But do you know, animation has become a crucial part in each field of Indian business industry. Animation is not limited to commercial TV conetnt such as cartoon films and 3D film making. It has spreaded its existance in all professional fields such as Entertainment, Marketing, Advertising, Education, Aviation, Designing, Medicine, Media, Information Technology, Internet, Banking, Insurance, Finance, and so on. In Entertainment field Animation can be used in form of Film Making, Cartoon characters, Game Designing, -->TV commercial special effects.
You have a vast career scope as 3D animation game designer as 3D computer games are becoming popular gradually in all age groups. Education is becoming very interesting since ever animation has been a part of education called online education or e learning. Various Presentations such as corporate CD presentation, medical education, documentory films or presentations use animation and graphics techniques. In Designing field, animators can pour their innovative ideas in Fashion Designing, Jewellery Designing and Interior Designing.
In Interior Designing, builders and company management prefer 3D perspectives, 3D walk throughs to create simulation module to plan any project.
Animation is used for e-commerce in advertising the products and services of the organization.

Commercial sites offer E-Commerce and online shopping of their products by embedding Multimedia and Animation. In journalism, to maintain public relations, graphs, graphics needed to declare percentage into reports. Also audio and video editing and multimedia can be incorporated into presentations in various sectors.
In film industry, animations, special effects, graphics, audio and video editing and multimedia are seamlessly embedded.
As animation has entered into different types of professional fields, many new institutes have also emerged where young aspirants are trained to explore prospects for themselves in this field.
The use of graphics, Multimedia and 3D Animation has enhanced the presentation style of various professional fields.
Our industry experienced faculty boasts of accomplished artists trained in the fine arts and art for animation, along with faculty who are digital wizards who can bring to life fascinating characters in enchanting settings. Animation and Multimedia is used in hospital management website, online medical education, educational documentory films, new product medicine launching promotional activities. Animation and Multimedia is highly used in Commercial TV content such as cartoon films, animated movies, 2D flash carttoon games and so on.
Animation and Multimedia is used effectively in promotional activities, banner advertisement, Online marketing, media advertising, Website advertising because of effective and attractive graphics and flash elements.

We provide valuable insights to allow strategic mapping, monitoring, and tracking of your company’s presence.
Founded on our 10 years of experience in integrated marketing communications and through our continuous learning of the latest PR and marketing trends, we give professional advice on managing and implementing your business communications. News de l'agence, nouveautes metiers, suivez l'actu du marketing terrain avec Strada Marketing ! Children can play with boring and tedious calculations using lovely and lively online education presentations having attractive animated cartoon graphics and fresh bright colors.
We can have learning sessions or medical education by documentary films created by using 3D Animation and Multimedia . Web Designing, banners designing, corporate logo designing, banner advertising where animators and graphics designers are highly demanded. In jewellery designing you can create attractive jewellery design graphics for simulation which can be finalised for final creation.

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