Businesses today are demanding more efficient technology processes from marketing agencies. Online proofing streamlines review and approval by enabling agencies to share online proofs, which customers easily markup and comment on, making the process exponentially more efficient and resulting in shorter project delivery.
Here is what marketing agencies say about productive ProofHQ proofing tools and automation. 360i was responsible for the fast-thinking Oreo tweet during the blackout at this year’s Superbowl.
360i and iCrossing were also named leaders in a Q4 2012 Forrester report evaluating search marketing agencies, along with Performics which ranked No. Amy Gesenhues is Third Door Media's General Assignment Reporter, covering the latest news and updates for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
While it is gaining great speed in India, in another part of the world digital marketing is gaining considerable weight.
Carbon is a digital agency that caters to all the interactive and integrated needs of the client. A Singapore based creative agency, 24k provides market-oriented and web-based IT solutions with corporate website design and development, eCommerce solutions, content management systems, Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, corporate video editing and professional photography. Active media offers a large and comprehensive list of online services, as well as strategic ad campaigns on common and well know online platforms like bing, facebook, google and yahoo. Aiden Creative was founded under the belief that the only way to truly help the client is by behaving and working as a strategic partner instead of a simple outsourced vendor. Founded in 2006 as a boutique type consultancy that gives lifestyle companies a dynamic solution for their marketing and communications needs, Ate has now become Singapore’s most innovative and creative groups that comprise of Ate Integrated communications, Ate Ideas and Ate Digital. A reliable Singapore based company, Biz Edge is companies that aims to add value to the Singapore companies they work with. The philosophy that Brand Rich uses is that a brand can make its user rich online, as long as they know how to position the brand, market it through the right mediums and provide what the customers believe to be of great value. Clickr is a proficient company that deals with strategic online media planning, web development and design, campaign management and integration. ClickTRUE is a uniquely online consulting firm that helps brand owners design, strategize and build captivating and engrossing experiences for the web.
Here is a Singapore based Digital Marketing Agency with a fast growing portfolio and credentials in the online marketing Industry. CommIT is a Singapore based Internet marketing company with a team of SEO consultants that excel primarily in SEO solutions with definite and guaranteed results. Conversion Hub is one of the few agencies in the world that has an in-house usability and focus group lab.
Cuckoo is an integrated marketing communications agency founded on an open partnership model. Digital Media Nerds is an SEO driven company that provides the most ethical SEO work done with promises to deliver upon the KPIs. In the battle of good design Vs great design, great design always wins as it is able to create a design that is truly client focused. Foretec is a company with SEO services that aims mainly to provide highly focused online marketing services that matches all the needs of the clients business. Here at the Happy Marketer, the company uses marketing mediums to help any and all kinds of businesses generate leads and more sales from their websites. Hashmeta is founded upon a simple but powerful idea: proper and effective marketing combined with good design go hand in hand to create a superb product. Created in 2009, iClick Media is a certified ISO digital marketing company based in Singapore.
A stand out feature found in Ideaverse network is that they are located in the heart of Singapore and is the only company that blends the best of both old and new media. This is a homegrown internet marketing company that specializes in taking websites to the top of search results in google to create greater traffic and lead generation. Innova concepts is a forward thinking Singapore based web solutions firm that deals in providing high quality, reliable and user friendly web solutions to a wide variety of clients.
The Shocking Truth About Social Media Marketing AgenciesCan you really trust a social media marketing agency? In the midst of our New Social Media Economy, it’s easy to become distracted by everything Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and take your eye off the prize – the entire structure and strategy of your business marketing and sales machine. Maybe you run an e-commerce site, own a gym, a coffee shop, design furniture, maybe you’re a coach yourself or you may have not yet launched your ‘big idea’ – whatever your business is, I’m sure at one stage you’ve either employed a social media marketing agency (or thought about doing so). You see, I’ve come across numerous businesses in the past few months that have hired social media marketing agencies, to find themselves no better off 6 months later and now angry and frustrated they didn’t work out WHY before they’d wasted thousands of dollars for nothing. When you work with a social media marketing or digital agency to ‘fix’ your marketing issues, what can often happen is that they only look at one piece in the elaborate puzzle of marketing levers that impact sales and induces growth; that is your social media alone. And whilst social media is an impactful element to most marketing plans, here’s a tip: it’s not the most important. The answer is simple – having all the elements to your business working together seamlessly to achieve results. Having a team of experts brainstorming YOUR business, your personal goals, your message, the reasons why you’re in business, the exact person you want as your client, your website, your sales process, your email copy, your graphics, the way you communicate and position yourself in your market, your competitors… it makes a real difference and adds incredible context to your overall strategy that may otherwise get taken out of context. Before hiring any kind of social media marketing agency, you should ask them to explain the difference between a vanity and victory metric. As the client, you can be showered with ‘vanity’ metrics and sure, you’ll get an ego boost at the number of likes, shares and comments your business might receive on facebook, instagram or the like, but very soon the same issues that lead to you signing on with a social media expert or agency will crop up again. If they’re building your Facebook fan page with tens of thousands of new fans, but these fans aren’t targeted, the rest of your strategies are doomed because your entry point is broken. If your backend systems such as, your sales funnel, website, retargeting methods are broken or key issues haven’t been addressed you suddenly AMPLIFY an ill conceived marketing plan.
