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For over 20 years, Tobe Direct has managed the direct mail programs for several Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 retailers. About Tobe DirectTobe Direct provides innovative, targeted Direct Mail solutions that break through the clutter to help your business connect with customers on a more direct, personal level.
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Consumers have become increasingly “savvy” when it comes to shopping and their expectations are high – switching between multiple devices, they expect to be able to move seamlessly between channels and brick-and-mortar stores to make instant purchases, at the lowest price, with the best level of service.
In his recent Fourth Source column, Dave Reed, Managing Director EMEA at MediaMath explores three ways technology is transforming retail for marketers. As Senior Director Regional Marketing, Emma heads up marketing teams in EMEA, APAC and LatAM regions and is responsible for strategy, demand generation, content, PR and events.

Now-a-days corporate are also focusing on retail industry, since these retailers are in direct contact with the customers and prospect customers too.
Retail marketing strategy has become one of the basic elements of marketing strategy which includes a lot of planning and proper execution of this planning. More than aggressive advertising they have started adopting innovative ways to entice the customers, merely to create customer loyalty and also try to attract the prospect customers. Advertising as well as non-advertising professionals are aware of the fact that “Right Advertising increases the brand strength”.
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Retailers have shown tremendous interest in advertising and marketing, realizing the importance of effective communication. In retail marketing there are several factors that may influence the buying decision of a consumer. Creating customer loyalty is the basic function of retail, as once the retailer creates the customer loyalty towards a brand it will be easier for the retail outlet to stay in the market for a longer period of time.
Creating customer loyalty is not a very easy task, as it takes years for a brand to create customer loyalty.

Assigning a job to a single advertising agency also helps a communication message to convey the message consistently across all media. Hence, customers keep coming back to the outlet and shop more only to benefit from the discount offers. Even the marketing agencies in Mumbai, these days have aggressively started serving the retail industry envisaging the future growth.
Marketing agencies in Mumbai also conduct research studies to analyze the competitive scenario in the retail industry.
Many retail outlets also play upon the plan to ensure that every customer who visits the outlet take an experience along after leaving from the outlet. This experience adds value not only to the brand recall but also helps build a relationship with a customer by enticing them through the ambiance  Retail marketing has gone way far from the conventional ways.

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