed and draft privacy legislation in the region. The Cloud Readiness Index developed by the Asia Cloud Computing Association evaluates key attributes in order to identify the state of readiness for cloud computing in 14 markets across the Asia region.
The index incorporates information from several sources, including the Asia Pacific Digital Economy and Cloud Computing Scorecard completed by Galexia for the Business Software Alliance (BSA) in March 2011.
Galexia director Chris Connolly is the joint author of two articles on privacy and health data. Regulation and Perception Concerning the Use of Health Data for Research in Australia, Christine M O'Keefe and Chris Connolly was published in the Electronic Journal of Health Informatics, Vol 6, No 2 (2011): Special Issue on Smart Healthcare Systems.
The primary objective of this review is to provide an overview of the issues involved in balancing privacy and access in the context of health research. The topic of our review is of current interest in the context of the Australian Government National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) investment in the Population Health Research Network (PHRN), which aims to provide improved accessibility to health-related data for the research sector. Although there is little evidence of privacy complaints or breaches in health research, it seems clear that privacy regulation and privacy perception are both key factors in the health research context, acting as potential restraints on some types of research that could deliver considerable public benefit.
Recent Australian Law Reform Commission recommendations leave room for technical solutions to play an increased role in allowing personal information to be de-identified for research purposes.
An Overview of International CyberSecurity Awareness Raising and Educational Initiatives - a report for the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) by Galexia in partnership with the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre, was launched in CyberSecurity Awareness week - 30 May 2011.
The study included research and advice on 68 Cybersecurity initiatives (both government and private sector) in 11 jurisdictions. Galexia Director Peter van Dijk and Galexia s Singapore based Associate Yee Fen Lim presented the Asia Pacific Digital Economy and Cloud Computing Scorecard at an industry workshop in Hong Kong in April 2011.
Galexia Director Peter van Dijk and Galexia’s Singapore based Associate Yee Fen Lim presented the Asia Pacific Digital Economy and Cloud Computing Scorecard at an industry workshop in Hong Kong in April 2011. The Scorecard is a comparative analysis of major cyberlaw issues and digital infrastructure in 14 Asia-pacific countries. The workshop was attended by industry associations and business leaders from countries in the region, with strong representation from both developed and emerging economies. Galexia has completed a comprehensive review of digital economy laws and infrastructure in 14 Asia Pacific countries - the Asia Pacific Digital Economy and Cloud Computing Scorecard. The 14 countries in the study are: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
The Joint Standing Committee on Treaties has recommended that Australia accede to two important cyberlaw Conventions.
The United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts (the Convention) is the first United Nations Convention to address legal issues arising from the digital economy. The Convention contains a comprehensive framework for establishing contracts using electronic communications. The Committee noted that in practice, businesses with disputes relating to electronic contracts have not sought to use legal means to resolve their disputes. The Committee recommended that Australia take binding treaty action to join the United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts. Over 30 European member states and one non-member, the United States, are party to the Convention.
The Treaties Committee drew considerable attention the role of the Convention in boosting international co-operation to deal with increasingly sophisticated and diverse forms of computer-related criminal activity. Establishment of a 24 hour, 7 days per week point of contact to receive requests and provide assistance for searching and accessing computer data. Naturally, these aspects of the Convention have raised some community concerns about privacy and security.
The Attorney-General’s Department submitted to the Treaties Committee that the capacity to access and preserve data is fundamental to the new mutual assistance arrangements. The Committee recommended that Australia should accede to the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime and update local laws as appropriate.
Galexia provided detailed advice to the Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (DIIRD) on cloud computing.
In 2009 Galexia prepared an assessment for the Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development (DIIRD) on issues associated with cloud computing and issues concerning potential outsourcing and off-shoring of data.
The research for the report was a joint effort between Galexia and the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre. Galexia Director, Chris Connolly, presented at the Privacy Laws Business 23rd Annual International Conference in Cambridge, UK, from 5-7 July 2010.
Galexia Director, Chris Connolly, presented at the Privacy Laws & Business 23rd Annual International Conference in Cambridge, UK, from 5-7 July 2010. Galexia has previously conducted research into trustmark schemes and the Safe Harbor privacy framework. Malaysia’s lower house (Dewan Rakyat) has passed the Personal Data Protection Act 2009. Galexia and Qubit Consulting have implemented a major new identity management solution for the University of Western Sydney. Galexia and Qubit Consulting have conducted a major upgrade of identity systems for the University of Sydney.
On behalf of ACCAN, Galexia prepared a submission to the Expert Panel On Franchising And Unconscionable Conduct, established by the Government following a parliamentary inquiry into provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1974 that prohibit unconscionable conduct. The submission proposes to reform Australia’s consumer laws by inserting a new fairness test into Section 52 of the Trade Practices Act (and all legislation that mirrors that test). Galexia Director, Chris Connolly spoke at Privacy in the Asia-Pacific: 2010 Update A comprehensive survey of privacy and data protection in the region on 2 March 2010. Chris discussed the overlap between regional privacy developments and global privacy standards. Galexia is preparing a report on interoperability for the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), including a set of draft interoperability principles.

ACCAN will present the report to COPOLCO, the Consumer Policy Committee of the International Standards Organisation (ISO).
Chris Connolly has been interviewed for the Privacy Laws and Business International newsletter, discussing the recent action taken by the US Federal Trade Commission against six organisations who falsely claimed membership of the US Safe Harbor. Prior to the FTC action, Galexia published a report highlighting the problem of false membership claims and data accuracy of the Safe Harbor list. Jasa, and my reply of today.A  I received this account during the 2006 Property Settlement Agreement, and am the sole legal owner.A  Eric has broken our Property Settlement Agreement by accessing, making changes to my account, authorizing transactions, and then having the nerve to lock me out of my own account!
No warranty may be created or extended by sales representatives or written sales materials. Some material included with standard print versions of this book may not be included in e-books or in print-on-demand.
But if you have a passion and a love of fashion, you should never let anything hold you back. Now, I see that becoming a designer required not only passion, but also a lot of essential know-how. Although I possessed an extraordinary adoration of children and a knack for helping people, I felt my true passion was in fashion. I wound up attending Florida State University, a school whose renowned fashion program ranked fifth in the United States at the time.
College requirements are outlined, including a comparison between a two-year and four-year design degree program.
