Es uno de los cinco principales expertos en innovacion, marketing y clientes de Europa y America Latina. Coach Ejecutiva certificada por International Coaching Federation (ICF), considerada entre las 6 mejores Coach en 2014.
Directora General de Marketing-Comunicacion y Desarrollo de Producto del grupo Randstad en Espana.
El termino administrar refiere a la actividad a traves de la cual un sujeto o grupo de personas le imprimiran de orden y organizacion, especialmente en lo inherente a las finanzas a una empresa, organizacion, negocio o estado.
Quien se dedica a administrar, entonces, se ocupara estrictamente del manejo cientifico de los recursos que tiene a su alrededor y a disposicion, entre los que se cuentan el dinero como dijimos pero tambien los recursos humanos, en tanto, toda esta actividad que desplegara en este sentido estara preeminentemente orienta a la satisfaccion de un interes.
Por ejemplo en el caso de una empresa, quien este a cargo de la administracion de la misma, debera focalizar su atencion e inteligencia en el mantenimiento del orden y la transparencia de las finanzas y a su vez lograr gastar menos plata que la que entra en la empresa. Una persona puede por si sola aprender a administrar, es decir, no es una ciencia imposible que requiera de mucho tiempo, a veces basta con el sentido comun y por supuesto con un fuerte sentido de la discrecion a la hora de la utilizacion de cualquier recurso. En tanto, existe una ciencia, la administracion de empresas, que se ocupa de estudiar la organizacion de las misma, la forma en que se gestionan los recursos, sus procesos y los resultados de sus actividades y que se dicta en la mayoria de las universidades del mundo, habiendose convertido ademas en una de las carreras que mas gente atrae.
Ademas de la mencionada acepcion, el termino administrar suele usarse cuando se quiere hacer referencia a la racionalizacion o dosificacion de una cosa, por ejemplo una medicina a un enfermo. Many frontline and experienced sales professionals suggest using detailed agendas for preparing and managing efficient sales conferences and meeting sessions.
For reaching the customer audience the marketing department of your company should know which marketing materials are best for current campaigns and scheduled promotion events. This Marketing Plan template will be helpful to everyone who needs to approach prospective sponsors or investors, as this template provides you with a general review of essential marketing plan elements. The Know Your Client template (KYC template) is designed to help investment companies to analyze their customers and gather all information necessary for making a decision on providing funds. This Sales Skills Template will show you a list of basic skills for selling, help you learn ways for improving your current sales skills, and also give you several useful tips on how to make your skills more efficient. This Marketing Campaign Template is likely to be a necessary guide for those people who are going to plan a new event for promoting and advertizing a product or service. This sales follow up template is designed to help salesmen who would like to understand basic sales follow up techniques and invent their own methods to retain their customers. This sales forecasting template can be very helpful to those who need to drive sales forecasting as a self-assessment tool for their companies.
This sales planning template describes workflow and examples of this process, along with giving some possible solutions. This sales management template gives you a complete review over the main controls that should be established on the enterprise to ensure effective its sales function. This oral presentation template is an all-round oral presentation guide delivering you appropriate recommendations on how to organize your presentation to make it memorable, comprehensive and methodically correct.
Competitive analysis process is a critical part of your marketing plan because it allows you to find out what makes your product or service unique and how to excel your competitors in more loyal customers. This sales process template is created to help all beginners in sales and all business managers who would like to get their sales process improvement. This marketing event template is designed for all potential marketing event planners who would like to organize and manage arrangements for promoting and advertising their companies, services or products. Sourcing new sales leads and attracting new customers are two crucial forces that make a company succeeding.
