If you want to be or even consider yourself a professional automotive sales person, it is a must to market yourself like a professional by acquiring effective car sales tips.
There is a ton of noise when it comes to automotive marketing so even as an automotive sales person it is vital you stand out from the crowd.
The good news is although there are hundreds of thousands of car sales professionals just like you I’d bet around 95% of them are doing nothing to market themselves or utilizing incorrect practices for personal branding.
Now I told you about the sales people not doing anything creative or outside the box to sell more cars, now let me show you a few who are doing it right.
These automotive professionals are just like you and me but they are investing in their business and when I say investing I do not mean just financially.
Use the examples below as inspiration, use them to get your creative juices flowing, just don’t copy it exactly.
First I must make it clear there is no magic silver bullet that does everything you need to build your brand and your business in the car sales industry.
In this post, I am going to show some creative marketing ideas for car sales professionals so they can easily market themselves and sell more cars. As a father of 2 boys I can attest that if my kids like you, you make them smile and you working hard to earn my business… Chances are I am hooking up!!! This personalized Thank You card from Alison Davis is a smash hit especially how she used it in the example pictured.
I know everyone knows about blogging, everyone knows when executed properly it delivers results, yet not many car salespeople take blogging seriously enough to commit to a consistent strategy.
I have had the pleasure of working directly with Adam on getting his personal brand and business selling cars off the ground and this guy has taken the ball and is running hard on his blogging strategy. This example is a screenshot from his personal blog and I really love the idea of this post and ones like it. This is a great way that you can provide value and start building a relationship with a prospect in your market no matter what time of day it is or even where in the world you are.
Content like this appeals to many more people in your market place then content about your latest makes and models, biggest sale of the year, oil change discount etc. Adam Tigges will see massive success in his market selling cars using the ideas and tactics like this consistently. Another reason is just the credibility factor that it can carry if a prospect sees you have a book on Amazon about buying a car. The example above like I said is from Charles Cannon who also I have had the chance to work with on his business went with the topic “ 10 Things To Look For In A Professional Salesperson”. Now I will be straight with you this book by Charles is not super long and I doubt with all due respect it is lighting up the sales board on Amazon but I bet it is one of the best business cards I’ve ever seen for a automotive sales professional. Even if the prospect never reads it, you still look like a true pro, a true business and they will always remember you. Get your FREE copy of this 10-Point checklist that shows you exactly what you need to build a powerhouse personal brand that sells you more cars. Are you using any of these tips and tactics to sell you more cars and build your brand in your market?
If you are already doing all 4 of these in one way or another I hope maybe you were able to get some other ideas from the examples in this post.
These are just 4 examples I thought were pretty cool and I know that many (if any) other car salespeople in their market are doing it.
Easiest way to stand yourself apart from other automotive sales professionals is just do what they are not.
I tried to stand out in my dealership by offering a VIP Customer card to my clients and my management shot it down saying I could not do something like that persoally. Several times each year Shore Consulting hosts a dynamic, interactive and career-changing real estate sales program called The 4:2 Formula Academy™. Instead, tell customers about other buyers who shared the same objection and yet decided to purchase anyway. This is often referred to as The Law of Social Proof which states that people are more inclined to do things that other people like them are already doing.
In the case of the small backyard, find other buyers who shared the same objection and purchased in spite of it.
In reference to the small backyard objection, I would simply ask, “Let me ask…let’s say you loved everything else and decided to move in to this home anyway. Almost immediately you see the customer’s eyes dart around to solve his or her own problem.
That being the case, you may need to simply ask, “Is the backyard something you could live with?” If the answer is “No” then you know it is a deal killer. So, if you want to revolutionize your sales career, take some time to learn a little bit more about The 4:2 Formula Academy. I’m a big fan of boosting sales success by asking for the sale on the very first visit. The cool thing about this approach is that you WILL find customers who buy on the first visit. A customer comes into your store, your sales office or your showroom and you do your thing. The prospect shows interest, but is not exactly jumping out of their skin with excitement over what you have to offer. They get into their car and immediately begin to rehash the conversation, they tear apart the product, they weigh all the pros and cons.
Forget the whole 24 hour follow-up thing – that is an eternity for someone who is agonizing over a major purchase. Find ways to offer new value points, to diffuse concerns, and to prove to the customer that you just plain out-care the competition. Or maybe just to text them a video of the feature they loved most about your product — just to remind them how much they loved it!
