Integrated Marketing Communication or IMC is the use of different promotional methods to achieve the objectives of a marketing campaign. Direct Investment:- The Ultimate form of foreign involvement is direct ownership of foreign based assembly in manufacturing facilities. The Only Done-For-You Marketing And Lead Generation Service For Serious Real Estate Investors. Sign up to speak with one of our sales associates and find out which package is right for you.
In fact, postage rates are changing as costs makes it harder to profit and if you’re not clear about your target market and how to stand out. The right message is crucial and must get to target prospect in the right way on a frequent follow-up sequence. Let’s focus and talk about how to use direct mail marketing so its geared towards your full advantage. Direct mail marketing is one of the most common and recognised forms of awareness or engagement with a brand. This direct measurement of direct mail marketing is often achieved by using a specific lead generation ad. In the digital space you’d leverage a specific landing page, which is specifically designed for the traffic source going to your website.
Direct mail campaigns are generally organised geographically and sent to all postal customers in an area or to all customers on a list. It is posted mail which advertises your business and its products and services. Direct mail marketing campaigns encourage engagement with good relationship building. Get focused on improving customer response rates by precisely tailoring messages to target audiences, empowering prospective customers to read your advertising without being distracted by competing advertising. A reliable, accurately defined mailing list and quality mail advertising improves the open rates of response to your direct mail marketing. You can buy lists of addresses in the postcodes you want to send direct mail to or lists of customers who have opted-in to receive offers from third parties.
You don’t want to cut corners on research, your presentation and design are crucial because you want to get the highest conversions right?
Engage a designer and brief them on the end result you want so you can design your direct mail marketing material for greatest impact and for your particular target audience.
Limited offers with promotional incentives such as discounts can improve response rates, but make sure you have the budget to deliver on your discounted offers. Always follow-up with a second direct mail marketing or telemarketing if your advertising spend allows, because you keep your customers’ attention on your products and services.
Know your responsibilities before undertaking any direct mail marketing because here in Australia you must understand legislation on collecting and holding personal information.
Direct mail marketing campaigns are often responsible for holding information records that are protected by privacy rights regulations.
The National Privacy Principles (NPP) on Australian Government’s privacy website explain how businesses should collect, use, secure and disclose information about individuals. Taken into consideration the huge success direct mail marketing has and the availability of computers, these can be used as a powerful marketing tool for your continued success. You can see how direct mail marketing can empower you to find local or even nation wide target market to send letters or postcards…and bring in new leads, clients and customers. Use direct mail marketing to establish your brand, increase walk-in-traffic and deliver relevant targeted offers promoting products, services, grand openings or special events.
If you own or operate a retail business (brick-and-mortar store) and you’re planning a promotion, you want your offer to be time sensitive (Limited Time ONLY) for 3-7 days. You want to create a sense of urgency with value to a real purpose using reason why marketing bear in mind and consider the time frame to encourage people to buy now.
Testing, tracking, measuring and fine-tuning your marketing campaign allows you to get savvy with much better sales results and therefore lowering overall cost of each campaign. Ok, now you’ve got that off your chest, here’s a clear and powerful way to help customers feel like they are getting personal attention and keep them from blocking your number!
You can put together an honest, personal and effective telemarketing campaign that is endearing, informative and gets the job done. When selling by telephone, you have approximately thirty seconds to convince the customer to listen to you.
You need an opening statement which captures their attention, conveys who you are, what you want and why the prospect should listen. It’s easy to see how direct mail marketing and telemarketing can positively boost sales and impact your business profits by bringing in new customers. It’s a constant process of defining and refining, matching offers to the right customer by increasing the level of awareness about your products, services and company branding. Getting people to respond to direct mail marketing or advertising means using a strategy, so many companies include coupons in their postcard mailers and flyers to encourage prospective customers to come in, book an appointment or schedule a consultation. Direct mail coupons must be perceived as being valuable, so what if customers don’t feel that your coupons actually serve any real benefit to them? Firstly, they may not actually respond and as a result, you want to carefully craft your offer.