This chapter also describes the various types of jobs available in the fashion design sector, with corresponding job descriptions. It offers the reader a true depiction of the intense amount of work and skill required to successfully establish, manage, and grow one's business. They include Reem Acra, Dennis Basso, Manolo Blahnik, Guy Bradford, Randolph Duke, Daymond John, Chris Knott, Nanette Lepore, Deborah Lloyd, Fern Mallis, Bibhu Mohapatra, Maggie Norris, Pamella Roland, Ralph Rucci, Peter Som, Anna Sui, Todd Thomas, Zang Toi, Kay Unger, Robert Verdi, Stuart Weitzman, and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. Special thanks to Izak Zenou for providing such strikingly gorgeous and wonderfully eye-catching illustrations, both for the cover and throughout the book. Many thanks to everyone at Wiley who had a hand in the making of this book, including senior production editor Nancy Cintron, marketing manager Penny Makras, copyeditor Devra Kunin from Foxxe Editorial Services, and Mike New.
Perhaps when you were a child, you discarded the original outfit that your Barbie™ doll came in and created a much more elaborate one. Renowned fashion designer Kenneth Cole is famous for expressing his strong personal opinions in his advertising campaigns. From the newborn baby on his first day home from the hospital, to a child's first day of preschool, to the teenager attending her senior prom, to the college student walking down the graduation aisle, to the unemployed man who needs to ensure that he lands his only opportunity for a job offer, to the bride-to-be walking nervously but excitedly down the aisle, you will play a fundamental role in supporting and touching people's lives with the fashions you create for them in these vital moments in their lives. In her emotional acceptance speech, with tears rolling down her face, she cried, “This moment is so much bigger than me. And for the thousands upon thousands of fashion designers around the globe, this feeling, this integral part of who you are and how you express yourself, will become your livelihood.
Fashion design is the process of applying a creatively envisioned style into wearable clothing and accessories. However, there are additional markets that are just as important to be aware of, including one-of-a-kind, bespoke, contemporary, secondary, private label, and discount. One-of-a-kind garments are considered the pinnacle of luxury in the fashion world because only one of its kind is in existence.
It is considered by many to be an art form; finished custom pieces are often displayed in museum exhibits around the world and sell for thousands of dollars at auction. Other custom clients may include a celebutante (a person who is famous for being famous), a jet setter or socialite who is attending an exclusive event, a debutante who is making her debut into society at the cotillion ball, a high-profile businesswoman who is being honored at a conference, a low-profile client who prefers to remain anonymous after receiving an inheritance, or anyone who has an appreciation for custom clothing. Kennedy was a style icon and a woman who epitomized class and grace, one would imagine that her personal fashion couturier would have dressed her accordingly, and he did, but he also had foresight and took risks. The process sometimes involves extensive research of a historical component, such as the replication of clothing from a particular era, needs to be reproduced. Certain unique circumstances come into place for a costume designer that an ordinary fashion designer would not necessarily encounter. It was not the most artistic or glamorous job; however, it gave me lots of information which has been vital in the way I have approached my career.
I feel it's important to make an investment in something that is going to serve you for a while. Please describe this experience, as well as how far in advance the creative process begins. We work with the design team and try to frame and capsulize what they are thinking and projecting for VS and what their ideas are going to convey, as well as what products will be hitting the stores and what will be featured on their website.
I've always been a visual person, always been inspired by cinema and music; these are all things that have been a driving force in creating image for me. It is the fusion of both costume and high fashion and is often seen on the most affluent and famous people.
Haute couture is a legally protected and controlled label and can only be used by those fashion houses that have been granted this designation by the French Ministry of Industry. The process may begin with a sketch, an illustration, or a draped and cut muslin or toile, depending on the designer's preference. Each model carried a card that indicated a corresponding look number, making it easy for those in attendance to jot down the garments that were to their liking. Pricing typically begins in the high thousands and can reach into the hundreds of thousands for these fine garments. The collection follows a girl with a Parisian, edgy spirit, along the promenade of Quai de la Tournelle.
The Chambre Syndicale de la Mode Masculine is an association that specifically includes the top menswear designers who produce ready-to-wear collections. Career wear and separates, along with dresses, are often indicative of a bridge classification.
Sportswear, various coordinates, separates, and dresses may all appear in better collections, and will typically sell for less than $600 per piece, but they primarily fall into a price point range of $150–$300. Cynthia Steffe, Rebecca Taylor, and BCBGMAXAZRIA are all considered contemporary designers. The price points differ, but these fashions can generally be found for less than $300 per piece at retail. Some of the most popular moderate retailers are Liz Claiborne, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nine West, and the Gap.
Store advantages include greater control over production, cost, pricing, advertising budget, and design. But the stratification between high-, middle- and lower-achieving country groups has widened, with the middle-ranking countries stagnating even as the high achievers continue to refine their policy environments.. These services in return open the door to unprecedented connectivity, productivity and competitiveness.
For example, few countries are promoting policies of free trade or harmonization of cloud computing policies.
The analysis is grouped under seven policy categories that are central to the growth and operation of cloud computing. The assessments include an evaluation of enforcement and implementation of existing laws in each country, as well as an assessment of compliance with relevant treaties and global agreements where applicable. The week includes sessions on cybercrime readiness, consumer protection online, ICT policy reviews and the proposed Action Plan for Aid for eTrade.
Recent and expected regulatory changes in the field of data protection and privacy as well as diverging approaches in different parts of the world, call for renewed discussion on possible ways forward. Industry players and consumers, as well as governments and international organizations will present their perspectives and outline the latest developments, current practices and relevant frameworks. Representatives from public and private stakeholders will then take the floor to discuss thematic topics and present their experiences. However, it is almost certain that the Privacy Shield will be implemented in some form in the near future.
This was the final major hurdle in the passage of the Directive, and the Directive is expected to be endorsed by parliament in the near future.
One of our key reports on CyberSecurity is the 2015 EU CyberSecurity Maturity Dashboard (including 28 Country reports and case studies). Claro collaborated with Galexia on several regional projects, and was based in the Galexia offices in Sydney for a short period while he worked on the development of the Philippines privacy legislation, (the Data Privacy Act 2012). He was a global expert, having lived, worked and studied in the Philippines, Australia, Canada, the US and Singapore. Claro’s gentle combination of wit, insight, friendship, intellect and cyber-law expertise will be missed by all of us.
