BLC have over 90 years experience working with the leather industry and the leather supply chain, we have the technical pedigree in leather technology and manufacturing processes to offer our customers fast, accurate solutions for their technical, management or environmental leather problems or requirements. BLC management consulting services offer customers with cost saving, water saving and energy saving solutions and our team of experts can provide recommendations on improvements to leather manufacturing processes. A wide range of other business development and marketing services are also available, including supply chain support covering all aspects of leather product sourcing and sale, supplier audits, due diligence audits for tannery acquisition, valuations, insurance claims and industry statistics. The need to understand and meet shoppers needs has increased in importance over recent years. TPG have developed the industry leading solutions in shopper marketing, through the leadership of industry programs in the US and Europe. Shopper Marketing Strategy: Building a vision and roadmap for your organization, including identifying and prioritizing the resources required to to building shopper marketing capability. Shopper Segmentation: Defines the specific segments that comprise the retailer’s shopper base, their lifestyle and lifestage characteristics and their shopper behavior required to define the target shopper segments for the retailer. Shopper Marketing Platform Development: The development of big ideas that can be campaigns to communicate to shoppers, leveraging the appropriate retailer and supplier brands. Collaborative Shopper Marketing: The selection of appropriate suppliers to co-develop shopper marketing plans, using the target shoppers of chosen brands to enhance store loyalty for the retailer.
Organization Development : Building an end-to-end capability to embed the new Shopper Marketing work, including integrating into the core business processes from brand planning to buying and.
I teach small business owners how to outthink, out-market and out-sell their competition, and I will help your business find $10,000 in 45 min.
Finding Fitness Experts is easy by searching our trusted network of top-rated Fitness Experts. This site uses cookie including third parties cookies which helps us provide and improve our services.
To fulfill our clients' strategy planning, we provide a deep and extended view of market data.
Marketing Blueprint Analysis – Phoenix ONE Sales and Marketing management team will analyze your market, customers, competitors, and sales channels. Phoenix ONE Marketing consulting services will create a tentative sales plan (including recommendations on your sales platforms) and a marketing blueprint. No matter the size of your business, Phoenix ONE provides clients with a complete outsourced marketing department for all their marketing programs, planning and sales strategies. WHY NOT outsource marketing and sales planning. We work with you and develop strategic & powerful marketing and sales platforms to build and grow business. We understand budget requirements. What good is the best plan, if you cannot afford it ? We understand that fact and we make all budgets fit the solution!
NEXT Differentiation Analysis: To be successful, YOUR company MUST differentiate Itself and YOUR Products from All Other Competitors, thus obtaining a unique position in the marketplace. Your brand, your messages and your words are the foundation of who you are and what you do.

These are excellent types of issues for marketing planning, development and implementation.
Marketing and business development are not disparate but rather integrated processes with defined and complementary roles.
We address these and the integration of marketing and business development by exploring a wide variety of options based on the business goals of the firm, practice group or individual partner. Successful business development strikes an intellectual and personal connection between the client and the individual attorney, their expertise and the professional services offered by their firm. In most professional services firms 5% to 7% of the equity partners develop the lion’s share of business for the firm.
Most marketing consulting engagements begin with meetings and discussions to fully understand the challenge at hand.
We augment our marketing plan service by providing individual partner coaching, practice group consulting and ongoing marketing consulting with firms.
For some firms, the best way to gather internal marketing intelligence is to gather marketing preferences from partners.
We work with professional services firms to develop customized client feedback and retention programs.
Extreme Marketing has a ten-year history of successfully assisting law firms and practice groups penetrate specific markets and non-clients with our Market Penetration Research SM -Targeted Programs to Win New Clients process.
Internal Communications Programs – including developing specific information and materials to motivate and communicate to professional services staff at all levels.
As in the other areas of our business, our design team works to understand your industry, your market and your target audience as the foundation for developing powerful design that helps persuade, motivate and connect. Shopper Marketing is the use of insights–driven marketing and merchandising initiatives to satisfy the needs of targeted shoppers, enhance their shopping experience, and improve brand equity and business results for retailers and suppliers.
TPG will review your current practices and effectiveness, highlight best practices, and identify the size of prize for new capability areas. We will then  review with you and provide a complete analysis of your strengths, weaknesses and competitive pressures. In your marketing blueprint, Phoenix ONE creates and provides you a variety of approaches to estimating market demand, analyzing buyer behavior, exploring competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and evaluating new product ideas.
Phoenix ONE’s Sales and Marketing auditor can provide all the help you need in growing your business and creating an ROI marketing program. It’s all the things trusted professionals do to create more and better opportunities for one-on-one, face-to-face meetings with their clients.
With design services, our goal is to visually express your strategies through strong visual communications.
Strategic marketing should be based on clients’ or targeted prospects’ business problems focusing on solutions. While marketing and visibility assist in the business development process, it takes a direct approach to generate new matters.

In our experience, helping these rainmakers expand their book of business is one of the most productive ways to leverage marketing and business development dollars. In many situations, this may involve one or two planning meetings before we can prepare recommendations. In these situations, we work with a small group of partners to develop a needs analysis and then work on developing a specific and measurable marketing plan to address these needs.
We’ve customized marketing preferences surveys for practice groups, whole firm, and for specific groups of partners. We have interviewed hundreds of in-house counsel and corporate executives on behalf of our clients to identify service dimensions and preferences. For a retailer, it is vital that they fully understand their own shopper segments, to enable them to effectively plan at a corporate, department and category level to better meet the needs of the retailer’s targeted shopper segments. We will also provide recommended tactical and strategic objectives to complete our SWOT Analysis on your company.
The Sales Plan provides the Roadmap to achieve sales growth.  Phoenix One Sales will match your sales and growth objectives to the right marketing program elements. Marketing efforts might include tactics such as websites, social media, articles, conference presentations, webinars, blogs, press mentions and industry surveys.
In other situations, we work with firms to interview a cross-section of partners and staff about their needs and concerns before providing recommendations. We help codify goals in written marketing plans that are SMART- specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-deadline stated.
As part of our Marketing Preferences survey service, we tabulate data and prepare a written analysis of results. We work with firms to assimilate client-specific information into their marketing and training programs. Business Plans, Sales Plans, Marketing Plans combined to achieve Sales and Marketing Success. The marketing plan becomes a road map to follow to achieve goals and measure milestones along the way.
We also provide client feedback training programs to help partners embrace concepts such as active listening, gender listening and process for gathering and synthesizing client information.
We’ve created marketing plans for individual lawyers, practice groups, offices and for specialty products and services.

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