30 hours to make the Most Expensive Cake in the World ever - by UK Cake Designer - guarded by 20 security - From Homemade Cake Maker to $52million cake in 6 years. Work from Home Mum started making Homemade Cakes and went on to set up her own business as a Cake Maker and Designer for the stars.
Jules tells us the highs outweighed the lows of her journey from Home Worker to being Self Employed and making cakes for Harrods of London to famous footballers. Valuable lessons for anyone thinking of starting their own business - especially in the recently booming homemade cake sector. There are clearly many Advantages of Starting Your Own Cake Business, just as Jules and Tim did in their own kitchen.
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May 31, 2015 by Mark Fregnan Leave a Comment In Australia over 92% of businesses have an annual revenue (turnover) of less than 1 million dollars (source ASIC). Filed Under: Marketing Tagged With: advertising, australia, business, Marketing, sales, strategiesIs Your Website SEO Company Really Achieving Any Results for You?
Filed Under: Marketing Tagged With: advertising, business, customer, Marketing, websiteIs Google Adwords A Waste Of Money?
June 30, 2014 by Mark Fregnan Leave a Comment Get your business on the page 1 of Google – easy!
September 17, 2013 by Mark Fregnan Leave a Comment I have used Yahoo Australia as a cost effective online advertising media for Kinetic and for our clients. January 24, 2013 by Mark Fregnan Leave a Comment Do have a business that has other businesses as clients (i.e.
November 30, 2012 by Mark Fregnan Leave a Comment I recently spoke to a business owner who spent $1,700 on a single colour newspaper advertisement – and didn’t get one call! September 19, 2012 by Mark Fregnan Leave a Comment Why is Google using direct mail (post) media instead of the Internet? June 13, 2012 by Mark Fregnan Leave a Comment Want to know where your customers spend their time so you can maximise your advertising dollars? Filed Under: Marketing Tagged With: advertising, australia, business, customers, Marketing, melbourne, mobile, perthWhat’s The Best Way To Figure Out If Your Website Is Working For You Or Not? March 29, 2011 by Mark Fregnan Leave a Comment The big trend now is a shift away from traditional PRINT media like magazines and newspapers to the internet. March 23, 2011 by Mark Fregnan Leave a Comment The most difficult and expensive sale we ever make to a customer is the first one. Filed Under: Marketing Tagged With: advertising, Marketing, maths, psychology, strategiesCreating Wealth by Adding Value! IMPORTANT : The special report will be emailed to you, so please ensure you have correctly entered your email address.
Very often companies, whether they be one-person enterprises or large, multinational conglomerates, are concerned with knowing how much to spend on advertising and where to spend their advertising dollars to get the best results. Besides Developing Advertising Plans Premier Business Experts Can Develop YOUR Ideal Marketing Plan!
Problem: A national, specialty retailer had same store sales that were rapidly declining, despite its competitors with similar merchandise and similar prices tracking in positive directions. Steve GordonHow to conquer high-ticket sales with high-trust marketing Free Offer For New Visitors: Get my most popular E-Book, Marketing Scorecard plus my daily short, smart marketing tips in your inbox!
You have no marketing strategy…you have no way to measure the results of your marketing…you’re afraid that if you don’t pay these “drive by ad men” that you won’t get any customers.
You become a victim of a marketing drive by when you have no way to evaluate the offer that a media rep is bringing you. The right marketing message – You create the message and if you create a poor one your ad won’t pull. The right market for your business – You choose your market and the media rep can reach a market.
Your Message – What compelling message you’ll tell to convince people in your market to give you money for what you’re selling. You can also very effectively use your common sense and life experience…especially if you are a member of your target market.
Knowing this, you can create your marketing map and be ready to evaluate each ad reps offer against the strategy you’ve already set. One of my favorite questions to ask small business owners when we talk about marketing is “What’s working for you now?” and I have yet to find one who really knows…by the numbers.
