When I walked through the doors at Hooah on the first day of my video production internship, I was not entirely sure how I would be welcomed and treated. The first assignment I worked on was a video shoot, and I expected to be carrying around all of the equipment, but not much else beyond that duty. After just a few weeks of interning at Hooah, I realized how fast-paced it really is and how projects can be dropped or another project can be picked up at any minute. I am growing as an artist and learning so much from my co-workers at Hooah – not just about the work that we do, the pace and schedules, but the people here: getting to know them, and what motivates and drives them.
In this blog, we’ll discuss a few pros and cons of each medium, as well as examine a few cases of where together they can rule the world. One of the strongest advantages of print is the freedom to create visually enticing things for people to get their hands on. Print allows us to create large spreads for magazines and unique business cards to drive sales.
With print, it isn’t easy to send out mass quantities of business cards or flyers within a short time frame. In a world that is becoming more “green” and where technology is a booming industry, more print companies are taking the digital route. With people accessing the Internet through desktops, laptops and mobile devices, it is easy to get your message across fast – especially with social media. Yes, they have responsive design, but even with this, you have to keep in mind every little detail. It’s easy for people to lose interest in a site – especially if it is confusing or not cohesive.
There are occasions when  you may not have control of why your website or app isn’t working. The QR code is the strongest tool for both of these mediums to work together to drive sales.
Used together in a marketing campaign, print and Web can team up to deliver outstanding results. A printed mail piece can use Variable Data Printing (VDP) – a digital printing method that allows each piece to be personalized with the name of the recipient. We stand apart by giving clients true integrated solutions that bridge the gap between marketing and technology.
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I knew that the demands of the real world in my industry would be very fast-paced, and that more would be expected of me than ever before. Everybody’s passion and enthusiasm for their work was obvious, which told me I was in the right place to learn at every level – from technical skills to communication. While I did have to lug some equipment, my boss handed me a camera and told me to go film some footage on my own. I look forward to my future in the video production world, and the skills I have gained and improved upon will be invaluable. When an object not only looks great, but feels great in our hands, it makes us desire it even more. Print allows us to not only draw people in visually and tangibly, it also allows us to give something back to our audience.
How often do you visit a coffee shop or bar and see all the neon colored papers with comic sans tossed on the ground?
However, quality does come with a cost and some companies may not have the budget to do what they’d like. Many magazines are creating one-of-a-kind mobile apps that are infinitely better (and provide more information) than their printed version. The majority of large businesses release their own apps, which engage customers through games, offers or other interactive incentives. If a prospect gets a business card that looks completely different from the company’s website, that person may not even bother to continue looking. Now audiences can scan the code on printed materials with their smartphone and immediately be taken to the website.
Through our unique process we offer clients a new realm of benefits to ensure a sound marketing strategy, proper use of technology and better results. Our job is to help people collect faster and to redeem their Avios on something they’ll really enjoy. Search Engine Dominator has been used to help hundreds of Orange County search marketing clients and dozens of agencies get instant traffic in Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook. Having majored in Digital Media with a focus on 3D animation and Digital Special Effects at the University of Central Florida, I had just graduated with a BA that spring.
I had a blast that day, yet realized that I needed to work on my filming skills after viewing the results.

Deadlines were rapidly approaching, work needed to be changed, and all the related demands seemed to be never-ending.
I have learned a great deal from this internship – everything from how to use a camera properly to how a video shoot is conducted to how to interact and communicate with people. I love working with everyone here, and I will end this by using the same quote I used when I first started here, “It was the best first day of work I ever had.” I hope to be able to change that to be the slogan for my lifelong career.
I don’t know about you, but it’s not the same viewing beautiful business cards via the Web. With print, every detail matters: the color of the paper, the texture of the paper, the ink on the paper and the typography on the paper.
Social media has allowed us to make connections not only with friends and family members, but also with other people and communities in cities –  or even countries – far away! Many companies are placing QR codes in their magazine ads and on business cards; stores are using them on signage adjacent to certain products so you can visit the website to learn more. The recipient can register for a special offer, or refer a friend or family member to receive a special offer, such as a free weekend at a vacation ownership resort.
Create fun, interactive pieces that are consistent with both mediums, and you’ll find more people reaching out to you than ever before! The team are highly collaborative, agile and understand how to turn business problems into areas of great opportunity. When it came time to edit, I was also involved and even had some of my ideas included in the final video – which made me feel part of the team. I have also learned not to forget that although I am an artist, I work for a business – which is a part of the industry that I almost never dealt with or had ever really thought about. Companies create these posters to hand out in hopes that it will create an emotional connection to their audience while helping to reach their market.
Chances are it’s already up on the Internet by the time – or even before – it’s on your television. How does it make you feel when someone hands you a flimsy business card compared to one that could have been printed on letterpress?
Without some of these printed essentials, many companies wouldn’t be able to reach audiences they need. I was given instructions and suggestions on how to improve my work, but in the end it was up to me to get it done.

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