We know - just the thought of holiday marketing and what it entails for your business may make you break out in a cold sweat.
We'd love to hear about your own success, so be sure to leave us a note and tell us how you're promoting this holiday season!
Company news and ideas on print, graphic design and marketing from your favorite online printer! Shoppers will be able to find one-of-a-kind pottery, custom pieces of art, handcrafted jewelry, homemade (certified) foods, natural bath and body products, locally designed and made apparel, wood furniture, and so much more. Ask vendors about commissioned pieces for that special touch. Chattanooga Holiday Market has become a shopping tradition with festive daily entertainment for the whole family: the Chattanooga Girls Choir, Sweet Georgia Sound and acoustical performers capture the holiday spirit. Okay, maybe you’re sitting on a beach sifting sand through your toes, snow and mistletoe are the furthest thing from your mind. Holidays are a big deal online and on mobile devices and the number of businesses using social media to market during the holidays continues to grow.
How should Marketers take advantage of these predictions and sync their holiday marketing strategy with their customers?
Start with a thorough review of your holiday campaign from last year to determine what should be repeated, tweaked or avoided. With built-in followers on social media, use your social channels to promote upcoming holiday specials. 92 percent of the marketers surveyed say they will allocate the majority of their social media holiday budgets to Facebook. When should you start and what are some tips for effectively using Facebook to market your business? Ask your customers to post a review and analyze their engagement and interaction to your product or service. Tweet using a unique hashtag like #holidaydeals, #holidaysavings, #blackfriday, #cybermonday.

Tweet with images like your store’s holiday decor, products, or customers and employees enjoying an in-store event; draw attention to your brand’s story. Create a holiday greeting or product video on YouTube or Vine and upload to your business account. According to Oracle blog, a market leader in email and cross-channel marketing analysis, the first mention of Christmas in holiday messages is July. Draft compelling content for your email newsletters; strategically create subject lines with captivating “calls to action” so your email stands out amidst the deluge of the competitions.
The holiday season brings new opportunities and avenues for businesses to engage with their audience across multiple platforms. There's no doubt the competition to think about, then there's timing - perfect timing of promotions is of the essence (sending a promotion after everyone's already finished their holiday shopping and burned a hole in their wallets may not be ideal).
In fact, holiday marketing is a great way to get your name out there, increase sales, and obtain and engage new and existing customers, thus growing your loyal following.
But, major brands have started to jingle their holiday bells. Hallmark Channel is in the midst of their annual Countdown to Christmas celebration. Reach out to your customers, market your social channels, and stand out with e-mail messaging. Brands start pitching holiday promotions as early as September, followed by a heavy spike in mid-October. When and what type of marketing are they doing on social media, make adjustments to your holiday schedule if appropriate.
Use a tag to invite your local followers to tweet parties and discuss gift ideas with your target audience. If you host a holiday contest, make sure that your contest rules are clearly posted on your board or profile and that you follow the updated Pinterest Brand Guidelines.

Companies that consider starting early will be well positioned for a successful holiday marketing season. Hot cocoa, warm lunch and spirits are also available to make the shopping occasion a special one.
For many small businesses, the months leading up to the holidays are the “make or break” season for their year-end business goals. QVC opened up their 2015 campaign, celebrating a month long preview of holiday products with their Christmas in July(R) on-air and online promotions. With advance planning and a well-thought out holiday marketing strategy you can position your business to ring in the holiday season with a minimum of stress and sleigh full of success. Mid-November sees campaigns take a dip in participation, but activity spikes again from the end of November through December. Ask customers to make a “wish list,” preview holiday products, or order your holiday catalog.
Pre-planning and strategizing your holiday campaign now gives you time to map out how you want to reach your customers and when.
If you’re in a service industry, promote upcoming holiday specials like holiday room reservations and parties.

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