It is intended to provide EU Member States with an opportunity to evaluate their countries’ policies against key metrics and maps a way forward by outlining the key building blocks for a strong cybersecurity legal framework. It will discuss ways to ensure confidence and trust in the use of the Internet through the enactment of legal and regulatory frameworks for protecting personal data, privacy and combatting cybercrime. Galexia has been commissioned to prepare the 3rd Global Cloud Computing Readiness Scorecard, following the success of the 2012 and 2013 scorecards.
We have assisted in the development of a staged privacy and security assessments and compliance framework for prior migrations.
Galexia has been commissioned to prepare a report on Cybersecurity in 10 Asia Pacific nations.
Galexia has been commissioned to prepare a report on Cybersecurity in 28 European Union nations.
The Safe Harbor Framework is a mechanism for allowing some EU data to be transferred to US businesses while protecting the privacy of individuals. Mr Connolly was asked to provide evidence on the level of privacy protection provided under the Framework. He discussed the balance between privacy and security in the emerging cloud computing environment.
Galexia and Doll Martin Associates have worked on projects together since 2005 and both organisations have decided to leverage their particular strengths and synergies by working together. Chris's task will be to comment on the effectiveness of the US Safe Harbor Privacy Framework, a topic that Galexia has covered in several previous research papers, articles and speeches. The report is a follow-up to Galexia's previous AusAID funded project to harmonise e-commerce legal infrastructure in ASEAN (2004-2009) and Galexia’s earlier study for the UNCTAD Information Economy Report on ASEAN cyberlaw harmonisation in 2008.
It also makes proposals for accelerating the process of regional integration and harmonization as outlined in the ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2015. Our consultants performed an analysis of AEMO's authentication requirements, internal and external applications, and existing processes. The review considered the operation of the Code and encompass accountability, effectiveness, efficiency, accessibility, independence and fairness. The Scorecard also finds that policy fragmentation persists, as some countries, aiming to promote local cloud markets, adopt laws and regulations that inhibit cross-border data flows or skew international competition. The biggest mover in the rankings is Singapore, which vaulted to fifth from 10th place a year ago by adopting a new privacy law that builds user trust while also promoting business innovation. Notably, all six European Union countries covered in the study have lost ground in the rankings. It also provides insight into how regulation and policy work address cloud computing issues. It measures key attributes and conditions that will help companies and individuals determine which markets are currently best placed for wide adoption of cloud computing services. The new scorecard examines the legal, regulatory and infrastructure environments in 24 countries, including a detailed assessment of their readiness for cloud computing.
The new ePayments Code replaces the long standing EFT Code of Conduct, and applies to a broader range of online payment systems. A public consultation paper issued by the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts was released on 13 September 2011, titled: Proposed Consumer Data Protection Regime For Singapore. Interestingly, the paper also proposes the establishment of a national Do Not Call Register to fight against the intrusion of telemarketing.
Appropriate collection, management, linkage and interrogation of health data can play a vital role in improving individuals’ health and wellbeing.
This initiative is likely to attract new researchers to the field of population health, and the current review may assist them in taking account of privacy regulation and perceptions when designing study and consent processes. In particular, significant concerns regarding consent and de-identification remain in the community.
Recent advances in the techniques for de-identifying personal information provide some hope that de-identification can occur without a negative impact on data quality. The presentation focussed on areas where the region is making good progress on developing consistent and harmonised laws and regulations that facilitate cloud computing.
This important comparative analysis was commissioned by the Business Software Alliance (BSA). The United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts (Electronic Contracts Convention) and the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime (Cybercrime Convention). The Convention covers a range of criminal activity involving use of computers or computer networks, such as in unlawfully accessing computer data or interfering with computer systems, or where computer use is integral to the offence, such as for the distribution of child pornography via the Internet.
Seventeen other nations have signed the Convention, including non-members Canada, Japan and South Africa. However, they also advised that Australia would lodge a Reservation to requirements for foreign investigation of real-time data to ensure they matched Australian thresholds - in particular, Australian law limits disclosure of real-time traffic data to investigations relating to a criminal offence punishable by at least three years’ imprisonment. Communications privacy complaints: in search of the right path was launched by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN). The Act introduces protections for personal information, including requirements of and restrictions on private sector data users and rights of data subjects. Galexia assisted with the design, development and implementation of automated provisioning, password synchronisation and data cleansing for University staff and students.
Galexia assisted with the development and implementation of a security and provisioning solution for University staff and students. The seminar was part of the Continuing Legal Education seminar series run by the Faculty of Law at the University of New South Wales. Tang, Professor Colin Bennett, Professor Abu Bakar Munir, Ms Katrine Evans, Mr Iwan Setiawan, Mr Nigel Waters, Assistant Professor Pirongrong Ramasoota, Mr Chris Connolly, Mr Claro Parlade, Mr Edward Santow, Professor Roger Clarke, Mr David Vaile, Ms Robin Bayley, Professor Graham Greenleaf. Interoperability, in many systems, can provide a number of benefits for consumers, including reduced cost, increased functionality, and increased competition.
The report was published in Privacy Laws and Business International, and is available from Galexia’s website. Becoming a Fashion Designer is so exhilarating because it details the successes and failures that so many of us in fashion have had to endure to create and maintain our businesses. One of the most significant insights I discovered along the way was that I could manufacture my clothes in New York City's Garment Center.
This book reveals the most imperative lessons for success, including how to survive when things aren't going well and how to behave when they are. I did question if having such a specific degree might hinder me if I ever decided at some point in my career that it was just not for me.
Part of the curriculum included a mandatory internship, which took place during my senior year of college. Over the span of my 20-year fashion career, I have experienced the most exciting and wondrous journey of a lifetime. Whether you are exploring a career in fashion design or are certain you want to become a designer, you will learn all the information necessary to realize your dream. Original interviews with legendary fashion designers and executives are presented, in which they discuss their education, apprenticeships, and career rise, and also offer insider advice. Various fashion designers discuss why they chose the university they attended for their fashion design studies. Special attention is paid to the importance of personal branding and creating a personal branding statement.