Remember you want to match your offer to the customer, which represents value, without going broke or putting your company into a serious financial disadvantage. Direct mail coupons need to attract attention and stand out, as with any other direct mail offer, appearance actually matters here. This goes back to working with a direct mail designer to get the best possible look for your coupons, and you’re more likely to see far greater results if every detail ties in with offer. People are drawn into eye-catching offers and the better your direct mail coupons look at conveying your offer in context to matching your customers interest the better your overall response rates. You may not want to offer a 50% discount six months from now, so including a deadline is a good idea in terms of your response rate and financial health of your business, does that make sense? Direct mail coupons can be a significant way to encourage new customers and reactivate existing customers to return to your business. Direct mail marketing can be expensive, bear in mind you want to be clear and fully understand your customer lifetime value. Through a successful direct mail marketing campaign you can quickly and easily offset costs and skyrocket business profits (including able to crush and out spend competition by advertising consistently). The bottom line is the key to success is in your structure and strategy, if you approach marketing with correct planning, you enjoy much better returns on investment (ROI).
The great debate these past few years is which communication method works better – Mail or E-mail.  There are pros and cons to everything, including this topic. While Email is cheap, fast and an easy testing medium, it is also known for spam where every email other than from your friends or family is deleted.  Emails are also usually limited in creativity, the message is short, and it’s hard to find great email lists. 91% of Canadians are likely to open an item that comes in the mail if it looks official or important, 90% if they recognize the sender and 89% if it looks interesting or intriquing. Direct mail campaigns can be used to generate leads, promote special offers, support other campaigns, communicate with customers and raise your visibility in your market. Your direct mail campaign ideas can be very simple or wildly creative depending on your goals. Direct mail can be an efficient medium for your company if you focus on strategic, targeted mailings instead of large bulk mail campaigns, which draw very low response rates at much higher costs than online marketing. Quickly introduce your value proposition; invite prospects to call or visit your website to view a demo, download a special report, or request a quote. Mail a quarterly “industry update” or case study with graphs and reference info – more than you’d be able to provide in an email newsletter. Develop a piece that delivers a compelling case for your current customers to buy related products and services.
Include a strong call-to-action; encourage customers to call or visit your website to learn more and buy.
Or, develop a piece that delivers a compelling case for your current customers to buy related products and services. When you use the right strategy and execution, direct mail can be a strong addition to your marketing arsenal.
You design each piece to grab attention, convey a simple message and move the prospect toward action.
You test your mailings and tweak the headlines, envelopes or offers to increase response, and you use targeted and current lists. Sometimes they’re spur-of-the moment; you know you could do a better job of planning ahead and focusing your message. You don’t really test your campaigns and try to improve results, but your response rates are acceptable. The mailpiece and postage was expensive and contained a lot of information, yet it didn’t generate the response you planned. You had counted on it generating a lot of leads that you ended up having to find elsewhere. Create a free account in our marketing planning and management web app for step-by-step guidance.
Make sure your direct mail campaign is tied to the goals you’ve set out in your marketing plan. Tie your campaign to a specific objective – for example, the number of responses you need or the number of customers you want to generate. Narrow your audience as much as you can – you’ll be able to speak more directly to your prospects with better results. First determine how much copy you’ll need, what kind of graphics or photography you’ll include, how to promote the offer, etc.
Make sure you plan how your piece will be folded, stuffed, addressed, stamped, mailed, etc.
Mail is a terrific media for testing – you can select a random set of records from your list, send your mailing, measure your response, then tweak the mailing and send it to another subset. The Marketing MO planning app is your behind-the-scenes Chief Marketing Officer, a comprehensive resource that will improve your overall business, whether it’s a consulting practice, start up, or mid-size company. For todaya€™s B-to-B and B-to-C marketers, data is one of the most valuable intellectual properties.
Facebooka€™s IPO is predicted to be so hugely successful largely because of its profile information database and opportunities for licensing some of its parts to other marketers.

In the meantime, marketers, who capture data through cross-channel marketing, can apply data analytics, predictive and behavioral modeling to advanced variable data marketing that can be used to personalize both print and digital tactics to effectively market to both existing and prospective customers.
At the core of the strongest customer relationship management (CRM), loyalty programs and outbound marketing initiatives is data marketing that incorporates predictive analytics.
Alison Jobson is a chartered marketer and Director of Devon-based marketing agency, Straight Marketing Limited. The Legal StuffStraight Marketing Limited is registered in England and Wales with registered number 07997497.
Here's a combination resume sample for an Executive in Account Management, focusing on integrated direct marketing and analysis. Camille's resume and almost all of the others in this collection resume examples were created using professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume builder.
Camille hired a professional resume writer on Susan Ireland's Resume Team to write her resume, based on the guidelines in my 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume.
Filed under Executive Management Resume Samples, Marketing Resume Samples and tagged Age Discrimination, Combination Resume Samples, Promotions, Same Career Path, Self-Employed, Short-Term Jobs. It is a strategic marketing process specifically designed to ensure that all the messaging and communication strategies are centered around the customer. Ask your friends and family what they hate most about the telemarketing calls they get and work hard to craft your plan in a better way. Here’s a quick guide to the pros and cons of direct mail and email to help you choose the right way to contact prospects and build your business. Even though many companies have turned to social media, email and internet marketing, a targeted and well-produced mail campaign can still be highly effective. Once you’ve defined the content you’ll need to achieve your goals, start the design process. You can improve the list targeting, your offer, the envelope design, the copy and the design itself. Mail can be a substantial investment and it should produce a return that is as great or better than your other media. When tackling any new marketing task, have confidence that we have your back – with the structure and detail you need to get things done right. Of course, this introduces a whole host of privacy issues that, no doubt, will lead to new privacy regulations. Rather than a calculated guess, predictive and behavioral analytics allows marketers to rely on real data that presents consumer preferences, online behavior, previous purchases, how much is spent, where they shop, etc.
Today we were the recipients of a great direct mail piece from Pirate FM which we just had to share.
Alison spent 13 years working in-house for a number of professional service firms advising and developing marketing communications programmes and business development strategies. This job seeker is transitioning from self-employment to employee, which can be a tricky career move. Because self-employment didn't work out for her, she is seeking work as an employee once again within the industry where she has already achieved success. The three skill headings used under Online Solutions Inc fully support her job objective in Account Management.
Camille wanted to list early relevant jobs without giving the dates for those jobs so she wouldn't face age discrimination in the hiring process. Grew to more than 30 clients and established Online Solutions as the leading provider of premium email marketing services. Instead, start your direct mail campaign should with an introduction via mail, then perhaps a followup phone call from a sales rep and a demo delivered via email. For example, if you’re promoting a software demo, explain what the demo will help them learn and why they should request it now.
She set up Straight Marketing in 2010 to help small to medium sized businesses raise profile, win new customers and increase sales. Instead of using the job title "Owner," she used "Independent Consultant" to downplay her self-employment.
To make her look more like a fast-tracker than a job-hopper, she listed her two promotions together right under Online Solutions Inc on page one.
So, she created a subsection called "Additional experience" where she could include those jobs without listing dates. For that reason, her Education section is at the end of her resume rather than near the top. Touch on the key benefits, but don’t muddy your message by including every detail about the software and the history of your company. Marketing professionals can use this kind of detailed segmentation information to deliver personalized and unique messages to their customers regardless of channel. Because a prospective employer may assume a self-employed person will be hard to manage because she is used to being in charge.

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