Youtube Marketing Strategy: 5 Types Of Video Content You Should Master You are using an outdated browser. Fans can even be interviewed telling the world exactly why they love your brand.Indeed, one of the best things about interview content is that it’s real. You may have heard that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet.  You may have heard that Google small business search engine marketing rankings could be bolstered by such efforts.
Create a blog post around that content and embed the video on your blog.  Cross link from the YouTube video to the blog page and vice versa. Distribute via social media bookmark and share sites such as Delicious, Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, and Tumblr. View engagement reports such as likes, dislikes, sharing etc.  AKA how users are interacting with specific content; great for testing! Every month we will publish and send the best digital marketing news, tips & tools on the planet right to your inbox. 4 Simple Steps to Boost Business Success by 40% from our Small Business Digital Marketing Consultant Team. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In my post the other day, I talked about YouTube Video Marketing – Are You Trying To Go Viral?
FAQs – I guarantee that you have questions that come up over and over, make a video of each answer. Check your emails – I always have my clients send me long answers they give their clients for blog posts, do this same thing for your videos.
I have done some research online and know that dog pain medicine is good on regular Google so I checked on YouTube and there are only 722 results PLUS that is the actual product that he sells so SCORE. If you are going to actually try and sell something, make sure that you have a video that would be interesting to someone other than your Mom and THEN include a link back to a sales page or or at least a post with a call to action to buy something.
Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans. BUT I wanted to rank well on google for the correct search term so I used the Google External Keyword Tool to do a search and see if there was any traffic for those keywords. I used the search bar and found that there were 623,000 without the quotes (a pretty hard nut to crack), but there are only 113 results for the exact search phrase WITH the quotes.

If you are a florist and have come up with some really neat tricks to arrange flowers, make a video of that. If you are a realtor and get lots of questions about a specific subdivision or town, make some videos of that area. Now lets go to YouTube and do some searches to see if we can figure out some good topics with not too much competition! What I noticed was that when I did that search, there were a lot of videos about yoga and a man called T-Pain, AND there were 30,800 results.
It is impossible to tell which videos are going to catch on in the marketplace but I will tell you will always be a WIIFT (what’s in it for them) kind that will be interesting. Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People. This post is about getting your business videos to laser target a niche that may get you fewer views but those views will be laser targeted! Come to find out, the search term that I was thinking of had 170 searches per month BUT the search term YouTube for Business has 368,000 searches per month. If you are a dog groomer, make a video of each of the different grooming styles starting with a fluffy, hairy mess and turn them into a show dog!
The great thing is that you can send the video with your email description and let them see a bit of your personality with your answer!
So I redid the search with negatives included, so the search looks like dog pain -T- -yoga, which means search for dog pain but ignore yoga and T- before pain. It sounds like you are on the right track – let us know when you have your channel up so we can take a peek!!! What about a YouTube marketing strategy?I’m pretty sure that in 2016, the majority of marketers out there will answer with a resounding “yes” to the first question, but maybe a hesitant “no” for the second question.
There are some REALLY easy ways to figure out what to make videos of for your industry without having to figure ANYTHING out! What you want to do with YouTube for business videos is make a video that is going to be interesting or informative, NOT saley. You will be publishing a weekly blog, responding to your fans on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and all the rest. And it brings an overwhelming human touch to your brand – and it even works on CEOs, as this interview with Microsoft head honcho Satya Nadello demonstrates.3.

I will also share that video with my social media buddies which will increase likes, views and offer me credibility. I have to say that we have found that most small business owners earnestly make videos that are truly advertisements and not informational. Probably not.As far as your content marketing strategy goes, you will be doing well if you can tick off these things I just mentioned. But, this year, more than any others that have come before it (though probably not as much as those that will follow), video marketing is going to have to do more than “form part of” your content strategy. You’re going to need to have a completely separate strategy that’s just for your video output.Why? That’s right…Think like possibly the greatest presenters of new products the tech world has probably ever known.
Now, businesses are starting to wonder about getting into the social media thing, but don’t really know how. User Generated ContentNow, this one is a little harder to master – especially since you will be relying on your fans to create videos that showcase your product themselves. So, I was thinking, presenting the video idea in a way that people would want to see and learn something, that brought them to their site.
But what constitutes as video marketing?Well, that’s what we’ve put this blog post together to clarify.Indeed, video marketing is all well and good, but there needs to be variety to your output. So, think up a hashtag, make some entertaining YouTube videos where you take the idea of your product ‘outside of the box’, if you will, and hopefully you’ll get fans doing the exact same thing.
But my question, I’m feeling will come up will be, again, how many people are really going to see it.
In fact we’re sick of it, and if you think that you can get away with endless TV-commercial-style adverts to fill up your channel, then you can think again.No, today, the video marketer needs a video marketing strategy. The PromoFirst and foremost for the brand advertising themselves on YouTube is the promotional video.Now, the idea of these might reek a bit of the TV-commercial-style vids that I have only just warned you about. We made this video with our own video design (you can make your own version of this video here) and it actually drove a massive amounts of registrations on Shakr when we ran it as a Facebook advertisement.2.

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