Writing a marketing strategy is one of the most challenging and exciting aspects of product development and launching. Commercial organizations conduct various advertising campaigns aimed to involve people in purchasing as much as possible. Email is one of the most powerful and convenient marketing tools available for small companies. Creation of proper and strong company’s image is a great opportunity to promote you company on market. Founded in 2008 a B2B Marketing and Sales Solution provider, Nexsales is an expert in contact data management and lead generation. Milap Shah spearheads the company’s vision and growth initiatives.Leveraging his extensive management consulting experience in over 20 countries at the C-level, Milap builds strategic client relationships and leads full-scale solutions initiatives.

Prior to founding Nexsales, Milap headed the Asia Operations for Global eProcure, where he profitably grew the operations from early start-up stage to three delivery centers across the world; and developed a high caliber leadership team.
Jay Kamdar is the CEO with 30 years of management, sales, marketing and engineering experience.  Jay has led number of break-through technology startups from conceptualization to commercialization stages. Most recently at MagSil Corporation, Jay led the commercialization of IP Portfolio generating tens of millions of dollars in licensing revenue.
John leverages his extensive experience in B2B lead generation and data strategies across verticals to help Global Fortune clients in the areas of B2B market mapping, market segmentation, tailoring their pitch to specific markets, and in successfully executing high ROI outreach programs.
John has close to 13 years’ experience in managing key accounts in Logistics, Banking, High Tech and Telecom industries across Asia, North America and United Kingdom.
We believe in using the best resources and processes for the job depending on the business need while maintaining a slight bias toward the tools the team knows the best. We’re looking for people who are interested in getting in on the ground floor of an incredible opportunity to build amazing software. In 2011, the Convention Industry Council (CIC) published a study titled, “The Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. If serving those numbers to your skeptical CFO or dismissive peers don’t do the trick, have them answer the following questions that irrefutably demonstrate the significance of the industry. True or False: Between 2009 and 2012 the events and convention industry added 137,000 new jobs, increasing employment in the midst of the economic slump. True or False: MPI’s spring Meeting’s Outlook report found that 43% of event professionals predict an increase in their budgets in 2014.
True or False: David Peckinpaugh, CMP, correctly stated that, “Recently released data from the CIC points out that meetings support more jobs than the computer, trucking, broadcast and telecommunications industries”, making the industry the 4th largest employer in the country.
Why that?  It tends to be the most productive thing a company can implement: what can we stop doing, so that we can focus on what’s important? Fundador y CEO de Gold Group y cofundador de la Fabrica de Comunicacio, agencia de consultoria en marketing y comunicacion. Autora del Modelo de Ventas Como Vender en 59 segundos. Top Ten Speaker 2010 y 2011 por la Comunidad internacional Top Ten Business Experts.
Es master en Estrategia de Marketing Industrial y Senior Executive Program por INSEAD, Ingeniera por la Universidad Politecnica de Madrid y master en Produccion y Logistica por la American Production and Inventory Control Society. Sin lugar a dudas la forma en la cual una persona o grupo administra un ambito de los que mencionamos determinara su eficiente funcionamiento y por supuesto tambien su rendimiento. With a help of this effective Marketing Plan template you can study reviews of the sections usually included into a typical marketing plan structure.
The following template demonstrates a series of marketing campaign guidelines that help you set goals, develop a strategy and summarize your campaign. Correct sales follow up strategy can bring you more profits by continual process of convincing customer to buy from you again and again. The real value of making forecasts is an opportunity to take an objective look at the future of your business, so that you can recognize how healthy it is and what directions you need to choose for future development. It is very important for sales planners to be aware of different factors and methods used for this arrangement, so their can reach really in-depth approach through creating multi-level sales strategy taking into account different factors. This document contains all-round sales management advice on the aspects and activities that you need to take care of regularly. With learning and using oral presentation do and don'ts explained in this document, you will be able to streamline your delivery to match proper timing and to refine content of your presentation in order of making it comprehensive. It is impossible to give a strict sales process step by step plan on all aspects, because there is only a common definition of sales process stages, while each company and each salesman may contribute own vision and experience into sales process design to match many different specifics. The given marketing event plan template contains tips and recommendations that will be helpful in order of organizing and managing any arrangements in the sphere of marketing, including marketing event management, facilities, PR etc.