Sales leaders always hunt for successful new sales talent and often want advice on what makes for a strong salesperson.
Sales leaders always hunt for successful new sales talent and often ask me for advice about the specific skills that predict sales success.
Interestingly, some of the most essential sales success skills require no experience at all – which is one of the reasons I sometimes encourage sales leaders to consider hiring people with no previous sales experience.

You can always teach a willing learner how to achieve success in sales, but you can’t always coach the essential selling skills listed below.
It is probably no surprise to anyone that attitude is top of the sales success skills list. We need to realize that a salesperson with a poor attitude is leaking those negative feelings all over your buyers and poisoning your sales offices.
I understand that everyone gets a bit down now and again, but a salesperson with a consistently bad attitude is simply unacceptable. You want salespeople who will give it everything they’ve got, then take coaching from you and give a little bit more. Salespeople who throw in the towel too quickly are costing you crucial sales. How well can they prioritize and manage their time so that they arrive when and where they should be?
Seek out the salespeople who show interest in your training program, who can speak about what they’ve learned from others and who can share with you some of the recent sales books they’ve read and how they’ve helped them improve their selling skills. Sales success skills that require no experience are a beautiful thing because it allows sales leaders to seek out great PEOPLE and turn them into great SALESPEOPLE.
And if you want to make it easy for your customer to buy, your story must include a rock-solid closing question. More precisely, your story must include a series of closing questions throughout the process. Please – PLEASE – do not fall into the trap of thinking that NOT asking for the sale is somehow providing a service to your customer. In this video, I sit down with a very successful business coach out of Katy, Texas named Mike Calderwood of Calderwood coaching.
Regardless of your interest in college basketball, or how the final game affected your office pool, you gotta admit – the end of the Villanova-UNC NCAA Championship Game was one for the ages. Regardless of your interest in college basketball, or your geographical ties, or how the final game affected your office pool, you gotta admit – the end of the Villanova-UNC NCAA Championship Game in April 2016 was a success story for the ages. The hero of the game was Villanova’s Kris Jenkins, who drained a long three-pointer as the clock expired. Smile before the customer comes through the door (or before you do, or before you dial the phone). While it might be too late to make major changes in these areas for the fast approaching spring selling season, it’s still not a bad idea to do a quick check on your offerings and allow yourself the flexibility to make any doable adjustments. As I’m sure you’re aware, there are a gazillion books on selling, sales technique, sales theory, etc. If you’d be okay with it, then you are probably using a customer-centered, mission-based selling technique. Go read some Stephen Covey and Jeff Shore to get yourself straight before stepping back onto the sales floor – trust me, you’ll be better off, more successful, and your customers will thank you for it. One of the best, most effective ways to help buyers buy is to ask them strong closing questions all the way throughout your presentation. The post 3 Mental & Emotional Keys to Your Sales Success appeared first on Jeff Shore. On the one hand we expect outgoing, gregarious, creative, relational, caring and empathetic salespeople.
On the other hand we want detail-oriented, analytical, good with numbers, systematic in their thinking, and well-organized salespeople. No wonder it is so difficult to find the truly GREAT salespeople with compelling success profiles.
Great salespeople are heavy on the grey matter, and they embrace the opportunity to solve problems. Of course I had to ask her to “tell me more about that.” She went on to explain that certain people only breathe life into their relationships when there is something to be gained. There is nothing worse than a sales person who fakes a relationship to make a sale then disappears for a good amount of time only to randomly call in the future to sell that person something.
Even if you already made a commission, why not continue providing value after the sale? Who is to say they won’t buy from you again or they won’t refer someone your way? Continue building relationships beyond the close and watch how you will continue to impact your customer’s world.
