Using an Interactive Marketing Campaign to Propel Your Business You are using an outdated browser. How to Plan Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Using Leaflet Delivery or Leaflet Distribution. Any good marketing campaign should start with a plan. Learn How to plan your next direct marketing campaign using direct mail and leaflet distribution.
Like any marketing action, planning your leaflet delivery campaign is essential in meeting the success of your direct mail results.
Planning involves a number of steps including setting your campaign objectives, through to defining your target audience, creating the offer, agreeing the budget, and setting up measurements to evaluate the success once the responses have all come in. The best start you can give to any campaign is to set clear objectives right at the start, and give yourself something to measure your success against later. Whatever you decide, you must be single-minded in constructing your campaign to achieve this objective. Not all customers are the same. Rather than send your entire customer base a direct mail campaign, identify specific customer groups and target accordingly. Every company has a list of their own customers and this is one of your most valuable assets.
The beauty of direct mail marketing is that you know enough about your audience to be able to make a personalised offer that they will be interested in reading about. Every good direct mail campaign should have an offer that is relevant to the audience, contributes to your business objectives, creates excitement and a sense of urgency, and is easy for people to take action or redeem. Make sure you take advantage of testing offers with your customer base to find out which work better.
If you are unable to create your own offer, consider working with another company to participate in your mailing. Offer your current customers an incentive to introduce their friends or family to your business. Customers appreciate rewards that are tailored to their shopping preferences and enjoy benefiting from enhanced discounts and member only perks.
Every direct mail campaign must have a ‘call to action’ to drive your audience to act on receipt on the mailing.
The more options you offer your audience to respond, the better, and always make your ‘call to action’ as strong as you can.
To help measure which response channel worked best, set up a unique campaign email address or phone number. Firstly, consider the value that one sale will make to your business (now and in the future). Printing costs – printing costs for the letter, brochure, envelope can be kept down if you keep the design simple and produce them on large quantities. Personalisation and Fulfilment – mailing houses charge for personalising letters and packing letters into envelopes but if you can print your campaign in-house, you can personalise and pack it in-house too.
Database expenses – Database rental and database cleaning can be expensive, tru and work with current database you have on your business.
Mailing postage – Postage is often the most expensive part of any direct mail campaign but with unadressed leaflet distribution you can cut the costs on printing, mailing, fulfilment and postage. Response budget – Depending on the response mechanism you want to use, include and amount for telephone set up costs, reply envelopes, postage and website landing page creation. For example, if the total investment is €600 to target 1,000 customers, and the value of one sale is €50 – then to achieve a positive return on investment, we will need to gain at least 12 new customers or a 1.2% response.
A direct mail campaign can be ready and mailed within a day to a few months depending on the size and complexity of the campaign.
What’s important is to choose the best possible timing for your campaign, consider seasonality, create deadlines and stick to them. For example, if you’re targeting business customers, avoid sending your campaign just before a bank holiday. Think about whether you’re going to target everyone at once, or deliver a portion a week at a time to help manage responses. There are a variety of metrics to evaluate the success of your direct mail marketing campaign including the response rate, cost per customer, lifetime value per customer, and break-even point.