The head of CSR of a clothing company discusses his CSR program and the importance of incorporating it into his corporate structure. I would also like to acknowledge their agents, managers, publicists and public relations executives for their support, dedication, and unwavering efforts. To Izak Zenou's manager, Michelle Edelman of Traffic Creative Management in New York, I am eternally grateful for all that you have done. Or when you were growing up, you were completely enamored with how stunning your mother looked as you watched her get dressed up for a night on the town–her dress, her shoes, her jewelry, her hair! During a typical workday, a designer can cast models for an upcoming fashion show, meet with the public relations director to discuss international press, troubleshoot a fit issue with the technical design team, seek counsel from the legal department to ensure the hangtag meets government regulations, and discuss last season's bestsellers with merchandising. This is only one of the many thrilling ways that you can use your innate sense of style, refined color sense, individual creativity, and artistic talent to influence people, lifestyles, and trends. Many people take pride in expressing their personal aesthetic through what they wear and how they wear it, from head to toe.
And day in and day out, through the grueling hours and intensely stressful moments, this passion will help drive you to design collection after collection, season after season, year after year. Clothing (also known as garments, attire, or dress) in its most simplified definition, is a covering for the body, usually made of fabric, and accessories are used to supplement a wardrobe and are either purely decorative (such as jewelry), useful (such as a watch), or necessary for everyday living (such as shoes). The following sections provide a listing and explanation of all of the fashion industry markets, from highest to lowest price point.
A custom client may request one piece or an entire wardrobe for a series of special events, such as black-tie galas. For example, costume designers have to pay special attention to the needs of the particular person they are fitting. She opened her own design house in New York and became a fashion critic and then later became a labor leader. We have the luxury of creating something that doesn't necessarily have to translate to sales as much as it is about designing an idea that people want to aspire to emotionally. This governing body annually reviews its membership base, which must comply with a strict level of regulations and standards in order to maintain membership. To finalize a couture piece, fine trim, embroidery, and embellishments are often purchased by outside sources, who are expert practitioners in their respective field and then meticulously sewn into each piece. Once selections were made, the client would sit with the designer, who would then fit the garments to that client's specific measurements and exact preferences, or a buyer would reproduce them for their own store. Many companies use the glamour and appeal of their couture collections, which account for a small market share of their overall business, as a catalyst to boost sales for their ready-to-wear, accessories, and fragrance businesses, which represent the bulk of their revenue. Although bespoke is not a protected label, like couture, the Savile Row Bespoke Association (a professional organization consisting of Savile Row tailors) has attempted to set a standard by providing minimum requirements for a garment to be allowed the prestigious use of its name. Whether mass produced or offered in limited quantities, designer clothing is exclusive and uses the finest imported fabrics and trims.
Private label runs a gamut of price points and is generally produced for the bridge to moderate markets. Some of the most popular budget retailers are Old Navy, Target, Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Kohl's.
A But he promised me on his returnA back to the United States I would be the first media personality to interview him in New York City.A  I never will forget how confident he was that he would return victorious. Russia and China, in particular, have imposed new policies that will hinder cloud computing by limiting the ability of cloud computing service providers to adequately move data across borders.
The Scorecard analysis is based upon a combination of published information and statistics and evaluation by independent experts at Galexia.
The week concludes with the launch of the UNCTAD B2C E-Commerce Index 2016 (Measuring Cross-Border E-Commerce).
It will explore the complexity of cross-border enforcement and ways in which governments and businesses can work together in these areas. Mr Connolly provided an overview of national approaches to cloud computing policy and regulation, with a special emphasis on the issues facing developing countries. We used our expert knowledge of cloud-based SSO technology vendors and solutions to select and cost the best approach, based on proven cloud identity design principles and best practices.
The 2013 study finds that Japan continues to lead the global rankings with a comprehensive suite of laws supporting digital commerce. Others are effectively unplugging themselves from the global market — with especially counterproductive policies in Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam. Connolly, Privacy and the use of health data for research, Med J Australia 193 (2010), 537-541.
However, the assembly and use of linked population, clinical and genetic health databases in the research and policy analysis environments raises privacy, confidentiality and ethical concerns. Some regional gaps and challenges were also identified in areas such as data protection law, cybercrime legislation and ICT infrastructure. The Act will also create a Personal Data Protection Commissioner, an advisory committee, and an appeals tribunal.
If it hadn't been for the small factories that nurtured me without judgment or minimums, I wouldn't be where I am today. I headed off to Neiman Marcus, located in Bal Harbour, an upscale coastal beach village in Miami, Florida. If you're already working as a fashion designer, but are interested in taking your design career to the next level, or if you're ready to launch your own collection, you will be provided with information to help facilitate your career dreams. Various fashion designers, at all levels, discuss the different tasks they carry out on a daily basis. Interviews with a fashion design educator, fashion design students, and interns are presented. We learn from various fashion design business owners what was the most challenging aspect of launching their own collection. So, in essence, fashion designers hold the key not only to creating innovations in fashion, but also to relaying a message that is important to them. There is a psychological aspect to fashion that can have a profound effect on the consumer (for example, a sense of confidence or an overwhelming feeling of power) when he or she puts on a specific garment, shoe, accessory, or even fragrance, and a good designer will always keep this in mind when designing for their target customer. The price point reflects that level, due to the high quality of materials used and the superior extent of detail and workmanship that goes into making each piece. It is the responsibility of the designer to come up with each of those items according to a specified timeline and perhaps a personal branding theme that the client wishes to be carried out throughout his or her customized ensemble. Cassini was Jacqueline Kennedy's couturier, creating three hundred elegant outfits for her, from her simple A-line dresses to her iconic pillbox hats. Kennedy when he suggested he create a one-shouldered gown for one of her events, a style that was not worn by women at the time. The costumes oftentimes require accessories, such as hats, headdresses, tiaras and other jewelry, hosiery, masks, wigs, and footwear. For a dancer, the fit of his or her clothing is critical in ensuring that movement is not inhibited during performances. I worked with different photographers and editors who gave me insight into marketing and advertising, and freelanced and consulted for other companies. It is about creating a narrative, something that is going to move people and make a great show. The French Ministry allows for outside members in an effort to show their strong belief in the importance of the globalization of the fashion industry. Each group of questions is weighted to reflect its importance to cloud computing and each individual question is also weighted to reflect its importance within the group. It will also discuss measures by companies, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, to keep consumer information secure.