Number of new leads – People who YOU have identified as potential clients and for whom you have acquired a means of contacting them—address, phone number, email address, referral introduction.
Number of new prospects – People who have “raised their hands” to say “I’m interested in what you do.” They may have downloaded a free report you offer or attended a seminar or called for pricing.

Number of referrals – How many referrals have you asked for and how many have you received. Number of sales presentations – if you make sales presentations to win new clients then track how many you make. For example, I know that for every 30 downloads of my small business marketing e-book I get, on average, 1 person who moves to the point of sales presentation. And by knowing these things, I can tell you with reasonable certainty how many clients I’ll add a month from now. I also know that my main marketing job is to send people to the top of my marketing funnel…to download my free e-book.
If a new client is worth, for example, $1000 in net profit and the ad I’m buying costs $2800. All I need to do is track the number of e-book downloads each ad generates, do the calculation and then know which marketing is working and which is not. Because you don’t have any way to quantify which marketing efforts are working and which are not, you’re not able to make any real decisions about what to cut and what to add.
You become fearful of cutting “the one” that works…and each ad rep will assure you that they’re media is the one you must be in. Recently, I helped a client drop a $1200 a month phone book ad and Internet marketing contract.
Knowing this we confidently cut the poor performing ads and put the $1200 a month into other things.
It is not their job to figure out if their media fits into your strategy or to figure out if you’re getting results. In the end it’s up to you to avoid being the victim of a marketing drive-by…resist the urge to hand over your money to every ad rep that walks into your office.
Display advertising is graphical advertising on the World Wide Web that appears next to content on web pages, IM applications, email, etc.
There’s no arguing that the ads get a reader’s attention, but at what point do those ads go from being noticed to being intrusive? Display advertising for small businesses is often challenging because many small businesses only offer services locally, not nationally. A new hair salon in Bayfield, Colorado may want to use a display ad announcing they’re open for business, but finding enough local websites to run that ad on, with the kind of audience that’s interested in beauty services, might be difficult. On the other hand, a national chain like Great Clips, with locations all over the country, can run ads nationally across a wide variety of highly trafficked websites and not worry about reaching people outside their service area. A final consideration with display advertising for small businesses is whether search engine marketing would be more effective. There are, no doubt, many small businesses out in the world having success with display ads. At best, display advertising will help some small business generate an incremental amount of new web traffic, but more likely their ads will go ignored and possibly even annoy the audience the business is trying to attract. At Ignition Graphix creative design studios: we specialize in the art of visual communication. Look for copies in all Intermountain Healthcare hospitals and clinics from Cache Valley, Ogden area, Salt Lake valley and now the Heber Valley.
Summer 2015 Mountain Express Magazine, Park City Cupon Book & Heber Valley Guide are now available. Look for your FREE copies at many of Park City and Heber City Utah's finest accommodations, restaurants and retailers.
Interview clips from both Kristin and Ryan get cited on this video by the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce. Using the barre as a prop, Fitbarre Fitness & Barre Studio blends elements of ballet, yoga and pilates to an upbeat and motivating soundtrack over the course of the 60 minute class.
From working in her kitchen 6 years ago - Jules from Chester Cake has managed to build a customer base of 8,000 loyal fans allowing her to set up her own shop and make the impressive Most Expensive Cake in The World Ever. It has been through a personal service and ensuring that all customers felt special that word of mouth travelled around the local community, allowing Jules and Tim to gain the confidence they needed to work on their passion full time.
Offer a great product with the best customer care possible to ensure your home working passion can move towards being a full time career.
From Homemade Cake Designers to established businesses - more and more people are using ProfileTree's online advertising to market their business.
This appears to be an amazing high number, but when you consider how many small businesses and shops there are in your local suburb it does make some sense.
In my previous post I mentioned the now very high cost of Google PPC advertising (pay per click).
I was surprised and a little shocked that Yahoo has rolled over to their competitor Google… Yahoo!7 Search inventory transitioning to Google Over the next few months we will be making some changes to the Yahoo!