With each revision of this 3 step process comes greater insight, learnings and a more well-refined and profitable strategy. Once you start uncovering all the elements of your business with a team of experts, you’ll see that there could be more viable, dynamic, fast-growth strategies that suit your businesses reality more suitably than a social media campaign alone that may or may not produce results – unless they understand your business bigger vision and all of its moving parts. Instead of employing an agency or expert, then waiting for them to complete the work, how about you work with a team of experts and learn all the components of marketing your specific product or service to your key target market. Start getting the results you desire by learning the strategies, the reasoning behind them and how to implement them – as you’re advised you can become your own most valuable team member. And, the most crucial reason for learning these aspects yourself, if you do go to hire one in the future, you’ll be able to pick up on issues IMMEDIATELY, instead of them being dragged out over months. The crucial thing to understand here is, that even though you may have hired an agency, the buck stops with you!
Let’s say that the social media agency is working exceptionally well for you – your subscribers and ‘likes’ have tripled, you’re enjoying excellent engagement and you have people jumping across from your social pages to your website…only to be disappointed, lost in the process, tune off because of poor copy and disappear into the ether never to been seen again. We have seen this happen countless times and often it’s because there is no backup strategy.
It takes a lot of effort to encourage someone to align with you or your business and become a potential client – the worst thing is to let them down when they join the tribe by not having a clear sales path to direct them through.
If Facebook, Youtube or Instagram change their algorithm and your organic reach drops to those hard-earned fans, you then have to pay Facebook a second time around to re-engage them, instead of simply having them on your email list.
A steady flow of work can be achieved by focusing on these services and this strategy helps with ‘service layering’ (explored in more detail later), where one service rolls naturally into another. I mean, we always hear about the heroic entrepreneurs or inventors that created some new product or service (e.g. Well, this might have worked for Kevin Costner, but it’s a sure-fire way to tank in the market for the rest of us. To begin with, I don’t believe that the idea of introducing e-learning in your marketing agency should need much marketing itself. Marketing agencies are not much different from any other company or company department in this regard. Employee orientation is the task of introducing new hires to your working environment and giving them the basic information they need to start being productive, including your company’s operating procedures and policies, restrictions and guidelines. If your marketing agency hires new people frequently, automating employee orientation is one of the best investments you can do, and e-learning software, such as the eFrontPro learning management platform (LMS), is your best option for this.
Sure, you could just toss some relevant information in your intranet pages, or (even worse) in a Word or PDF file and ask new hires to read it, but that’s nowhere near as effective as using a proper LMS. Plus, the LMS system helps you track orientation course attendance and completion status, something which can serve as a legal proof that your company has indeed provided knowledge of stuff like company policy, sexual harassment laws, etc, to your employees (a feature worth its weight in gold in case of legal dispute).

New or old hires both need training, including frequent re-training as marketing methodologies, techniques and approaches change. You could ask some of your employees to train the rest – something which will disrupt both the trainers and the trainees normal workflow. Again, of course, the same benefits as with e-learning based employee orientation apply: you get quantifiable information and statistics for your employees progress and understanding of the material.
You can update all your courses without wasted paper and dead trees, re-use and expand content as you see fit, and share courses between different departments or branches.
Are there a few employees in your marketing agency whose experience is crucial for the success of some or all of your projects? It could be John from Sales, that’s the only one that knows certain facts about a client or a deal.
An e-learning solution can help you store all this information in a formalized and easily accessible way. An LMS is better than a document management system, because you not only get a document library and a reference source (available throughout your company), but you can also use all this information to train new employees or teach existing employees.
This way, when John retires and goes to play golf in Florida, his decades of business knowledge stays with your business. It has thousands of satisfied customers, including several multinational companies, it frequently trumps the competition in industry reviews, and is renowned for its ease of use. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In a recent survey, nearly 40 % of companies reported declining to work with an agency because they felt the agency did not have the right tools for collaborating and managing work.