Australia remains in second place, and the US has edged into third, pushing Germany down to fourth. These factories still operate here in New York and can help you get off the ground and guide you through the ups and downs ahead. I worked in visual merchandising, and it was exciting to be in such a luxurious environment working for a specialty retailer of that magnitude. Ralph Lauren, selected fabric for the wardrobes of celebrities attending the Emmy Awards and appearing on the front cover of magazines, worked alongside Sean Combs to globally source all of the luxurious fabrics for his Fall 2008 menswear runway show for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York (while simultaneously being filmed for an MTV documentary), attended star-studded black tie events, and have met many famous fashion insiders. A history of fashion design is provided, including an extensive account on the founding father of fashion, Charles Frederick Worth and the growth of fashion houses in Paris, highlighting the original couturiers who formed the basis of the fashion industry.
The importance of interning is highlighted, as well as ways in which one can turn an internship into a permanent job.
A variety of professionals in the field discuss what every fashion designer should include in his or her portfolio. We will learn from various designers about the role that sustainable fabrics play in their overall design philosophy, as well as the eco-friendly fabrics they use in their collections. Saab was not on stage with his client, he played a vital behind-the-scenes role in two very important ways. Her Inauguration Day ensemble, a pillbox hat and a fawn-colored wool coat with a sable collar over a matching wool dress, dazzled women around the globe, who rushed to find copies so that they could adorn themselves just like Jackie-O. The process may involve the creation of something unique, like a full-body cat suit for a musical.
I've worked on fashion shows, and I've worked with a multitude of entertainers on a personal level and have done some theatrical and movie work. I've had the good fortune of working with the most interesting people, including the House of Lesage who does the embroidery for us, who also does the embroidery for Chanel and all the couture houses. The client will endure a series of fittings to determine that exact measurements have been achieved, to ensure not only precise fit but also style and comfort, which are equally essential. Ralph Rucci, Rick Owens, Adam Kimmel, Zac Posen, and Mainbocher are the only American designers to have achieved haute couture status. The price point can oftentimes exceed $1,000 per garment, but can range in lower price points or skyrocket to high three-figure numbers. To help with the scoring and usability of the study, the assessments are based on a  series of questions that are framed so that a "yes" response reflects a favorable policy setting for global cloud computing. To help with the scoring and usability of the study, the assessments are based on a series of questions that are framed so that a "yes" response reflects a favourable policy setting for global cloud computing.
But now that you have all the information and resources you need from Becoming a Fashion Designer, the pressure is on you to step up and fulfill your dreams. I remember consistently getting the urge to sketch concepts that came to me as I sat day after day in that wonderfully inspiring environment.

I learned through experience what to do and what not to do in every imaginable situation and became an expert on the ins and outs of the fashion industry. The fashion industry is a highly prominent field, which creates a decidedly competitive environment that is greatly guarded, secretive, and difficult to infiltrate and navigate. The extent of worldwide media coverage and the effect as it relates to fashion design is discussed.
Costume designer John Napier won a Tony Award in 1983 for Best Costume Designer, for the Broadway musical Cats.
They have each been invited by the Ministry to show their collections in Paris and currently are, or have been, members of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.
Some of the most popular designer labels are Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, and Catherine Malandrino. The weights are shown in the table below and the results are available in the downloadable report. I was surrounded by stunningly gorgeous designer gowns, exquisite visual displays, a clearly affluent clientele, and a beyond talented staff. Knowing firsthand how difficult it was to learn the tricks of the trade of fashion, I became passionate about sharing my knowledge with others who were setting out on the same path.
Of the various job opportunities available in the fashion industry, the job of fashion designer ranks as the most popular position, making the competition even stronger.
This chapter also delves into the magnitude of the fashion industry on a global scale, including statistics as to the number of people working in the fashion industry, both globally and in the United States, as well as the volume of sales that the fashion industry produces.
Postgraduate degree programs and the value of taking continuing education courses are addressed. Also provided is an all-inclusive listing of tried-and-true job search methods specific to fashion designers seeking work in the fashion industry. Second, he built a certain trust level with Halle Berry that prompted her to select him as her designer of choice for her big moment. A singer such as Britney Spears will need a completely customized wardrobe created for her worldwide concert tours, consisting of several head-to-toe outfits for each series of songs, matching each corresponding stage set. I absolutely love Azzedine Alaïa for being consistent, for his aesthetic, vision, and dedication to his work.
Interestingly enough, Thom Browne, a New York–based menswear designer, independently showed his collection in Paris as a nonmember. I wanted the information to be presented in an authentic and no-nonsense format, giving aspiring fashion designers an unmistakably solid idea of what the fashion industry is like and what will be expected. The book pays special attention to this and demonstrates several ways in which an aspiring fashion designer can stand out from the competition. A highlight of this chapter is a detailed description of the inner workings of the fashion industry, from how the industry operates to how to successfully adapt to the work culture.
Interview tips and guidelines for negotiating the job offer and securing the ultimate job offer package are revealed. The bond that forms between the fashion designer and client often results in a lifelong friendship. Kennedy's innate sense of style and how she knew precisely how she wanted to be portrayed to the citizens of the United States and to the people around the world. So the costume designer will need to carry out a feeling in the costumes and ensembles that will correspond with the overall concert theme. Prominent fashion designers and executives from around the world give invaluable advice specifically geared to an aspiring fashion designer.
Human resources, employment agency, and fashion design executives advise on the skills they seek when hiring a fashion designer. We will hear from copyright attorneys regarding the best ways for fashion designers to protect their work from unauthorized copying and infringement. Some costume designers become famous themselves, such as Patricia Field, who created the outfits for the characters Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha for the popular HBO television series Sex and the City, as well as the movie and sequel. Unique to most fashion design books is the section on finding balance to live a more stress-free life. Singer and actress Madonna had 85 costume changes in the movie Evita, which shows how important a role a costume designer plays in the overall production of a movie. Interviews with a celebrity stylist and television personality, the creator of New York Fashion Week, and a fashion director are included in this chapter. Kennedy, and they collaborated on various looks for all of the presidential events she would attend. Rose, The account ending in 6661 was opened as a joint account, which gave you and Eric Swanson equal rights and ownership.
