International Monetary Management is written from two distinct parts: the focus on the basics and focus on the management perspective. Totally revised and updated, marketing strategy, continue to 5th with a single goal: to teach students to believe and act as distributors. Only information available around is discouragements and horror stories told by friends & family who either failed in MLM or have no idea about Network Marketing? While checking out the rankings on Amazon, I was proud to find my book listed along with such direct marketing inspirations as David Meerman Scott and Joe Pulizzi.

We are really living in a fantastic era, where quality information about Network Marketing from top successful people in our industry is easily available through many great books.
Two experts that I have followed for a long time and really want to interview for my podcast. So in this post you can find most of the best Network Marketing books available out there that can definitely help you to succeed, if you are willing to learn and implement. Don’t you dare to quit Network Marketing or say a single negative word about MLM before reading these books.

For your convenience I’ve included Flipkart and Amazon links of all the books at the end of the post.

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