Review and approval is an important collaborative process that has become a pain point with customers as traditional email and paper-based proofing methods cause major delays in collateral production. The time, effort and costs saved provides tremendous value to agencies and their customers.
The agency also received a Facebook Studio Award for an Oreo social media marketing campaign. From 2009 to 2012, she was an award-winning syndicated columnist for a number of daily newspapers from New York to Texas. There are many international agencies having an eye on Singapore market where as there are many home grown agencies who are doing a pretty good job of digital activities and initiatives. Digital marketing is steadily becoming the go to way for companies in Singapore to increase their presence and obtain more clients. Singapore is now on the list of places where digital marketing is a trend among the companies as the market in Singapore is ripe for the picking.
They are an award winning company with experienced consultants, marketers, storytellers, strategists and creatives with a flair for fresh new ideas and insight into powerful initiatives and campaigns. They have worked with Opus IT services, OCBC, Cambridge medical, Sheng Chai vegetable, Sum Kee food, Mitsubishi gas chemical. This takes a lot of effort, confidence and dedication to develop creative and useful campaigns with measurable results. This can only be achieved when the clients are more than 100% satisfied with the services done. Since its inception, the company has had a front row seat to the rapidly evolving tech that now makes up the digital age.
They are an established media house that provides targeted content to the trade, business and consumer markets in the Asia Pacific region. Led by industry professionals with more than 35 years of experience Ate has a team of experts that range from digital and social marketing, Partnership and sponsorship, public relations and development of content and proprietary products. They do this by helping the companies harness all of the opportunities available on the internet to grow their business further. To do this the company can create an Emarketing strategy that covers the redesign of the website, Search engine optimization, email marketing, blogging, online social networking etc.
It excels in avenues like Search engine Optimization, Pay per Click, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, Search marketing and Web analytics.
The integrated internet marketing solutions can help attain the needed results and enhance the business. The company has been in existence since the year 2000 and has done work for more than a thousand corporate clients for the past 16 years.
The proprietary 360 humanized web design methodology has proven to greatly improve task performance.  They offer solutions in search advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, website designer and usability testing. From its creation in 2001 they have been passionate with creating great user experiences on digital platforms. At the core of Cuckoo is the belief that ideas are the central point to everything that is done at Cuckoo.
The company is a digital agency with team members having endless curiosity and deep passion for everything that is digital.  The company claims that bold brands and forward looking ones tend to benefit the most from working with them. The company aims to provide utmost quality service at all time for the customer’s satisfaction by offering tight and thorough analyses of all the processes involved. Their primary focus is in SEO service and they have extensive years of experience which tells them exactly what works and what does not. If they are just building a brand or launching a service or product, GHP can design, advertise, name and define it across all the media platforms. The company helps them create better websites, advertise on facebook and google, improve the quality of copywriting, increase visibility on search engines and track the progress of newsletter funnels using web analytics and website testing. The company is committed to providing solutions for a client’s business through expertise thus helping them increase their business growth. Ideaverse helps businesses leverage their marketing strategies while also blending core marketing methods that ensure a long term success. It is very important for businesses to be visible in google search as it is the primary search engine across the world.
This is a firm with the objective being to ensure that the company’s online capabilities are aligned with the growth opportunities that they may pursue.  The firm provides tangible resources for the digital needs, be it in a creative web design, data driven websites, online strategy, and Ecommerce and technology consultancy. Resulting in you being driven in a certain direction that my not be healthy for the long term strategy. However, Silicon Valley start-up companies know better than anyone, vanity metrics look great on paper, but it’s victory metrics such as; landing page conversion rates, average dollar sale per customer, integrated sales funnels, re-targeting and virality that complete the online marketing picture. Do not expect to handball such a critical element of your business over to another without understanding precisely what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and how it fits in with the overall strategy.
This can ensure you make the most from supporting your existing clients.Services that are trendingIt may sound to good too be true, but keeping up to date with the current trands in the digital marketing industry, such as the recent growth in social media marketing and the current explosion of content marketing, is guaranteed to bring you closer to your existing clients and position you in the sight of potentially new clients. Jobs, Zuckerberg, Larry Page and the rest), but we seldom hear about the marketing departments and agencies that helped make it a success after it was created.
At this moment in time, e-learning has already been established as an invaluable business tool, and has been adopted by companies and organizations big and small.