A My second week at the course I got in early and became bored while waiting for my homeboys. During this call the online password was reset, he submitted a Removal of Non-maketable Security Form ,and placed an order to sell Ultra Short S&P 500 ProShares (SDS). A My teammates and coaches were often challenged by my "Just give me the ball and get the hell out of my way" attitude. A I was not the best athlete on the field or on the court, but I thought I was.A When the game was on the line I wanted the ball in my hands.
No funds can be removed and no trades can be processed until a signed letter of instruction (LOI) from all account owners is received by our firm.A  In order to remove Mr.
Swanson as a co-account holder you will need to submit a certified divorce decree and a notarized letter of instruction signed by both parties. Swanson could send a notarized LOI asking that his name be removed from the account as co-account holder.
A A It was a hot evening and the constant in and out of the woods was not a pleasant undertaking. What I thought would be a nine-hole outing turned into eighteen holes and a White House visit and a Presidential appointment in 1969. General William Rogers, Hattie, President Nixon and HBA Petey and I would become great friends and in 1965 we would meet again. A The United Planning Organization a self-help community organization was hiring "Neighborhood Workers." A They hired three, me, Petey and H.
A Two years later Rap would be named Chairman of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee.
A I would become a Roving Leader (Youth Gang Task Force) for the DC Recreation Department and Petey would find his new home in radio at WOL. A Three UPO "Neighborhood Workers" would go on to establish their own independent idenities.
A Petey would win 2 Emmy Awards and in 2007 there was a feeble attempt to do his life story on the big screen. This is not an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction where we are not authorized to do business. He is now in jail serving a life sentence for the murder of a black Deputy Sherrif in Fulton County, Georgia. Brian McIntyre.A  He was sitting almost alone and there was no one waiting in line (compared to today's media circus). A  I looked down and notice that all the white media were seated on one side of half-court and all the blacks were seated on the other side of the half-court line. Please send me the previously requested Affidavit of Fraud, the recorded conversation between Eric William Swanson, and the proper form for removal of Eric's name from my account. Co-holders to an accountare allowed to do whatever they want with (including withdrawals, changingpasswords, closing the account) without the consulting the other party. He stepped in front of me and said "I got it."A It would be the start of the 4th quarter that Mark returned to the press table table and apologize for his unprofessional actions. A There were other mistakes like someone thought a black Judy Holland was VP material---far from it. A It took a minute but in the meantime, he was making an effort to bring about change in his own way. A But according veteran (32 years) sports writer Bill Rhoden of the New York Times, progress in sports media pressrooms around the country are on a slow boat to China.A His recent appearance on the widely acclaimed television news show Meet the Press, he said, "the NBA, NFL and MLB are still dragging their feet. Media pressrooms at Deadline are still the last plantations.A A Pioneering broadcaster and former NBA CBS basketball analyst Sonny Hill and now a sports talk show host on WIP Radio in Philadelphia said, "I am not surprised by Rhoden's statement, very little has changed in media pressrooms.
A One of the problems there is no networking among blacks who have moved it up the ladder." A That is an understatement. A  The copy rights for Inside Sports is own by News Week Magazine and it is own by the Washington Post.
A A First, there was a a problem with the PR Men from hell, Brian Sereno and Matt Williams. A A It was brought to my attention that Sereno was disrespecting the ladies of The Roundball Report. Swanson would have conducted transactions in theaccount if he knew he wasn't authorized to do so by the court.Fraudulent activity has occurred within my account, as Eric William Swanson was not legally entitled to access it. A The meeting was set before a Wizard's game in the press louge but Scott Hall was the lead man. A He listened and we disagreed on some points but when we walked away from the table we were on the same page. When will I receive the audio recording of the conversation between Eric William Swanson and TD Ameritrade?I'm most curious to hear how he justified accessing my account. A The community and everyone in it was a friend, the old and the young, the black and the white and the healthy and the lame. Based on your words, it appears that the "security" of my account isn't really of much concern to you, Richard.
Rather, clarification of ownership seems to be your assignment.I'm not concerned about "people evesdropping" on any of my conversations,it's good practice to not broadcast one's personal information and account numbers overcellular or cordless phones.
A I was honored to speak at his retirement held at the arena just before the Bullets moved to Washington and changed their name to the Wizards.A Denny Gordon was in ticket sales and it seem like he knew everyone who brought a ticket. A He was made the scapegoat after being sold out by his assisstant coach Bernie Bickerstaff and others. A The meeting revolved around a charity all-star game scheduled for the Bahamas, the island home of NBA star Mycal Thompson. A Magic Johnson was one of All-Stars participating.A Representatives from the NBA included VP Ron Thorne, Legal Counsel Gary Bettman and head of security Horace Balmer.
A A Gary Bettman is the Commissioner of the NHL, Thorne is somewhere lurking in the NBA, Balmer has since retired and Magic is a role model for Black America? A A The short lived existence of basketball legend Michael Jordan as a Wizard's player and Executive in the front office. Rose,To process your request, please send us:- A copy of the certified divorce decree that specifically states to removeEric William Swanson as a co holder. A After the story broke he and several teammates made light of it during introductions of a game. A He was eventually suspended for most of the 2009a€“10 season.A The thing that I find disturbing about this Donald Sterling charade is that folks are acting like they were surprised by his rants against blacks. A A I also notice the same "Old faces and voices" are called on to respond to the racist acts by men like Sterling---when they are a part of the problem .
A He and Sterling were good friends because "Birds of a feather flock together." A  Check Magic's history out and you will discover the two have a lot in common. A Magic's claim to be a minority owner of the LA Dodgers is another sham (token black face).
We aresending you this notification to inform you of important information regardingyour account. James Brown (CBS Sports) another mis-guilded brother claiming to be a minority baseball owner and an expert on racism. A He did finally admit on the late George Michael Show (Sports Machine) "I have no say in making baseball decisions as a minority owner." A His role as a minority owner is to be paraded out on Opening Day as the black face to read the starting line-ups. A A This is the same Michael Wilbon that I had at least two recent conversations about the use of the N word as a term of endearment. A I have to give him credit, he will at least talk to me face to face and not behind my back. A I tried to explain that his rationale that his grandfather's use the word as a term of endearment does not make it right today. A I told him he should not go on national television saying it is okay to use the N word among friends and family. A It gives bigots like Donald Sterling the Green Light to do the same among his friends and family. A Plus, Michael told me he was not going to appear on the ESPN Show Outside the Lines because the white host had no horse in the race! A A I wish that Magic, James, Michael and the rest of the media experts would defer to black men like Hank Aaron, Dr. A But they wear the battle scars and have been on the front lines of the civil rights movement in real life and in the sports arenas of America. A In other words, they have been there and done that.A I guess that is wishful thinking, especially when everyone wants to be an expert on television. A In the meantime, they don't know their asses from a hole in the ground but the beat goes on and on. Talk with our Virtual Investment Consultant and get immediate answers to questions about our products, tools, and services.