The post How to Fix The #1 Problem With Your Closing Questions appeared first on Jeff Shore. So you sign up for a seminar or a training session about perfecting your closing questions. That is to say that we build a great relationship by discovering needs and demonstrating the product, but we shift to a different mindset when it comes time for to ask the final closing questions. Or any of the other training sessions, seminars, or videos that tell you closing is all about being forceful, heavy-handed, manipulative, don’t take no for an answer, etc. However, closing questions should flow naturally and confidently from the relational tone found in the rest of the sales conversation. So the next time you go to the workshop, or watch the video, or read the book, don’t simply think that you can regurgitate the script that somebody else wrote. People have to at least know who you are for them to ask for you when they pop into your showroom. They are all investing time, energy and most importantly creativity into building their business. She sending this puppy a “Thank You” card to prospect that has not even done business with her… Yet. One reason is you can bet your butt no other car salesperson is handing over a book they wrote to a customer that helps them with their car buying experience. It makes you look like a true expert professional and who in their right mind doesn’t want to work with the “expert”? I do a lot of networking and would love to share some things that have helped me to pick up a extra 4-5 sales per month! The challenge with this strategy is we often lack credibility when we say, “I know how you feel.” I also believe that buyers smell a sales tactic here. Ask them how they made the backyard work and then share those stories with potential customers that share the same concern about the yard size.

It’s a 12-week learning cycle that features a three-day live coaching event along with with video lessons, webinars and certification testing to help you maximize your selling potential and maximize your commissions. The prospect shows interest, but is not exactly jumping out of their skin with excitement over what you have to offer. The most successful sales people never assume that they need a second visit to close the deal. Amy O'Connor shares four of the most essential selling skills that require no experience at all.
Yet, as I work with sales teams all across the country, I am consistently surprised by the sheer volume of salespeople with poor attitudes. I’ve always thought this ridiculous since 110% is impossible, but I understand the premise: give it everything you’ve got and then give a little bit more. Being on time seems especially difficult for some salespeople, yet it is a sign of their organizational skills. A salesperson’s punctuality is a good indicator of how successfully they manage their commitments to their buyers.
It shows respect by not being late or disruptive and it shows respect for other peoples’ time. No one ever gets anything completely figured out. Many of the most successful salespeople I know seek learning more fervently than people who are just starting out.
Understanding and applying this knowledge into both your hiring process and your ongoing evaluative process will help you transform your sales team into a top producing machine. When you get to know her, you begin to understand that she has a problem that must be solved. With each new agreement you move your customer through the story, getting closer and closer to the climax – that magical moment when her problem gets solved. An even better approach is to ask someone who has done it and also helps others do the same. Mike and I discuss two major keys you need to have in order to reach your goals and achieve true sales success. The time to come up with your opening statement is not when your customer is standing in front of you. And here’s the rub, with all the choices available to buyers they are looking to eliminate you and they will do so – quickly. Allowing them the opportunity to make small choices will prevent them from becoming overwhelmed. For the record, she is arguably the most amazing person I know when it comes to relationships. Most of the time food servers seem very interested in making sure I am properly taken care of. Stay Connected – I know this seems elementary, but I have to tell you, it doesn’t happen very much. Remain Interested – Old school sales training has overly emphasized being ‘interesting’ to customers.
If you sell cars, then send an email or video explaining the top ten ways to maintain your vehicle during the winter. Too often salespeople mistakenly believe that the entire sales process is relational, but that the close is procedural.
You actually do your customer a great disservice when you force them to come to you asking for permission to buy. Make your own closing questions consistent with your tone, your personality, and your sales presentation up to that point. I agree with you but when you use them the right way with the right copy these bad boys work! At that point, you just need to handle the objection using the cards you’ve been dealt. The idea here is to get the customer out of a complaining mindset and into a creative mindset.
And your customers will experience the most intense contemplation and emotions immediately after the sales presentation. A salesperson who isn’t capable of showing this type of respect can and WILL frustrate your buyers.
This is a tremendous advantage in the market, because it allows you to more easily stand apart from your competitors in a very personal way. Capturing sales early will provide you the confidence and social proof you need to subsist through the marathon that we in sales lovingly call – spring selling season!
It drives great salespeople nuts when they are not selling as much as they know they should.
Think back to what Melissa shared with me; they are only interested in the relationship to the extent it serves them.
Mostly because sales people fear buyer’s remorse or again, they are just focused on their commission. And if you try to use the script the way it is written on the screen, the chances that it’s going to sound natural, normal and conversational are actually quite low. And you have to believe that everyone who approaches you is a willing, able and ready buyer because if your mindset isn’t right, all the technique in the world won’t help you.
But Ryan Taft shows us why it is so important to continue a relationship with your customer after the sale is closed.
He or she will check back on me multiple times while keeping my water or Arnold Palmer refilled. Your customer is the main character in the story, and when you solve their problem, you become their hero.

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