Establishing accurate measurement tools such as promotion codes, vouchers or coupons cannot be overlooked when designing your direct mail campaign. For example, ask your customer to mention the coupon or read a promotion code when they sign up. Testing gives you the opportunity to find out your best audience and what offers generate the greatest response. You can test your audience by buying a small quantity of names from different lists and coding them accordingly. Ideally you should test as often as you can, because every time you do you might find an even better way to improve response and sales.
Our team of Direct Marketing and Advertising Experts are focused on servicing the needs of Ireland small and medium sized businesses.
With the capability to organize a targeted letterbox campaign to as little as 5.000 households or as many as 6 million, all in just 5 days, we are here to service your marketing needs. This article was posted in Business, Design, Development, Graphic Design, Leaflet Distribution, Marketing, Online Marketing, Web Design and tagged direct mail, direct marketing, how to, how to plan a direct mail campaign, plan a campaign, plan leaflet delivery, planning.
Fake potholes are placed on the road so drivers will think they are in store for a bumpy ride. In a recent auto guerrilla marketing effort to promote the newly redesigned Toyota Yaris, Toyota has come out with a Facebook campaign that integrates with your Facebook account and friends.
Check out this guerrilla marketing theatre seating setup which places steering wheels on the back of the seats, encouraging people to take the Skoda for a test drive before taking the Skoda for an actually test drive. To promote Mercedes Benz doors that open upwards, Mercedes has placed pictures of a Mercedes car with it’s doors wide open for a guerrilla marketing campaign using the windows of airplanes to make it look like the Mercedes is flying in the air toward you. In another guerrilla marketing example from the auto industry, check out this guerrilla marketing billboard for the Ford Mustang.
A guerrilla marketing direct mail ad that demonstrates the promptness and simplicity of the Mercedes-Benz windshield repair services already while opening it.
Stickers designed to look like exhausted tongues were randomly placed on the exhaust of cars aged 5 yars or older in order to create awareness and lead the target audience to USO Exhaust Centers. In another creative attention seeking guerrilla marketing car ad for Alfa Romeo, they stood a car upright as if it was placed in a shopping cart and displayed the art masterpiece in the middle of a mall.
As part of a promotion campaign during the Brussels car fair, Alfa Romeo had a pretty cool Alfa Romeo Auto Sale Guerrilla Marketing Ad and Sweepstakes where they encourage other people to post their car for sale on their guerrilla marketing car ad for a chance to win a new car.
A little time spent at the start of the campaign to plan, will ensure you get the best results at the end. Precise targeting will improve your response rates and your return on investment by only sending your campaign to people most likely to respond, making better use of your marketing budget. High value customers should be recognised and rewarded, while low value customers can be encouraged to become high value. No matter how cleverly worded, how beautifully produced or how strong the offer is, if you are not talking to the right people you’re not going to succeed. It costs on average six times more to acquire a new customer than to keep one you already have, so sorting out your own customer database is a top priority.
From discounts, early bird offers and special introductory prices to competitions, free gifts and samples, and free reports or white-papers for business customers. For example, some businesses find that offering a monetary discount (€20) versus a percentage discount (20%) can significantly increase the response rate. For example, by teaming up with a travel agent, you could offer a free holiday voucher with purchase of your product. For example, a local gym could offer existing members a class voucher for every friend they encourage to join the club.
For example, asking them to call or directing them to a website is a simple way of getting them to look at more information about you.
For example, you could include an order form for your customer to tear off and return, a pre-printed business reply envelope with Freepost address or a link to an online form or landing page on your website. You could include a short questionnaire or competition, or an option for customer to update their details. For example, if one sale is worth €50 in profit and you’re mailing 1,000 prospects, then a response of 2% will generate €1,000 in additional profits (20 sales x €50).

Or, if you are intending on a more dynamic pack that includes an elaborate offer it is easy for a project to run for several weeks. Why not do the leaflet delivery in advance of key financial points in the year so that your message arrives when budgets are being planned.
There’s nothing worse than a customer responding but not able to get through as customer service is overloaded! The purpose of leaflet distribution is ultimately to drive sales and encourage new business.
And, the most accurate ROI calculation takes into account a customer’s lifetime value, or the amount of sales generated by that customer over time.
Without them, you cannot truly determine if, and to what extent, your efforts were successful. Keep track each time a customer mentions or reads the code so that you can be sure they were responding to your letter, versus signing up on their own. If one offer shines more than another then you know that this is the offer to use in future. The marketing campaign using the bundle solution has been huge and we've been busy since day 1, and we are very thankful. Just accept the permissions of the app and pick 10 of your favorite friends on Facebook and the app will sync their updates to music. Or, why not offer your customer a good reason to upgrade their current product to the next in the range? The answer depends not simply on how much you have available, but also on the profit or benefit you expect to get out of it. The code should appear close to the call to action to make it easy for the respondent to find and quote.
29 Image: How to Build a Stress-Free and More Productive Workplace How to Build a Stress-Free and More Productive Workplace 29 What Role Do Entrepreneurs Have in an Economy?
Some corporation or other would decide they needed some brand exposure, so they would hire an outside marketing firm (or, if they had real clout, use their own marketing division) to put out newspaper ads, television commercials, and so on.
The public would consume these marketing materials, and provided they were worth anything in the first place, people would begin to buy whatever it was that had been marketed to them. Or perhaps you’re the owner of a coffee shop who needs a clever name for a new pastry or coffee roast.
Ask your Twitter followers to help you out – make it a contest and offer a prize for the top entries!Leveraging interactive marketing like this is a goldmine of opportunity. Communication between marketers and their audience began as a trickle, but as anyone with an ear for trends and pop culture knows, it soon became a flood. Your customers feel engaged and know they aren’t just walking wallets, and business owners get laser-targeted traffic, on the ground intelligence about trends and what people actually want to buy, and lots of time, effort, and money saved just by having a conversation. Maybe they just got pulled in by the marketing hype and weren’t really interested in you or your product at all.
A tiny minority always bit for real, though, and hooking those few seemed to be enough to keep the wheels of commerce turning.Interactive marketing like savvy entrepreneurs use now, though, is more like a magnet. When you take time to engage with your customer base on a personal and friendly level, involving them in your marketing efforts, business ideas, and so forth, you don’t have to go to them. Now, nothing will save a terrible business or business idea from ruin, but if you’ve got a solid operation behind you, people will flourish on the interactivity you offer them.
Which would you rather use?An Open Door PolicyThe last great thing about interactive marketing campaigns is that they aren’t time-bound. What’s more, your customers can shop with you at those times, too, provided you have the relevant infrastructure in place.
A couple of hours is all it takes to keep your business up and running profitably twenty-four hours a day, three-hundred sixty-five days a year.

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