A Auerbach would go a step further in the 1966-67 NBA season, when he stepped A down after winning nine titles in 11 years, and made Bill Russell player-coach. A A trailblazers, RED AND DOTIE AUERBACHi»? ON INSIDE SPORTSA Russell would eventually be the first black to win an NBA championship. A There are far too many crying "Foul" and playing the victims in this charade, to include some NBA owners.A Let me start with my homeboy, the great Elgin Baylor who was the Clippers GM for over 2 decades.
His teams were perennial losers on the court and in attendance, but he picked up his check every two weeks and kept his mouth shut.
A A In his deposition, Elgin spoke about what he called Sterling's 'plantation mentality,' alleging the owner in the late 1990s rejected a coaching candidate, Jim Brewer, because of race. A Talking about an organization needing a change of name and a face-lift---meet Leon Jenkins.A Jenkins seen above at a press conference trying to explain why the li»?ocal branch was honoring Sterling during the 100th Anniversary of the organization next month. A A He explained the previous award had been approved by the man he replaced and he just went along to get along.
A A Sterling won't be the first to sleep black and think white when it comes to sex, politics and money.
Slave owners lived by the credo and in modern day history there was the late Senator Strom Thurmond. Grant, Attorney at Law, Juneau, AK From Wedding Bells to Tales to Tell: The Affidavit of Eric William Swanson, my former spouse AFFIDAVIT OF SHANNON MARIE MCCORMICK, My Former Best Friend THE AFFIDAVIT OF VALERIE BRITTINA ROSE, My daughter, aged 21 THE BEAGLE BRAYS!
A Nike NBA rep John Phillips and I met with VP Rod Thorn, League Counsel Gary Bettman and Head of League Security, Horace Balmer.
A The meeting centered around whether Magic Johnson, Mycal Thompson and a group of NBA All-Stars would be allowed to travel to the Bahamas for a charity basketball game without league approval. The game had been played in the Bahamas the previous year without incident or controversy.A It was obvious that there was a power-play being made by the league office to cancel the game.
Thorn open the meeting by asking who was going to be responsible if one of the players was hurt during the game? A Magic suggested that the topic of conversation just might be centered around an injury to a player. I tried to explain that playing the game was no different then one of the players participating in a pick-up game on a New York City playground in the off season. A What is this some kind of plantation?"A The room went silent and Horace Balmer the only other black in the room just shook his head and seem to be lost for words. A Thorn called off the discussion and promised to get back to us but he never did.A In the meantime, Magic Johnson disappeared and changed his number. A Mycal was a class act but his hands were tied when Magic decided to do his Houdini act.A Gary Bettman now runs the NHL, Ron Thorn is still in the NBA somewhere calling the shots, Horace Balmer has since retired and Magic is the face (black) in the middle of the Donald Sterling charade.
A When all is said and done, the real victim despite all of her baggage is the girlfriend (The Whistle Blower) V.
A NBA Commissioner Adam Silver during his annoucement as it related to the punishment of Donald Sterling apologize to black NBA pioneers Earl Lloyd, Chuck Cooper and Magic Johnson. A He reminds me of the controversial Celebrity Chef Paula Deen who alledgely use The N word to describe her love for black folks. A  How should we expect her to know if she has never walked in our shoes ?A  When it is a part of your DNA it is difficult to rid yourself of the gene.A  A One morning I was watching Ms. HELL'S BELLS: THE TELLS OF THE ELVES RING LOUD AND CLEAR IDENTITY THEFT, MISINFORMATION, AND THE GETTING THE INFAMOUS RUNAROUND Double Entendre and DoubleSpeak, Innuendos and Intimidation, Coercion v Common Sense, Komply (with a K) v Knowledge = DDIICCKK; Who's Gunna Call it a Draw?
This award was longed overdue and I wonder why it took the NAACP so long to finally recognized Mr.
Belafonte in accepting the award asked, "Where are today's black leaders?A  Our children's blood is still running in our streets---there is work still to be done. The coalition stated it will urge President Obama to mention an urban jobs plan in his state of the Union speech on February 12th----Good luck!
Ben Carson of John Hopkins University Hospital.A  His prayer and message was centered around health care, the economy, American debt, and tax reform, thus taking dead aim at President Obama's platform for the nation. Carson spend 25 minutes talking about the nation's ills and solutions with the President sitting less than 5 feet from him.A  When all was said and done, President Obama was not looking so Presidential!
Carson set the record straight from the very beginning.A  He made it clear he was not taking any wooden nickels. In 2010, he became that series' youngest driver and the first black driver to win a race at Greenville-Pickens Speedway. A close friend of mine that has been partially paralyzed by strokes, pays for aids to "help". If they show up, they usually just sit and do nothing, root through her jewelry and personal effects, and some have been caught stealing jewelry.
One was there when she collapsed with another stroke, and instead of calling for help, she called her boyfriend and left, leaving her patient to manage on her own. It runs M - F from 10am - Noon and starting on Monday July 22 will repeat from 4pm - 6pm each day. My opinions about Tiger Woods or any other issue are mine and I could give a damn about what Feinstein or anybody else things about them. In their prime at theA Washington Post, they were among the best sports writers in the country. A I was up close and personal with the sports department.A Kindred and Chad were talented writers but you could not trust them, Cornheiser and Feintstein's talent, they easily blended in with the landscape of the paper. A Feinstein called Wilbon the biggest ass kisser in sports media, if that is true he had great teacher in Cornheiser. A When Solomon tried to kick Cornheiser to the curve (fire him) in the 80s he was able to move to the Style section of the paper. A One black female Washington Post columnist wrote a book titled "Plantation on the Potomac." A She was describing her employer.
A Hopefully, they were asked to participate and were of the same mindset as Wilbon not comfortable with Mr. A Goodell makes more than any player in the NFL and he never has to make a tackle or catch a pass.A The owners recent pay out to the players for injuries suffered on their watch was peanuts compared to the billions they make year in and year out.
