The one industry that has always been a hot cake in the corporate sector is advertising industry.
Since advertising agencies are in high demand so obviously there is a huge demand of professionals to work acquisitively in these advertising agencies. These high-level professionals are responsible for creating the actual ads and so they work as a core for any advertising agency. These are the job profiles which are served by junior most professionals in the medical associations. Marketing can be regarded the most important component of any business without which no business can achieve success.
In last two decades, these companies have gained immense popularity and are in quite high demand in the corporate with raise in competition on all fronts for the businesses. Marketing business hierarchy has been explained below in three simple levels – Administrative, Strategic as well as Operational level. This is at the topmost position in the marketing business hierarchy and possesses professionals who are answerable for the administrative work for the company. As the name implies the actual execution of the plans of the higher level authorities is the duty of these professionals. These are the lowest level employees and usually work on the targets or duties assigned to them by mid level authorities. This continues the analysis presented in the MicroData Not Ready For Primetime article previously published.
When you look at the type schema you see close to 300 metadata elements that can describe various entities (called Things here). There is lot of specificity in a few categories such as Local Businesses, Civic Structures and Events.
Persons — Metadata includes title, awards, affiliations, family relationships, personal information and contact information. Let’s take a look at each of these seven categories in a little more detail to see what might be valuable to a B2B marketing executive.
The properties available in the Creative Works category are metadata elements used to describe all the elements of a piece of creative work. Eleven properties are available in the Events category for describing web pages that contain event information. The four properties available in the Intangibles category describe dynamic or intangible data. The 16 properties available in the Organizations category are for classifying data elements that deal with common company information.
There are 27 properties available in the Persons category for classifying data elements about a person. The 12 properties in the Places category describe unique locations such as a building or a landform. The seven properties in the Products category are for describing the elements of a product.
Given the prominent role that products play in Internet commerce, I was surprised at how few properties there are, and I think this will be an issue for successfully deploying the MicroData standard.
To be fair, some of these properties are found in the Intangibles category, such as price and seller property.
The second problem with this category is there are no subcategories at all for the Products group.

These taxonomies exist for a reason: They work for both the website owner and the consumer.
One of the Local Businesses subcategories called Stores has 30 subcategories in its group alone.
Business names could be used to complement what is missing in the Product category, but it’s far from optimal. For example, being able to define a table, having it survive the indexing process intact as a single entity and returning it as a single search result is certainly valuable. When you look at the subcategories for most of the above groups, it’s easy to see how the MicroData specification is of value, especially the Local Business category.
However, the lack of definition in the Product category makes this a less-than-compelling tool for those firms that sell brick and mortar products through their websites. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. We think we have four tickets spare for the Money in Mobile forum on 14th June due to some last minute changes of travel plans. You will get to meet with senior people from companies playing leading roles in making mobile a business necessity.
You will hear from ten businesses out of the 48 entrants who will make a case to be the winner of our Money in Mobile Award. If you are making things happen in mobile – either as an entrepreneur or adopter of technology – you will fit right in. Almost all the companies and organizations look forward for the marketing and advertising of their products as well as services and so they need good, exquisite and expectant advertising agencies to perform this task for them in an adequate and amorous manner. Moreover the interest of youngsters has also increased immensely in the advertising job titles. Marketing business hierarchy portrays all the levels of management and supervision in any marketing activity firm. The approach chosen is of chronological order that means the topmost level with its titles have been placed at the top of the hierarchy while the lowest one is at the end. The entire decision making process and power is under these professionals and these are quite well experienced professionals of the marketing field. Their job duties include formulating the strategy to implement the plans of higher authorities, taking care of the rest of the team, managing clients and their queries and taking care of many more such strategic job responsibilities. Here, I break down the MicroData hierarchy into three levels so marketing professionals can review each category to see what value it can bring to future marketing, content and SEO initiatives. Two of these categories have real implications for local and mobile SEO because of the richness of the metadata.
Examples include the format of a book, the condition of an item, the price, the availability and the seller of the item.
A large number of the properties focus on contact information, company facts and employees.
You find properties that describe organizational affiliations, alumni status, job title, nationality and the name of the person’s spouse.

When you review business websites in any number you see a handful of very defined groups of people. These properties include specifying a brand name, the manufacturer’s name and product identification numbers, to name a few.
It’s almost impossible to find a shopping site that does not have a product taxonomy that is used to navigationally organize company’s wares.
This section really needs to be expanded in the next version of the MicroData specification. Local Business (part of Organizations) is one example with 27 subgroups that break down into 120 categories. For example there is no Internet, Software or Technology categories in the existing taxonomy. Being able to define an image as a chart or an Excel table would also be useful, but these data types are not supported.
For example, the properties in Local Business provide more markup opportunities for your local SEO strategy.
This will be presented to the company who in the opinion of the judges has the greatest potential to make money for customers.
These senior professionals take into consideration all the aspects of a project, ranging from the initial creative design finalizing through execution and delivery.
These are the professional who are not that well famous among people but these are those people who have contacts with the suppliers of various creative media. These companies take care, specifically, of the marketing projects and related queries of their clients and deal only in marketing as well as promotional activities of their clients. These companies may work on both permanent as well as contract basis for a client. Their work is more of regular or monthly goals type assigned to them by their team leaders.
Here you see that three levels are associated with Local Business, while the Persons and Product groups have no subcategories.
For example, if you are putting on several presentations at trades shows, these can be called out individually.
Beyond this the properties are what you would expect: maps, photos, address and telephone numbers. There is value in specifying a structured data element if you have complex web pages with tables, graphs and text.
These all cannot be explained here so a well-customized group of job positions is being described here in brief for a better understanding explanation of the hierarchy of advertising jobs.
These professionals are specialized in their own fields and work assisting their seniors for their related fields. Though these professionals are at inferior level but that does not decreases their significance in the advertising job hierarchy. Having a named subgroup that includes more than one individual makes more sense because this reflects current common practice on the Internet.

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