Are You Using One of the 3 Forbidden Phrases?There are certain phrases that, if used in your advertising, will guarantee that your advertising results will be terrible and yes—I do guarantee that you are using them in your ads right now.
What is the Power Marketing Consultants Network?The Power Marketing Consultants Network is the number one international marketing network in the world.
The Virtual Marketing DepartmentPower Marketing's Virtual Marketing Department offers your business the opportunity to outsource your marketing efforts for one monthly and affordable fee.
Consultants are understandably skittish about marketing – especially overt methods of marketing. The vast majority of consultants don’t have prospective clients knocking on their doors – and they can’t afford to wait. As consultants, we would much rather have prospects call us and seek us out.  Our dream was to have a steady flow of serious prospects knocking on our doors with cash in hand.
Some consultants are able to realize this goal, at least in part, by building their reputations through speaking and writing.  By speaking at industry events, writing articles for industry publications and blogs, authoring books in their field and being quoted in the media, these consultants are well known within their fields and often do have prospects waiting to hire them.
You may be hoping that more networking and improvements to your website and online marketing will help you generate leads.  These activities can help, but they are passive – and your results will be slow and inconsistent. At some point, you will need to reach out to your prospects on a one-to-one basis.  You will need to pick up the phone, write a letter or send an email – and connect with the people who actually buy what you sell.
I know this is not what most of you want to hear.  I know this is not in your comfort zone. But here’s the good news:  When you make your initial contact, you don’t have to sell anything.
If possible during this first contact, you also want to find out whether there is an actual need or interest for your service.  Again, this will be covered later. If you decide to use direct mail, a short letter is all you need to introduce yourself.  But in order to get feedback from your prospects, you’ll need an offer – some type of informational piece that will help to answer your prospects’ questions or concerns, and at the same time, will tell you a little bit about their needs or interests.
It’s easy to get bogged down on the details of your follow-up plan, but the most important part of it is consistency.
There are many things you can do to improve your marketing and sales efforts, but direct outreach is going to produce the fastest results.  It’s not always the easiest or most comfortable path, but it will really help you get things started. An educational offer is a white paper that provides answers or solutions to a problem your audience is likely having. Get FREE ACCESS to our 7 day training and learn strategies to grow your business, land more clients and increase your income. Consulting Success is the leading consulting blog on the net that helps consultants become more successful in their work and lives. We asked over 10,000 consultants how they market their services, what is and isn’t working for them, and other juicy details about their consulting business.
But since 74% of survey respondents earn less that $100K per year from consulting, it could well be that networking and referrals are exactly what the strugglers are doing (I suspect that’s the case for networking.
It could also be that the high earners are doing one or two of the less popular activities. There may be some disagreement about the most effective methods, but what about the least effective i.e.
I’d be interested in seeing a cut of the data to see if there is any difference between what the high earners do and the lower earners. For the next group, I expanded the criteria to include people making between $200,000 and $2M.

Totally agree with Ian, it shows whats popular and based on those stats it isn’t working that well at all.
Many are very happy to be earning a comfortable return below $100K and actually avoid major stressful projects. Now not all consultants are in this demographic group but my own research would indicate the number is significant. I am active in a number of global non profit networks and I would say the average consultant in those groups is male around 55 y.o. Cloud based tools like diagnostics, gap analysis, bench marking have allowed me to automate the non value adding steps like collecting information, to focus on the bits that add value like – advice.
I know this is 10 months old, but some great data and a great infograph you put together, Michael. There are many options when it comes to hiring a Lancaster internet marketing firm in Pennsylvania.
The first thing we do for Lancaster, Pennsylvania businesses is take a look at what currently exists. Once we have all of these things broken down, we will then look at how we can improve your presence online.
You can hire us to consult with you and teach you how to marketing your company through our internet marketing training course. Normally, we keep the commentary on our blog related to the microcosm of internet marketing and how it can help your business succeed. Tomorrow, December 2, ProspectMX is partnering with the League of Lancaster Bicyclists (LLB) to gather toy donations for a local non-profit group. The Social Media Marketing RodeoIf you've ever been to a rodeo, you know that one angry bull can be a lot to manage.
As I'm sure everyone's blogging about today, the big news is that once again, Twitter was the first media platform to report breaking news: the NASA probe Phoenix found water on Mars AND brought it back for extensive scientific testing. Please click here to send us an email and we’ll arrange a time to hear your challenge, share our capabilities and answer questions.
Our network is comprised of some of the most successful marketing firms anywhere, including several industry experts, vertical marketing specialists, business coaches, and best-selling authors and speakers.
Concluded the above but felt quite alone in my thoughts that this would be an effective as just came to this conclusion recently and uncertain about how to follow up. Packed with strategies, techniques and action steps to help you land more clients and increase your income. The blog includes hundreds of articles, case studies, videos, interviews and products for consultants by consultants. As you say Bob, it might still be that they don’t do much so it will be difficult to tell. What it does show is that most consultants spend most of their available time networking or chasing after referrals. As a next step, it would be interesting to find out, why certain methods dominate and others are hardly used at all. While the data seems to point to that, personal experience (for my companies and those of colleagues) direct mail and print advertising have been very effective at one point or another.
As with the rest of the groups, this one also found Referrals to be their most effective marketing method.

Although having a self directed lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean a lower income, it does mean different approaches are needed. What it means is that you will have a web site that is found when people search for keyword phrases that relate to your product or service. Contact us via the form on the right and we’ll give you a call to see how we can help! All of the members of our network have been specially trained to use the proprietary Power Marketing Program which is a proven, scientific approach to marketing, that virtually guarantees your dominance in your marketplace. When editing photos you can crop, rotate and resize and, if required, add effects like sepia tones, red eye reduction as well as the ability to change the hue, saturation and brightness levels plus more. Since there are so few high earners, what they’re doing differently is masked by the mass of lower earners. And a smaller number that use publicity (particularly getting interviewed by the media as an expert) to great effect. Since most of them do not, yet (?), spend much time on other marketing activities, these activities, obviously, cannot produce a reasonable income.
Is it because consultants simply follow the footsteps and more time-tested methods of their mentors, or are there other reasons behind it? So I’m guessing they building a brand and their expert positioning in the marketplace.
Your point is valid and I agree that the best results in marketing are achieved when you apply a proven process in a customized way that suits your buyers in the best way possible and provides them with the most value and strongest positioning.
Again, a great opportunity presents itself for those willing to invest in themselves and their business. If the goal is to show a trend or results then once you reach enough responses it should provide an indication that is stable and won’t change drastically if more people took the survey. Once they find you, they will provide you with their information because of our lead generation strategies.
I’m working on an article that will cover this topic in more detail and will publish it on this site soon. I would also be very interested in knowing the return on investment for each marketing approach. If your survey is to gather client feedback, having that come in on an on-going basis is worthwhile and in fact we do this in one of our businesses – continual and constant feedback is a good thing. The true bottom line is more revenue from internet marketing for your business with our Lancaster SEO services. So, the question for me is: What would happen, if you spent more time on other marketing activities?
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