Or you could invest in an e-learning solution, to help train your employees at their own pace and with no business disruptions. Or it could be Jill from IT, that is the only person in the company that can fix your email server when it goes down. If you do it thoroughly, the end result would be a complete and detailed description of how your company operates that is safe from changes in your personnel and can be studied and taught to new hires. By having efficient tools and processes in place, agencies have a tremendous competitive advantage that will help them to not only win customers, but retain their business for the long term.
Other top ten Ad Age search marketing agencies that made the Forrester report included Covario and iProspect which were named strong performers, as well as Acronym which ranked as a contender on the Forrester report. These days a client is more likely to approach a company based on their digital footprint and not anything else. As more and more companies desire digital or online marketing it only stands to reason that more and more digital marketing agencies will emerge in lieu of the demand.
They have worked with Esplanade Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore Grand Prix, NTUC Link, Paper One, StarCruise. Any and all project executions occur with only the best expertise and practices available in the domain.
The challenge is to stay flexible and efficient, continually evolving the processes as it grows. They help clients to develop and maintain many websites that complement the catalogue of publications. The company believes in the power of ideas that is backed by the ability to make things happen. Biz Edge specializes in all forms on online and digital marketing like SEO, SEM, online lead generation and Social Media Marketing.
A notable feature in Clickr is that they are able to offer customized solutions for start-ups, Multi National Corporations and Small to Medium Enterprises from any industry.

This includes but not limited to Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics Consultancy and Conversion Rate Optimization. They are able to think out of the box, their expertise lies in being able to translate the knowledge of technology and media markets into integrated, creative campaigns that suit the online marketing budget and aims. Their primary services are aimed at web hosting and Email Hosting, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media optimization and Domain Name Management and Registration.
They have also worked with well known names like Nexus, SG Car Mart, Community Curate, Smart, Sentosa, HSBC, NUS, National Water Safety, Just Married, Singtel, The Caring Teacher, Museum Nasional and Samsung. They know that as long as the users are successful and happy with the digital goals they instantly become a customer. With the current being that there is specialist shops expert in one discipline, the company remains true to ideas only. The company is well known in their ability to deliver top-notch, ethical SEO services that are the best in the industry.
This is mostly because the company has a way of thinking that differs greatly from what most other companies do.
The proof of this strategy lies in the client’s rankings, websites and return on investments. The company is ready to answer any doubts or queries prospective clients may have when it comes to SEO services and are very clear that link building is the most important determinant factor for SEO success. Working with a team of designers and webmasters, the company offers clients their sharp skills in design, websites creation, marketing and print collaterals. They offer services in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, web design and development and web analytics. They also provide services in web development, Ecommerce, search engine optimization, pay per click, electronic direct mailer, social media marketing and customer relationship management.
They have a team of talented individuals that specialize in various fields like search engine optimization, landing page optimization, pay per click advertising, web analytics, conversion tracking and optimization and copy writing. They have their own internet marketing campaigns with varied strategies like targeted keywords, advertising images and content, color selection and text positioning. By staying ‘current’ you can create your own brand equity around innovation and its impact on strategy.There is the risk, though, that you end up ‘chasing butterflies’, forever devising schemes that employ relatively unproven technologies and offer no guarantee of success.
And if we’re allowed a little marketing ourselves, we suggest you look no further than our own eFrontPro.
This year, the top three agencies held their 2012 report rankings, with iCrossing, 360i and iProspect coming in at No. They service and specialize in digital strategy consultancy, web design and development, management consultancy, Social media marketing, content strategy and development and brand reputation management. Active media has worked with The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore Post, far East Organization, FJ Benjamin, Kaplan, HTC, SIM, Peach Garden, Hitachi.
The company itself was founded by Vincent Laporte who holds a Master’s of Science in applied mathematics. Some of the services they offer are web design and development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, website analytics, pay per click advertising and email marketing. They have worked with DBS, Louis Vuitton, and TWG tea, Miele, Vertu, American Express, Capella, Keppel Land and Unilever. As a result , the strategy aims at creating a positive experience for the customer, increase visibility, reach, brand awareness and loyalty as well as brand retention and recognition. With the help of carefully thought out marketing strategies and methods, they are able to launch effective campaigns on global media platforms like Bing, Yahoo! The company has more than a decade of experience online and can understand exactly what clients require to grow and build an online brand. They have worked with Netball Singapore, Cathay Organization, United Airlines, World Kitchen, Tourism Tasmanie, Quick Credit, Sentosa Development Corporation, Lee Hwa Jewellery, Astro X, CK Department Store, Ademco Security Group and L’Occitane. They have worked with Asia One News, Singapore Youth Flying Club, Navy, Miss Universe Singapore and Singapore Press Holdings. DMN will deliver the best results within 6 months or the consultants will work for free until the target is achieved. Diseno is the marketing thinking cap for most SME’s as they come out with many fresh ideas, concepts and strategic planning based on limited budget for max exposure.
