Several exceptionally helpful, relevant books have hit the market since my last round-up of recommended books for content marketers. Individually, each of the following books can make a major contribution to the content marketing experience you, or your team, must deliver on a consistent basis. Sunni Brown’s Doodle Revolution describes a fresh approach to visual thinking, showing how everyone can tap into the power of doodling — one of the most overlooked tools used by creative thinkers as diverse as Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla.
Although frequently disparaged, doodling forms a link between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, unlocking the power of visual thinking to enhance content marketers’ creativity and ability to share ideas with others. Carmine Gallo, a communications consultant whose previous bestsellers included The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and The Creativity Secrets of Steve Jobs, analyzed hundreds of the most popular TED presentations and interviewed their creators. Many authors talk about the importance of continually reinventing yourself and your business by focusing on what makes you different from your competition. Jiwa’s Difference is one of the few that actually provides a methodology (the 6-pillar Difference Method) and a tool (the Difference Map) to help you identify your points of distinction.
Essentialism‘s four sections describe 19 tactics that business owners and managers can use to distance themselves from distraction and disturbance without alienating coworkers. Each of the 19 tactics is illustrated with anecdotes and stories, supported by the latest psychological research. Show and Tell includes an example of the timeline appropriate for each type of annotation, along with notes for each step in the story’s development. Marketing the Moon is the first content marketing case study to move from the home office to the living room coffee table. Marketing the Moon deserves to be included in discussions about the history of content marketing and its various turning points.
As David Meerman Scott and Richard Jurek describe in Marketing the Moon, however, the Apollo Lunar Program (begun 50 years ago this year) deserves recognition for its innovative approach to content and a story that helped change course of history.
The Power of Visual Storytelling provides a detailed overview of what you need to know to take the visual content marketing to the next level. It can also be used to help you evaluate your current visual content efforts and locate the resources you may need to create compelling graphics. One of the most useful lists provided is on image sizes to use for the popular social media platforms. Design plays an important role in each of these books: The page design for each of these books is as carefully considered as the cover design.
All in all, the seven books reflect well on the current state of publishing informed, practical books about content marketing topics in 2014. Best of all, if the above books are any indication of what’s likely to appear during the remainder of 2014, we all have a lot to look forward to — especially as Content Marketing World 2014 approaches.
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An added bonus; the production quality (mostly hard cover, readable page layouts), of these books is first-rate.
I assume, by the way, that you’re also aware of David Meerman Scott’s Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead? To be honest, I haven’t found many books that speak about how to use content marketing to rank for search engines.
All about book marketing, book promotion, ebook marketing, book writing, self-publishing, and book publishing.
We all know that blogging is one of the best ways to get attention in today's Internet world. Here are the top four book promotion activities you can engage in to sell more books in today's world . Update (January 2012): Amazon is now eliminating duplicate content, PLR created ebooks, stolen content, and related ebooks. Though they offer a narrower perspective than the above books, they compensate by going deeper into specialized topics that are essential for successful content marketing, such as creativity, presentations, productivity and visual thinking. But together, they create a library of the latest thinking that can inspire and energize by providing fresh perspectives and new tools. Each chapter contains assessments and exercises, helping readers build their confidence as they familiarize themselves with the simple building blocks of a storytelling graphic. However, most books skirt the issue of how to identify those differences so you can communicate more effectively. There are also ideas and tips for implementing the ideas, backed up by a visual summary you can photocopy and hang on the wall. It describes the importance of visual marketing, introduces seven elements of visual storytelling and summarizes the key advantages and bests practices of the major social media platforms. At every step, there are useful lists of best practices, options, questions, tips and tools.
The number of options available reinforces the importance of obtaining the right resources (described earlier) for adding text to graphics and taking full advantage of the image placement options available.
In many cases, the text and graphics found on the left- and right-hand-facing pages were designed together. They’re filled with worksheets, templates, exercises and questions to encourage interaction and application. Parker is a Content Marketing Institute Top Performing Blogger who offers content marketers assistance and resources for implementing serial content marketing programs.
I did the audio version and Joe had great inflection in his voice and kept me engaged throughout the entire book.

I have listened to my fair share of audio books and there is a sense of passion when the author reads it themselves that can’t be reproduced by voice talent. Given each book’s combination of relevancy to content marketing, fresh perspective, and in-depth tips, the library would be eminently worthwhile. On their website, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel offered a number of ways to display and decorate with books. Besides being the owner of a publishing company (Open Horizons in Taos, New Mexico), he is the editor of the Book Marketing Tip of the Week newsletter. It contains a headline that states the main idea to be communicated and three key points, each one accompanied by three supporting points. In addition, page 111 contains a simple SELECTIVITY exercise to help you identify relevant criteria for your decisions. Best of all, the extensive lists are keyed to specific platforms topics, such as tips for engaging on Facebook, Tumblr, SlideShare, etc. The author of 40 design, marketing, and productivity books, he uses visual thinking to help others turn ideas into reality.
It had a lot of good references to current content marketing programs to follow up on for further reading as well. All three of her books are great; also available as Kindle ebooks at very affordable prices. With Father’s Day coming up I could justify that many new book purchases, you think?! I agree it is a totally unique book; as exciting to read as any mystery fiction, but full of relevance for marketers and storytelling. As they noted, flea markets and garage sales are repositories of old books and encyclopedia sets that can be used to decorate.Books as wallpaper -- Invest in a large number of leather-bound books in the same shade to create a wall of color. You can use it for planning everything from articles, blog posts and presentations to eBooks and white papers.
Studying these books will help you organize long-form content for your own content, like eBooks, premiums and white papers.
This approach pays off by creating books that are visual treats that stand apart from their competition. They often rent books from used bookstores like Strand in New York City.A spot of color -- Have a monotone room? Several retail stores like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters sell books but also use them to highlight color schemes for the clothing they sell (and to set a certain ambiance).Books as furniture -- Use a book or a stack of books to create end tables, coffee tables, and pedestals.

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