Following on from our recent blog post looking at B2B marketing predictions for 2016 we take a further look at email marketing. This year B2B Marketing trends have focused mainly on content, marketing automation and mobile marketing.
Email marketing is a cornerstone of marketing automation, and one of the most effective direct marketing strategies out there. B2B marketing is plagued by two types of email disengagement: the “blanket unsubscribe” and the “emotional unsubscribe”.
McRae and Company is Scotland’s most experienced specialist in marketing automation and demand generation. Taurus Responsive Newsletter Template is a set of Metro style email templates, It can be use for any product or any type of your campaign like E-commerce, Affiliate, Promotional, News and much more. Email Marketing campaign, one of the most direct and efficient way to promote your products and services online. To ease the company owner, we have just added a great offering - email marketing campaign service.
Facebook has been a very effective and efficient way to share information and get its user and brand exposure.
If you have overlooked on our previous update, you can now view it on the following articles. January 2011 Newsletter - How long does it takes to get your company & product listed in Google? Lanka E-Marketing is a young, spear headed multi-model internet Media Company creating new revelations in the Internet advertising space in Sri Lanka and it is the most advanced and targeted solution for all kind of e-solutions catering to small medium businesses to enterprise level. Email marketing is the latest trend in advertising media and the best way to promote your business, product or brand awareness locally or globally.

Most of the developed countries already using this mobile advertising successfully, so we at Lanka E-Marketing, the leading eMarketer in Sri Lanka pleased to introduce you this latest advertising technology in way that suits to Sri Lankan market as well as to your budget. Our database is consist of more than 1500,0000+ well filtered & segmented local mobile numbers covering all major service providers such as Dialog, Mobitel, Etisalat & Airtel. These trends look set to continue into 2016 but are we going to be seeing more and less of in the B2B marketing world next year? However, marketers are still struggling to create emails that capture the attention of their prospects.
Every email unsubscribe is difficult for marketers to recover from, and when they happen it may seem like all is lost (at least with that prospect). According to SiriusDecisions, 80% of “bad leads” go on to buy from you – or someone else – within 24 months. For over a decade, we have been helping businesses to implement marketing automation platforms and innovative demand generation strategies. In fact an email marketing campaign is a must have in any business' marketing strategy, if they hope to retain customers while gaining some new ones. It is our promise to offer a high quality email marketing campaign service at a very affordable pricing. In order to get more online exposure and latest update for company, trade as well as job listing, we have added a few Facebook applications on our Facebook page. As such, we have done some minor changes on our user interface to improve user experience on the Business Portal. Please accept our sincere apologies if you have received this e-newsletter in an unsolicited manner.
If you are targeting banks, telecommunication, automobile, hospitality sector, government sector or you name it..

However, there are ways around the issue, especially if you are willing to invest time and energy in strategy and content. Aweber, iContact, Benchmark Email, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or Constant Contact), already tested on various browser and majors email clients (e.g. This is the only way to make new clients at instant and retain existing clients with a good rapport for a long term business and double your sales and profit day by day. When your ads have great creative content and are well targeted, they get more likes, comments and shares. The Mobile phone has become a leading device and mobile advertising is the latest trend of the world.
However, it’s important to bring your leads back into the funnel the right way; do it the wrong way, and those dead leads will stay that way for good. To run a successful email marketing campaign, it is very crucial to have a clear objective, an organized email template, targeted audience and right email service provider. Feel free to like our facebook page as well to get the latest news update of our Business Portal. We have consolidated the country listing and reducing irrelevant images to reduce the user distraction. When someone takes any of these actions, their friends may see your ad, making it more powerful. The more you promote your posts and create targeted ads to specific groups of people, the more likely they are to see it when they visit Facebook.

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