I have a lot of people visit my website and then contact me to ask if the online marketing consultant rates and fees being charged to them are fair. I’m always honest with my clients and want to state that my hourly and project fees are not the cheapest.
You want to make sure you hire an individual with enough experience to properly do the job while still not overpaying for that experience.
Are looking for a new website, re-design of an existing website, help with your search engine optimization efforts, or a manager for the paid-per-click campaign?
All of these types of work require different levels of expertise and factor into the hourly or project rate you will pay an online marketing consultant.
Are you looking to have a project turned around quickly or do you have time to work within the consultants schedule? Larger projects usually come at a discount, as does a relationship that is going to be longer term. I trailer all of my clients marketing plan based upon their business model, industry competitiveness, and the factors listed above. Even if your business is running smoothly currently, there’s always room to better your business. Incredible business success could be as easy as knowing you’re on the right track (or knowing how to get on the right track). We advise you to do more than just blindly throwing advertisements out there hoping to attract customers. Our clients typically see growth of more than 25% per year, with many reaching increased sales growth of more than 300% per year. Stop guessing about your marketing and start profiting with consulting from Four Step Marketing. Any time you have a business or a brand you want to grow; implementing a proper marketing campaign is a must.
Marketing is essential for any business today, as it helps to build brands while also expanding the total reach you have with potential customers, fans or clients. A marketing consultant is a professional who is well-versed in the most current marketing tactics that will bring your company the most success based on the type of business or brand you want to build.
With the rapid expansion of the Internet and social media,there are hundreds of different platforms available for marketing today.

Working with a professional marketing consultant allows you to learn more about reaching your audience with a real and genuine voice. Marketing blogger Ricky Bullford writes about the advantages of using a marketing group to advertise and grow your business. Led by Certified Professional Business Coach Joel Klein, CPBC, with over 15 years experience, IMBC assists CEOs, senior management teams, boards, and business owners who are serious about growth and success.
IMBC has practical and extensive management knowledge, world-class business acumen, access to global expertise and leading business research to bring to the table.
To develop and maintain a pattern of constant growth, you need to identify the challenges and strengths of your business so you can take more focused actions. I’ve decided to write this article to help you better understand what is fair and how a consultant may determine their fees. What do you think is one of the biggest differentiating factors that determine what you should be paying?
Maybe you are looking to launch a new internet business and need a consultant to help walk you through the ins and outs of starting a successful internet business? A new website by itself may cost you more than a contract to design the same website and have a monthly maintenance contract with the consultant to help improve your SEO efforts. I would love to learn more about your industry and company to develop a plan that helps grow your online presence! Examining your marketing yourself from the inside can’t always provide you with the information you need to achieve outstanding results like an outside marketing consultant can. We go the extra mile to target just the right prospects for your business in the right way. Call Four Step Marketing toll free at # for a 30 minute no obligation marketing consultation to learn more about the Four Step Marketing Method and how it can take your business to success.
This Sales & Marketing resume produced EXCELLENT RESULTS in today's competitive job market.
It delivers strategic branding and an unique selling proposition that won this Marketing professional several interviews in a tough job market! If you don’t have any marketing or advertising experience, working together with a professional marketing consultant is one way to ensure your company is taken to the next level. Marketing helps others to recognize and remember your brand with vivid and appealing campaigns that are also relevant to your target audience.

A consultant reviews your current business model as well as your consumer base to determine the best course of action.
Using online marketing is highly recommended for every type of business, from developed corporations to startup companies that are just getting off the ground. When you work with a professional company who specializes in marketing, it is also possible to have videos and other interactive advertisements created for you, all in one location. With IMBC at your side, you have the advantage of professional business guidance, practical mentoring, as well as well-developed business and marketing strategies that will enable your business to rise above the daily challenges. I will be discussing some of the factors that play a role in developing a fee structure, as well as give you an idea of what I charge to my clients to use as a comparison when shopping around. When making your decision to hire a consultant you need to take a lot of factors into account, some of which are listed below. But, I am giving you an example of what you could expect to be charged by an online marketing consultant.
Instead of HOPING your marketing methods work, why not consult with Four Step Marketing to learn the marketing methods that WILL work for your business? Understanding your target demographic is one of the main tasks that every consultant must grasp in order to help develop a marketing campaign for your business.
With this information, they will be able to develop new marketing campaigns that will work best with any goals you have set in place.
Marketing ranges from implementing print, television and radio ads to utilizing online social networking communities to create a voice for your brand. Using a professional marketing firm with years of experience developing high-quality images, marketing campaigns and videos is a way for you to truly take any business or brand to the next level.Knowing the benefits of working with a consultant in marketing can give you an advantage over any other company or brand that you are up against in your industry.
The salary of someone with two years experience will be much lower on this spectrum than that of an experienced consultant with five, ten or fifteen years experience. Putting online methods of marketing to use is ideal as it is often more affordable and gives you the ability to reach a much wider audience. Online marketing includes utilizing social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and even Tumblr to help build a solid following of fans and customers who are genuinely interested in your brand and what it has to offer.

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