They do work in search engine marketing, web design, social media marketing, Ecommerce and various types of campaigns.
Foretec is an all in one service provider as well as a manager of SEM, SEO, and domain buying and website development for all the online marketing needs.
They have done work with LCL, Piaget, Danone, Computa Maps, Clarins Paris, Bootic, Accor, Essilor, UNESCO, La Redoute and Banyan Tree.
Thanks to their hard work they have done many projects with names like Magic Edutainment, ADA, Heels Diva, Charming Hair Salon, Avenue 6, Bacera and Synrgic. They have worked with K’Amour Marine, Clariti, Paradise Group, Standard Chartered, KT&T, House of Seafood, Dodo Seafood Treats and JR Life Sciences.
They have done projects with Heineken, SPH, Billabong, Street Deal, Adidas, American Express, Pokka, Amec and Healthway Medical.
The company does many marketing programs within the core service areas like, facebook advertising, web design, google search advertising and mobile billboard advertising. Adweb has also done work with Spizza Pizza Restaurant, Global Meteocean, La Villa Transport, Metasport and Yupeebox. They have worked with names like Toshiba, Triumph, and Singapore cable car, Rightmen, RFCom, SG21, Maybank, EBC, TTG, Hertz and Bioskin.
Some of the names they have worked with are Nikon, nestle, SPH Magazines, Briq, Starcom MediaVest, ADK Yolk. Their core specialties are in content management, digital marketing, web development and user experience.
They have worked with Focus Music, Cheryl Tay, Klapsons, Le Doll, BHC Racing, ERA Singapore, Savills, GPS Alliance, Peinsula Excelsior Hotel, iViva and Knight Frank. The company has since worked with big brands like KOWA, National Library Board, SIS Sugar, KAO Singapore, Prudential, Mediacorp, NETS, Swarovski and Central Provident fund. Foretec believes that their clients can testify to their work and how they stand out from any other company. The company designs a catchy look for the product and markets it through different media; focusing on search engine optimization, pay per click campaigns on social networks. But you’ve got to know what works and be able to spot the profitable ones”.Services with higher profit marginsPrioritising services based on how they impact your bottom line usually means focusing on services which are highly valued by clients, such as branding, web design and campaigns. They have worked with AIDS Singapore, Hitachi, WECO, Edmas, Tekataro, Buffet Catering, Hub, Best Fresh Food.
They have done work for Biore, Nintendo, Phillip Capital, The Vein Clinic, Huttons Real Estate Group and Ngee Ann Ploytechnic. They have also worked with SG Enable, Lexus Asia Pacific, Singapore EDB, OCBC Bank, American Express, Las Vegas Sands, Legrand, Centre for Enabled living, Caltex etc.
Thanks to this and other principles followed in the company, Cuckoo has worked with names like Puffersoft Labs, Bacardi, Levis, American express, Pan Pacific Hotels Group and Singtel.
They have worked with names like SLP international, ERA Singapore, PropNex, Huttons, Group and Mouth Restaurant. In 2013, the Online Marketing Institute produced a report that suggested the most coveted digital marketing skills would soon be ‘mobile, analytics, and marketing automation’.As a rule clients are prepared to pay more for services they know they need, but don’t have the internal skills to cover or the budget to hire in easily.
You could focus on services that offer higher profit margins, or services that are appear to have a sudden boom in popularity. She adds, though, that her approach isn’t necessarily followed by all agencies: “Smaller outfits market themselves very, very differently.
But if you can’t do it, then you have to focus on what you can offer.”The majority of participants of this webinar were freelance consultants and they too echoed Lilach’s thoughts. A poll taken during the webinar revealed that ‘skills and experience’ are by far the most important factors to be considered when deciding which services to offer, ‘client requests’ took a distant second place.But what other considerations are worth exploring when choosing what services to offer?Services that are always in demandThe definition of ‘core’ service offerings often varies but SEO, PPC and web design are in constant demand.
Search engines change their algorithms – requiring new SEO strategies – PPC adverts require constant testing and manipulation and within 2-3 years, website designs start to look out of date.
They can focus beyond their core skill-set, they can explore, learn, and adapt faster to market changes than the big agencies.Reply Add a New Comment Click here to cancel reply.

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