Salespersons who know how to make sales call opening and closing will lead sales and attract new customers.
Use the given below market analysis template to find out how to investigate and analyze your market. The given below marketing strategy template was designed to help marketing professionals and business managers consider this aspect and create an effective marketing strategy plan . Well organized advertising campaign should inspire people to active actions, cause the emotional response and induce them to buy the goods or services.

We work as your partner to provide you with accurate inside information and prospect intelligence that help you define your challenges better. As a Manager with Accenture’s management consulting practice, he led strategy, supply chain, global outsourcing and IT engagements for Fortune 500 companies like Deutsche Bank, Shell and SABIC. He plays a key role in leading the execution right from inception, overall campaign management and delivery for strategic client engagements. John has conducted and regularly conducts coaching clinics helping B2B Marketers with best practices in the areas of CRM data optimization, cleansing and appending strategies.
John has helped clients like AOL, Vonage, and Barclays in driving sales and improving customer satisfaction levels.
We have developed innovative technology and processes such as our latest path breaking patent pending technology, FastSwitch™, is a live call automation system that enables our clients to directly have relevant conversations with the targeted prospects with access to in-depth prospect profile. For us, the most important part of Agile is doing what works best for the team, focusing on quick ROI and alignment to the business need. Travel Association’s campaign that showcases the substantial value derived from business meetings, conferences, conventions, incentive travel, trade shows and exhibitions. When they digest the answers, their views on the value of the meetings and convention industry will forever be altered. The key: developing habits takes time, and this habit is crucial for success for companies who have mastered excellent sales and excellent marketing. Creador del Marketing Strategic Forum, profesor de Marketing en el Instituto de Empresa Business School y profesor invitado en escuelas de negocios de todo el mundo. Presidenta del Instituto Europeo de I+D+I en Fuerza de Ventas y fundadora del Foro de Vendedores en Espana y Directora General de EDE Escuela de Ejecutivos. En la actualidad colabora como profesora asociada del IE Business School en el Programa Superior de Direccion y Gestion Estrategica de Proyectos. Porque esta ampliamente probado que en medio de un caos, en el cual no se saben donde estan las cosas o para que se saco determinada cantidad de dinero, es imposible que cualquier organizacion u organismo lleguen a buen puerto en sus funciones y objetivos. It’ll also give you several valuable suggestions and tips on better sales meeting planning. You can learn this sales follow up template to know some ideas and methods on how to build and develop win-win relations with customers. This sales planning template is composed of several smaller sales planning worksheets covering different topics such as sales planning steps and solutions, components of this process, etc. This sales management template provides you with a list of activities, techniques, basics and metrics used to establish good administrative and directive efforts over the sales team. This oral presentation template explains what skills make you a good speaker, and what aspects you need to focus on. This sales process template gives you the general sales process overview along with practical recommendations.
We craft B2B marketing programs and combine targeted list building, telephone-based outreach, with brand strategy, social media, and innovations in technology and analytics. Milap was also named to the prestigious 2007 “Pros To Know” list, by the US-based Supply & Demand Chain Executive for his leadership in influencing decision making at the Board level and for his expertise in the supply chain and outsourcing fields. He drove Nazomi’s technology and chip products into cell phones made by world’s leading phone makers such as Samsung, SK Telecom, Sony and Sharp. It’s a factual statement of resolve that meeting and event planners across the country should reference as they advocate for their often-misunderstood industry. At Sun Microsystems he was a senior group marketing manager responsible for Java processor products for Internet Appliances such as mobile, smart card, set-top boxes and Internet TV markets. Start your day with a smile and await the weekend with some light-hearted inside sales humor. Jay spent early years of his career with National Semiconductor in a number of positions, including Sr.
We’re never afraid to try to new things to see if they work and reconsider our positions if the situation warrants it.

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