A When he refused a request by his mother to cease using the word and a similar plea by poet Myra Angelo.
Martin Luther Kinga€™s 1963 march on Washington and 46 years since his assassination in Memphis, Tenn. With the high-scoring Macauley, elite passer Cousy, and new prodigy Sharman, Auerbach had a core that provided high-octane fast-break basketball. In the next years until 1956, the Celtics would make the playoffs every year, but never won the title. Brown was desperate to turn around his struggling and financially strapped franchise, which was reeling from a 22a€“46 record.[5]A The still young but already seasoned Auerbach was made coach. A Nike NBA rep John Phillips and I met with VP Rod Thorn, League Counsel Gary Bettman and Head of League Security, Horace Balmer.A The meeting centered around whether Magic Johnson, Mycal Thompson and a group of NBA All-Stars would be allowed to travel to the Bahamas for a charity basketball game without league approval.
A He was right on point.A To this day I think Magic had a previous discussion with the league office. James Gholson, Red Auerbach, Biff Carter, Jessie Chase, Morgan Wooten, Everett Cookie Payne Sr., Frank Bolden, Dr. Leo Hill, Roper McNair, Earl Alfred, Maxwell Honemond, Tilman Sease, William Roundtree, Charlie Baltimore, Jaky Mathews, Ferdinand Day, Nick Turner, Walter Brooks, Ted McIntye, and my saviors, Dave Brown and Bighouse Gaines.A  They knew their Xs and Os, but more important, they were there for our highs and lows.A  Where have all those flowers gone? We never could have made it without them.I have given up on the Pigskin Club, but keeping hope alive for the DC Recreation Department and the Roving Leader Program. BELL 12-25-1940---8-1-2013A A GOOD COP WHO BROKE THE CODE OF SILENCE IN THE WASHINGTON, DC POLICE DEPARTMENT.
A The real Serpico is seen leaving the Bronx Courthouse alone after testifying before the Knapp Commission on wide spread police corruption in the department. A In the old days police A would carry a "drop knife---an inexpensive weapon cops would bring along on patrol to drop onto or next to suspect that they had taken out so that they could say that he had threaten them. A Today you don't even need to do that; all that you have to do is justify the use of deadly force if you are a police officer is to say that you feared for your life, for whatever reason.
If the victim dies, that just means there will one less witness around to contradict the test-lie.
A In the case of Officer Michael Slager of the North Charleston police, it appears he was being extra-carefulto cover his tracks. A Probably he could have gotten away with simply declaring, as he did in the radioed report, that Walter Scott "took my taser," and that would have probably have sufficed to exonerate him.
A But Slager having shot Scott eight times in the back--as everyone can see in the now famous video--perhaps felt that he needed a little help explaining what he was up to. A So apparently dropped his Taser next to Scott's body, which would obviously help to make the case that Scott "Took my taster."A If you think that what happen in North Charleston is a unique case, its not. A Only recently, in another case, a policewoman in Pennsylvania first Tasered a black man then shot him twice in the back as he lay face down in the snow.
A Unless honesty is rewarded more often then corruption, the police will lose credibility altogether. A I wrote a letter to President Bill Clinton in 1994 addressing this very issue, saying that honest cops have never been rewarded, and maybe there ought to be a medal for them, he wrote back but nothing change.
A If enough testi-lying is uncovered, then who is going to believe the police even when they are telling the truth? A A Until now the shoot first fear of my life mantra has eliminated any cause for concern in the taking of life by police. A When a civilian committs a crime, every nuance is looked at, the better to "throw the book at" the suspect. A The other day I got a letter from a journalist in Argentina who was complaining about police and judicial corruption there.
A I wrote back to him, there are good cops, even where you live, but if the good cops don't want to be painted with the same broad brush as the bad cops, they need to come forward and expose the guys who are doing bad things. A Take New York City detective who was caught on camera recently abusing an Uber driver with threats and foul language, A This was truly disgusting behavior. Yet predictably enough the detective union leader, Michael Palladino, was out there making excuses for him, suggesting that, well, it was only one incident, and everyone has a bad day. A Afterward Police Commissioner William Bratton announced he was removing the detective's shield and placing him temporarily on desk duty while an investigation is conducted . A But this man needs to be demoted to uniform at the very least, or "back in the bag" as we use to say. A Imagine what he is capable of doing under the cover of darkness if he can talk to someone like that in broad daylight.
A There are plenty legitimate incidents where police believe, correctly, that their lives are in danger.
A I was in a few of those situations myself during the course of my career.A But unless the police forces and society as a whole take action we're not going to be able to distinguish between the legititimate claims and made-up testimony. A A long time ago Norman Rockwell painted a famous picture of a friendly neighborhood cop bending down to help a little boy. A For example; I could name someone who is a great athlete but a lousy human being or I could name someone who is a great human being but not a great athlete. A Heading the list is Muhammad Ali (The Greatest), Red Auerbach (NBA), Dave Bing (NBA), Lenny Moore (NFL), Bert R.
Sugar (Boxing), Lee Jones (NBA), Roy Jefferson (NFL) and Harold McLinton (NFL), finding pro athletes like them today are far, few and in-between.
A And that is a sad commentary when you think about the hundreds of men and women I have interviewed on Inside Sports and worked with as a youth advocate (Kids In Trouble). Moore, LB Dave Robinson (2013 NFL Hall of Fame inductee) and WR Roy Jefferson host KIT toy party.
A Sam Jones (NBA), Lenny Moore (NFL) and Roy Jefferson (NFL) participate in KIT clothing drive for needy children at Union Station. A Bert Sugar (Boxing) receives KIT Life Time Achievement Award and Dave Bing (NBA) pays tribute to KIT Saturday Program All-Stars.I had the opportunity to hear an interview on Sirius A XM Radio (channel 126) on the Maggie Linton Show recently, her guest was NFL Washington Pro football player, wide receiver Peirre Garcon. A I have not been very impressed with todaya€™s pro athletes and their give back commitment to their family, friends and community. A He has three older sisters making him the youngest and the only one born in the United States.His father died when he was 4 years old leaving his mother to raise him and his 3 sisters alone. A My background is similar to Peirrea€™s, my mother had to raise 4 boys alone with an assist from Grandma Bell.

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