B2B), such as an accounting or law firm, printing, computer, wholesale or sign business, etc? The graph below is a break-down of how much time consumers spend (as a percentage) with each media (BLUE). People like to search and find information online these days, especially for a product or a service. If a company has historical records of its sales and its advertising efforts, very often Premier Business Experts can perform advanced statistical analyses to determine the effectiveness of the various programs and make recommendations for future efforts. Focusing on the promotions, Premier Business Experts can tell companies how much to spend on their sales forces, trade shows, public relations, and the aforementioned forms of media advertising. Thus, Premier Business Experts decided that it would be best to begin afresh and set-up a series of experiments with controls. Sure it sounds good…it will always sound good, because they are selling you the promise of future customers…or putting it another way…the promise of future money in your pocket. You’ll of course blame the media you used—Yellow Pages, Pay Per Click, TV, Radio, Magazine…whatever. Every decision I make on choosing media now has a frame of reference—Send people to the free e-book.
He tracked the source if all of his customers and found that over 90% were coming from referrals and his organic search marketing. Social media, SEO, SEM, email, and content marketing are inside the circle — trusted tools that marketers can rely on day in and day out. When considering display advertising for small businesses, the value proposition is often so small that it becomes just a waste of money and effort. These ads, often referred to as banners, come in standardized ad sizes, and can include text, logos, pictures, or more recently, rich media. When that happens, readers are more likely to form a negative association with both the publisher and the advertiser.
SEM often works better because the ads are so closely matched with what a user is actually looking for. But when looking at display advertising for small businesses as something to be considered before things liked SEM, social media marketing, and content marketing — it’s a very tough sell. The compliment to Ignition Graphixa€™s graphic design, commercial printing and web development skill sets is our professional experience in marketing and advertising. In setting up a shop - a huge financial commitment was made - no longer the work from home mum, but now a business woman providing a customised product with unique customer service. Whilst it seems like Google Adwords only has become an important advertising medium in the past few years for most businesses, in reality Adwords have been available for over 15 years now. If you do you’ll know that your company deals with a mix of smaller and bigger clients.
Think back about your own consumer experiences – have you ever been just a little concerned about your first purchase from a business?
Specifically, recommendations can be made in terms of when and where to run promotions, as well as how large a given promotion should be and for long it should be run.
In other words, Premier Business Experts tested the following promotional programs, and compared the results for each to its control: (1) BOGO – buy one get one, (2) GWP – gift with purchase, (3) tiered discount – spend $50 get $10 off, spend $100 get $30 off, (4) six different types of coupons, (5) a tie-in with the leading magazine read by its customers, (6) radio ads with and without celebrity endorsers, (7) TV ads, (8) billboards, (9) different frequent-buyer card programs, (10) BBs – bounce backs where on receipt it would print things like come back within the next month and you will save 15% on your purchase, (11) special offers sent via snail mail versus email, and (12) special events held after normal business hours for the retailer’s best customers, etc. If you see a competitor or a non-competitor who shares your market continually advertising in a particular media there’s a good chance it’s working for them.
Your financial accounting is a look through the rear-view mirror, but you probably know what these numbers are every day, to the penny! I also know the average amount of time it takes to move from one stage to the next in my sales process. A small percentage were coming from the physical phone book ad and virtually none from the phone company’s Internet marketing division. When you combine the artistic medium of the graphic and digital arts with marketing and advertising street smarts - what you receive is combustible in nature. Moreover, recommendations can be made in terms of how much to spend on newspaper versus magazine versus billboards versus radio versus TV versus online advertising, etc. Then, once those decisions are made, Premier Business Experts can make recommendations on how much to spend on say conservative talk radio versus more liberal radio programs!
Even so, it should be noted that if the retail company had used the services of the professionals at Premier Business Experts when it opened its first store, it would have avoided a lot of financial pain and been much more economical for it to have started off on the right foot rather than having to reinvent itself at a later date!

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